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 posted in War on Folvos on Aug 31, 13 1:53 PM
Folvosgamelover wrote:this game was fun until there was that misson to capture the reserch center.It took me 2 years to pass it,until I noticed you dont have to capture the base, So I went around the base and surounded the reserch center.

I captured the base and did that. i went around and those stormwinds just had to follow me. the only one thing i hate about that mission is when you are sided with the vasglans the music is kind of sad.. but the game is still fine itself
 posted in War on Folvos on Feb 11, 13 6:02 PM
Hi i was wondering if there were any other levels on war on folvos like if you have to play hard difficulty to play certain levels. Im pretty sure this is true, but i think i remember beating the level on the research center fighting against the rebel army of folvos on the vasgalan empire and beating the level after retreating into the desert and capturing the town of Kazerun. after beating that level, it brought me to the end and i never got to use the 2 other units. the gladius, and some other vasgalan unit, on a few other missions. so is it so that i have to play difficulty harder than easy to get to them? tell me please?
 posted in War on Folvos on Feb 10, 13 1:58 PM
willcx wrote:I think if you like this type of game (turn based Strategy) you will like this game.

It IS challenging, and it CAN be done!

They give you enough pieces to win, but not enough to make it easy.

Sometimes you need to push forwards, sometimes you need to dig -in and wait for the enemy to attack you.

You need to move weakened troops out to repair but have other units to hold the front line.

If you are used to simple brainless games or spent too much time playing mind melting Hidden Object games (which seems to make up 70% of the games in BigFish!!) then you may find it too difficult for you

I love turn based strategy and this was a good challenge.

its all about the brain!

i agree with letting the enemy attack you by ALOT! because when you fight on Mrahna against Folvos, i would move a few of the units like the knights in the front 2 spaces forward after capturing the radar station. after u moved the knights 2 spaces forward, use the Sceptres near the Vasgalan airport with the Stormwinds and Northwind at the airport. Then the Falcons will go after them allowing the Sceptres to help attack the Falcons. then with ur knights moved up a few spaces the Jackal and 2 Hounds and a Ripper will attack. this is when you need your Paladin. with those units destroyed, your advantage of success if great. You can easily complete the mission on Mrahna from there
 posted in War on Folvos on Feb 10, 13 1:45 PM
UNLUCKY63 wrote:I don't know what you guys are complaining about. This is one of my favorite games. It is a strategy game; you use strategy to make the most of your available equipment. The key is in learning each piece's strengths and weaknesses. If you manuever your pieces properly, utilizing their individual range and attack methods, you can easily crush the computer with either army in easy or hard mode. This is to include the most difficult rebel battle of Basir. You have to keep your pieces out of the enemy's artillary range and lure in his aircraft to destroy them with your mobile AA units. Four AA attacks on any aircraft will destroy them even in the difficult mode. Also, I reccomend bypassing the right hand city. You have time to skirt around it (beneath the river) for the final assualt on Basir. I also recommend consolidating your air power above the southern city within striking range of the enemy artillary. Then you can use them at the proper moment to cripple; then, eliminate that piece. All opposing enemy artillary can be taken out with a behind the lines air assault. You just have to position your aircraft to optimize their strike capabilities while minimizing damage taken.Take out enemy resupply vehicles at the earliest possible moment while protecting your own. Repair damaged pieces often. Different terrain has different defensive bonuses, and effect your movement as well; use the terrain to your advantage. Protect your own artillary. If you hit an enemy piece with an artillary round, you not only damage it, you also take away one of its turns. Remember that enemy artillary attacks have the same effect on your units. A good strategy is to move your heavy pieces into striking range without contatcing the enemy unit; then you hit the opposing enemy wth an artillary shell. The enemy will only have one move next turn, and the idiot will use it to close the gap. On your next turn, you get two attacks to his none with additional artillary strikes if you choose. Consolidate your pieces as in chess, and have fun kicking the crap out of your opponent. I hope if anyone reads this they'll give the game another chance and make use of some of these tips to have as much fun as I have playing it.

now THAT is full of tips! good work!
 posted in Wonderland Adventures on Feb 10, 13 1:33 PM
oh that gate by the great bridge! i havent played this game in a while. well the gate leads to the WonderLand Ruins. You get the key to it from Morklin in the Temple after completing everything in WonderTown (I think ) You visit Morklin and she talks about the so called Rainbow Pool in the WonderLand ruins. After the conversation she gives you the key to that gate! There you complete the levels in the ruins and you get rainbow keys to open the gates to the rainbow pool. Hope this helped!
 posted in War on Folvos on Feb 10, 13 1:26 PM
well, i dont want to disagree with every single person who doesnt like it, but it is just, well only 1 thing for me, its fine, ok a bit buggy, the game gives a challenge on some of the levels but on level 5 when your fighting the vasgalans in in the city of Basir, its very tricky because of the amount of artillery units they have, even have one blocking the road! but its ok though in my opinion
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