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 posted in Antique Shop: Book of Souls on Mar 26, 14 7:02 PM
If you enjoy looking for hidden objects with no relief in sight, this is the game for you. Personally I prefer other types of puzzles between hidden object levels. I also felt that my poor eyesight hindered my enjoyment of the game. There were a few objects that I couldn't find, not because they were cleverly hidden, but because I simply couldn't see them. Some Hidden Object fans will love this game, but I'm not one of them.
I unlocked the two secrets. I did not find any morphing items on the following pages of the casebook:

pg 4
pg 8
pg 12
pg 16
pg 21
pg 28
pg 31
pg 36

That seems to be what Lolyta_IceWalker found too.
There isn't a bonus round? What did I get as an "extra" for buying the Collector's Edition that I wouldn't get in the SG? Is there going to be an SG? Did I really pay double for a game just so I could play it now instead of in a month? I didn't even see any wallpapers or concept art.
 posted in Mystery Trackers: Raincliff Collector's Edition on May 9, 11 12:58 PM
Maybe I'm just slow in the mind today, but I found myself having to consult the Strategy Guide at every turn. It's not as much fun if you're just following the instructions---it's like putting together a piece of IKEA furniture.

Another haunted ghost town, another set of turn-the-tiles puzzles...I found it somewhat uninspired. At least it's not another save-your-lost-relative game. Yawn.

I didn't experience any technical issues, but I just didn't enjoy the trial enough to pay $13.99 in order to continue the game. It's a shame, I really enjoyed the first one.
 posted in Nocturnal: Boston Nightfall ™ on Apr 23, 11 8:48 PM
I remember back in the day when we'd have been awed and delighted by the fine graphics in this game. Unfortunately those days are about four years in the past. I played for 9 minutes before I got bored. Yawn. Sorry, no buy, not even for $3.
 posted in Margrave: The Curse of the Severed Heart on Apr 23, 11 6:23 PM
There were some new and interesting things about this game, such as the dream card game. However, it just didn't grab me. When the ghost animals were talking it reminded me of when my father used to tell me bedtime stories and acted out all the parts in funny voices that still sounded like him. I was under-impressed with the voice acting in general.

While there's nothing terribly wrong with this game, I just don't like it enough to buy it. I'm very glad that others enjoy it, but it's not for me.
 posted in Fallen Shadows on Apr 23, 11 3:10 PM
Because 26 minutes just isn't enough time for me to decide if I really like this game or not. If I'd had the full hour, I might have been hooked. The fact that the trial is over in 26 minutes suggests to me that it isn't a very long game.
 posted in Spirits of Mystery: Amber Maiden Collector's Edition on Apr 21, 11 6:56 PM
Well I guess I'll be the one to disagree and say that I found this game a little...uninspiring. Old, tired storyline, old, tired puzzles, and the graphics weren't so much better than many of the SE games. While it was fun, I didn't think it met the bar of a CE game. After hearing that the bonus round isn't very long, I don't think that this game is worth the CE price, to be quite honest.

It's usually the storyline that gets me to spring for the extra money in a CE, and with it being yet another baby-princess-grows-up-to-save-the-kingdom yarn, I'm pretty sure I know how it ends

Please, developers, either give us fantastic new puzzles, or an interesting plot full of twists and turns, or at the very least, give us a significant portion of extra game play (another hour or so). If you don't have at least one of the three (and for double the price, you should pick one and give us the significant extra gameplay in the bonus round) then release it as an SE and get high praise for the fine graphics and such.

I didn't find anything wrong with the game, of course, and I'm glad some of you were enjoying it. I'm afraid it's just not for me at this price. Maybe as an SE or a DD.
 posted in Our Worst Fears: Stained Skin on Apr 20, 11 12:47 PM
I don't know what it was about this game, but it just didn't grab my attention. Maybe it was the fact that during the trial, while looking for that last object that I needed to complete a task, I found more tasks and the need for more objects when the level seemed to be stripped bare of useful objects already. Maybe the new objects "appeared" in the level only after I triggered the task, idk. I gave up in disgust when I had four tasks and over a dozen objects I needed to find. The frustration of not being able to complete any of the tasks did me in. I was starting to feel like that guy felt about his tattoo over this game LOL.

Speaking of the tattoo and the suicide theme, I noticed that BFG did release The Tale of the Lost Bride and A Hidden Treasure on the same day, so that those who are not mature enough to handle adult themes like tattoos, the paranormal, and a short clip about suicidal tendencies, would have something to play that wouldn't offend their delicate sensibilities. I think that this was a wise move by BFG. Those of us that appreciate adult themes in our games can still have them, and those that are offended by adult content (or too young for it) have something to play as well.
 posted in Charlaine Harris: Dying for Daylight on Apr 19, 11 12:07 AM
Why do I have to confirm my email again and again every time I want to post on the forums? It's seriously making me not want to post at all
 posted in Charlaine Harris: Dying for Daylight on Apr 19, 11 12:05 AM
I really enjoyed this game. I thought it was great! Since I read the reviews, I already knew that this was part 1 of a 2 part game, so I wasn't furious when I hit the end.

I don't think I skipped any of the mini-games! Even the ones that were similar to mini-games I've played before had a new twist that made it worth playing towards the end. There weren't any dull sliding-tiles or jigsaw puzzles at all.

For instance, the pig puzzle was a standard music puzzle that's featured in many games. The fact that they used well-known songs rather than atonal random notes and that the music was played on pigs instead of picked out on a piano made it interesting enough for me to struggle through it. I also thought that the challenge of having to get the timing of the music right as well as picking the proper notes made it more interesting.

I hate whack-a-mole, but the change in the "enemy of the people" each time you played made it more fun and interesting somehow. I beat it both times instead of just thinking "Oh, whack-a-mole" and quitting in disgust like I usually do.

I also really enjoyed the use and re-use of the clothing shopping machine throughout the game. The first time I used it, I thought it was going to be a dumb girly dress-up extra frill that other people would enjoy toying with (but not me) and instead it was important to the plot and was used in a practical way many times.

Hopefully the game designers are reading this thread, so I thought I'd offer some constructive criticism. Some of the objects in the hidden object scenes are re-used, which takes all the fun out of hidden object sequences. I always remember exactly where they were! Boooo. Since we only got the first half of the game, and there were plenty of objects that weren't used at all in the scenes, it seems like it wouldn't have been too terribly expensive to change out the hidden objects if the scenes are to be used a second time.

The instructions could have been a little clearer. I wandered around with nothing to do for quite a while before I realized that I could go back to previous locations in order to find objects that I needed. I also was looking around for the "vampire sense" button for a while before I realized that there is no button, you just can't use it unless the game calls for you to use it. For some reason I thought it was like the magnifying glass tool that's available in many other games.

 posted in The Fool on Apr 13, 11 9:22 AM
I've played a few other games since purchasing this one---Awakening/Moonfell Wood, and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (same developer) and while I've enjoyed those games, I still think this one was more fun. If you don't skip the puzzles the game is reasonably long. I thought it was a wonderful game, and well worth the money I paid for it.
 posted in The Fool on Apr 2, 11 2:22 PM
I thought that this game was fresh, original, and magnificently done. Other game developers are going to be raiding this game for ideas for new puzzle designs and mini-games for the next year. The scenes were well-rendered, the puzzles thought-provoking, and the adventure was riveting.

The music was well done also---unlike other games, I turned it up a bit instead of turning it down to a whisper or even muting it. The voice acting was first-rate as well.

It was a reasonably long game if you put on your thinking cap instead of skipping the puzzles. I was so happy that there weren't any jigsaws, spot-the-differences, or sliding tile puzzles! Even the simplest puzzles had a fresh new twist to them.

The only constructive criticism I can offer is that the cut scenes could have been a little more polished. I was a little disappointed in them only because the regular scenes were so well-rendered.

If I'd have bought this game as a Collector's Edition I still would have been happy with it. I've played a few CEs lately that were very disappointing, and not nearly as fun as The Fool. I hope there is a sequel. A++, everyone who worked on this game should be very proud of their achievement.

 posted in Busy Bea's Halftime Hustle on Feb 16, 11 5:15 AM
ElizabethR1533 wrote:(snip)
I found it VERY irritating when the character started to groan.
MULTIPLE things breaking down at once, and then breaking again a few seconds later. All this does is irritate me as it stops the flow of the game.
Towards the end of the free hour, I was just tense and irritated.

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who felt this way about the game. I beta-tested it, and the frustration factor and the building tension and irritation made it hard for me to give the game a thorough trial. I thought it was because I'm not a big fan of time management games because they are too much like work to be really entertaining imho. I'm glad to see that time management fans feel the same way, so my comments and review during the beta-testing wasn't too harsh after all! I really tried to help them make this game more playable y'all
 posted in Lost in Time: The Clockwork Tower on Jan 1, 11 1:56 PM
This game is fantastic! It's more of an adventure game than a straight H0G, but that's fine by me.

It's a more difficult game but I appreciate those types of games. If the game is too easy and predictable, I breeze through half of it just during the trial.

I wasn't annoyed by the voice acting or the music, but if you are, there's a mute button in the options, so you don't have to hear it.

I like the coal and the diamonds--it adds a bit of old-school treasure hunt to the H0G and adventure aspects of the game. The graphics are well drawn although the coal and diamonds are small and hard to see.

The hint system really isn't that helpful---it truly gives you hints rather than just telling you what to do next. It's up to you to figure out what to do in order to move forward in the game.

Best of all, you can purchase it with a Game Club Credit! Just when I had begun to give up on BFG and consider quitting the club because I was piling up credits without having anything to spend them on, BFG comes back with this wonderful game, which gives me hope for the future. Not every halfway decent game needs to be a Collector's Edition. Collector's Editions should only be the very best.

Thank you for this magnificent game, developers! And thanks for not making it a CE, BFG.
My mouse freezes every few second, and to release it I have to click multiple times, dropping game pieces and useful objects. Then when I try to pick the piece up, the mouse freezes again. I'm not paying collector's edition prices for a buggy game, sorry. Even without the bugs, the content barely warrants SE prices. I'm very disappointed with BFG lately.
2thick4u wrote:I love the game but am getting frustrated with how long it is taking the SE's to come out. I don't like buying the CE's cos I don't do all of the extra stuff normally. so I am not feeling the love for BF. and why is it suddenly taking so long for the SE's to come out.

I've found that if I don't find the CE riveting enough to buy immediately, by the time the SE comes out, I decide not to buy that either. If it's not a good enough game to pay $13.99, then it's not worth $6.99 for a lesser version of the game either, I've found.

I'm sick of CE games overall. The SE games are of poorer quality because all the good games are released as CE games at the higher price. The CEs are of a lesser quality than they used to be, because any game that's halfway decent gets released as a CE. As a result, I'm not buying many games at all. I have 3 game credits piled up, and no SE games worth the buying. Between the CEs and the sale games, I'm paying up-front cash for all of the games I've bought in the last three months.

Big Fish needs to make it possible for us to use 2 game credits to buy a CE game. If ever I have 6 credits at once and nothing worth spending them on, I'll quit the game club, use up the credits on sub-standard games, and never come back.If Big Fish could make sure that there were some good games that were released as SE games, or that CE games could be purchased with built-up credits and punches, I'd be less irritated and more likely to buy. Chalk me up as someone else who feels cheated by the whole CE/SE system.
 posted in Fisher's Family Farm on Dec 11, 10 8:29 AM
I beta-tested this game, and even though I'm not a big fan of time management games (I find them stressful) I really enjoyed this one and played it for a very long time. If you're a fan of the genre, this is a great game to have.
I played the whole game and I really enjoyed it. I thought it was worth the asking price. However, I do have some complaints.

My biggest complaint is all the shouting at the end of the game. I don't like being shouted at! and it was very repetitive, both at the end of the game and during the bonus round. I wish the developers had cut back the frequency of the character's vocalizations in the end and the bonus round.

Second, I know what people are talking about when they complain about hand-holding. In the original games you could wander around forever, finding items that you may not use for several more scenes. Figuring out what to do with this widget or that whatsit was part of the fun of the other games. This was not possible in 13th Skull.

The developers have done something in all the games that's always really annoyed me. DO NOT RE-USE OBJECTS IN THE HIDDEN OBJECT SCENES. I remember finding them the last time I was at that location, and there's enough junk strewn around that there's no need to make me find the same object in the same location twice. STOP IT.

I also missed the morphing objects--they were fun. It would have been neat if you could play the Claw more than once.

The puzzles in this game were a little lackluster. I skipped several of them just because I didn't feel like solving yet another puzzle of that type. I miss the unique puzzles that were in RTR.

There weren't as many gratuitous interactive objects in this game. There were a few, like the rocking chair, the chain in the shed, etc. There weren't the creepy little touches like dolls' eyes that followed you, etc. Couldn't you guys have worked in some lunging gators or staring frogs or something?

Other than the shouting that I mentioned at the beginning of my post, I didn't mind the live action. I actually thought it was rather impressive how a real Cooter managed to perch quite naturally on a drawn-in couch. It was spectacular. However, Pippi annoyed the heck out of me, and I wanted to use her for gator bait.

All in all, a good game and worth the money, but not as great as the others were. I give it out of 5 stars.
Lady_Cav wrote:Hi back, fellow Phantom fan.
Yeah, I saw the game, and thought, oh this is gonna be a piece of cake. I loved playing checkers with my Dad when I was a kid. After 30 minutes, I was like you - poo, I hate checkers!

ETA: Did anyone win the checkers game???

I won the first time. Just remember, you can't move backwards until you've been "crowned" like angelusgirl said.
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