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 posted in Margrave: The Blacksmith's Daughter on Oct 20, 12 5:36 PM
I am at the hill with Kenin and have the code to get underground. He says to push the two buttons. I don't see any buttons. Can someone help?
 posted in The Great Unknown: Houdini's Castle Collector's Edition on Sep 30, 12 11:35 AM
where do I find the power cord that you plug in on the wall in the theater
 posted in Between the Worlds II: The Pyramid on Mar 6, 12 6:09 PM
Can someone tell me how to make the champagne open? I have shaken side to side, up and down, holding down right mouse key. Nothing...
 posted in Between the Worlds II: The Pyramid on Mar 4, 12 5:39 PM
I have tried shaking the champagne bottle up and down, side to side, with the left mouse button down, nothing is working to get the champagne to open.
 posted in Once Upon a Farm on Jan 2, 11 2:37 PM
I was immediately offended by the Mexican stereotyping as soon as Agent ? gets to the farm, but continued to play this silly game. Then I get to the black man who the agent calls Boy, and accuses him of being a peeper. The agent then informs the character that if anyone finds out about the peeping, he will be tarred and feathered. WHAT??? Someone from BigFish should have reviewed this game before putting it on.
 posted in Lost in Time: The Clockwork Tower on Dec 31, 10 7:43 AM
I just got started on this game and am ready to give up already. Can someone tell me where the gloves are in the first hidden object scene?
 posted in Slingo Mystery 2: The Golden Escape on Dec 16, 10 9:21 AM
In Chapter Twenty-six: Outside Piratron Control, I can't find the keys. Any help?

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