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 posted in PuppetShow: Destiny Undone Collector's Edition on Mar 28, 13 6:46 PM
I love the Puppet Show series and I agree with everything jojo the joyful said.

jojo_the_joyful wrote:This is not a typical review as all the points have already been covered by the great fishies above.

I am a die hard fan of the puppet show series & bought untried. ( with my down load speeds, it was for the best)

I am pleased to say it continues in the same vein as the others & I love the creepy music etc. It is what helps make puppet show.

I have absolutely no complaints about the graphics, HOGs or mini games.

As always, I am with Valdy in as much as the wide screen option just gives me pretty bars to fill my screen & not the game filling my screen.

Although I am 100% glad I bought this & I am loving it, I really think the fascia could have been improved.

Why oh why do we have to keep on clicking on our inventory to see what is in it ? It is tiresome and has been a complaint in other games.

Also I feel this game may be lagging behind in what we have been treated to with regard to CE's recently. Although there are puppets to collect, it is hardly a morph per scene.

That said. You can download Calendars, which I expect I will do, a nice touch there.

So being a die hard "Puppet Show" fan I am very satisfied & I am loving it.

If I had not been a fan / customer of this series, I might be a tad disappointed with it being a CE
 posted in PuppetShow: Mystery of Joyville ™ on May 12, 12 9:30 PM
I finally had the money to buy this great game! Yippee for me! I love the Puppet Show HOG's. I have played and enjoyed all of them. This is the first collectors edition of the PS games that I have bought.

The graphics and audio are great!

One of my favorite things is that there is minimal back-tracking. You don't have to keep going back to Siberia to find something.

I think this game has tipped Puppet Show into the number one spot on my list of best games with multiple parts.
 posted in The Institute - A Becky Brogan Adventure on Oct 13, 10 1:31 AM
This game looked so promising, but I am afraid I am going to have to join in with the naysayers. Boring HOG and bad graphics do not a good game make!
 posted in James Patterson Women's Murder Club: Little Black Lies on Sep 26, 10 11:02 PM
Thanks everyone. I was having the same problem and it was driving me nuts!!!
I never would have thought to click on the doorknob.
 posted in King Arthur on Sep 26, 10 9:48 AM
What developer thought this game was a good idea?????

You need a hint button occassionally.....and unfortunately didn't get far enough to figure out how to "earn" one.

This is a definite no buy for me. A big mistake all around.
 posted in James Patterson Women's Murder Club: Little Black Lies on Sep 26, 10 6:00 AM
peglegann wrote:A walkthrough integrated into an SE?! Brilliant, thank you developers and BF.

Wish all game developers would do this, although it does make it a bit too easy to give up and get help!
 posted in The Treasures of Mystery Island: The Gates of Fate on Sep 8, 10 1:16 AM
CasualGran wrote:

This is a NEW game and the sequel of part 1. This is a very, very good game also, so to read this comment as the first on the list was rather annoying.

Well put CasualGran.....I liked the first one, which was sort of weird since I don't like FROG's. Played the game on the developers site a few weeks ago and was waiting for BFG to get it so I could buy it.
 posted in Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison on Sep 5, 10 11:26 PM
Puda_K wrote:I am not sure why some others are having problems with the game, but I thought it was great! Some of the puzzles were challenging, but not overly. Kinda spooky; hope they make another one! Even better when you get a good game for a good price!

Finally!!! All I have read is people having problems with, and not liking this game. I really enjoyed it and it is now one of my faves. Had no technical problems at all.

Welcome to the pond Puda K
 posted in Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison on Sep 5, 10 5:01 PM
Cordia wrote:I don't get all the comments about no music. My game has music in it. Did I get a special version?

Nope---mine does, too.
 posted in Escape from Frankenstein's Castle on Sep 2, 10 12:39 AM
I find that I am really enjoying this game and that I agree 95% with Rebeca Lily, especially about the hint system. However, I think that even intermmediate players will find this doable without too much trouble. It is a buy for me.
 posted in Drawn: Dark Flight ® Collector's Edition on Aug 31, 10 12:36 AM

Sorry, I am speechless.......
marluvjesus wrote:The link does not exist

I just double checked the link and it seems fine to me.....
Please go to the blog pages and use the games walkthrough section, which is sorted alphabetically by game name. It will help everyone sort through their problems.

Here is the link:
 posted in The Seawise Chronicles: Untamed Legacy on Aug 30, 10 12:28 AM
I am soooo disappointed. Had high hopes based on the description and screen shots and it turns out to be a barely passable FROG with a cursor that you ccan't turn off and drove me crazy. Wish I could be more in-depth, but That's it.
 posted in GabCab on Aug 29, 10 8:35 PM
Thanks for the is a little childish, but it is OK for a diversion. Not a buy for me, though.
 posted in Redemption Cemetery: Curse of the Raven on Aug 29, 10 7:24 PM
Go to the blogs and use the walkthrough. You will find it in alphabetical order in the games walkthrough section. Welcome to the pond.
 posted in Spa Mania 2 on Aug 29, 10 4:50 AM
I think everything you need to know about this game you can tell by the fact that I am making the first post over 4 1/2 hours after the game was released!! There really is nothing to say about the game----I like soe TM games, but this one is just........there (and there is no there, there).
 posted in Lost in the City: Post Scriptum on Aug 27, 10 5:55 PM
OMG!!! First there was Reincarnations 2 and then Lost on the City 2 and I am chomping at the bit to play them. The only problem is I have allergic conjunctivitis and can't see clearly enough to play a HOG. I am sooooooo bummed. Everybody have fun for me.....
 posted in Bee Garden on Aug 24, 10 5:34 AM
Is this a TM game or a study in how to bore people to death while simultaneously making them sick to their stomach?

I have had moe fun actually being seasick......or is that bee-sick!!!!!!!
and 5 BIG from me.
 posted in Veronica and the Book of Dreams on Aug 23, 10 2:26 AM
_Angel_angel wrote:
knickknackblue wrote:Absolutely nothing to recommend in this game. M3 developers need to look at games like the 7 Wonders series for some inspiration, Another no buy for me. When you don't even want to play all of the free hour demo, you know it is bad.

That pretty well covers it.

Except my newest pet peeve... bad English.


So glad I could give you good advice
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