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 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 30, 18 1:30 AM
I'm really going to miss this forum. I'm sure I'll enjoy the new Delphi forum as well, but I'll miss the current mix of informative and entertaining people who made this forum so great. Thanks to everyone who answered my questions, thanks to all the game chroniclers, and thanks to all the participants in the ongoing whimsical threads. And a great big hug to the mods.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 27, 18 8:00 AM
I have been doing this as well. I've also been changing my avatar almost daily, after being pretty faithful to Nefertiti and the geisha for so long. Right now I'm the gorgon.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 19, 18 11:52 AM
I understand your reservations but I hope the community is able to regulate itself enough to entice you to return. For me the benefit of being able to discuss currently taboo subjects (other games, etc) outweighs the annoyance of having to ignore comments I find inappropriate or upsetting.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 19, 18 11:46 AM
I already had an ancient Delphi account under a different name so I used Pazlovejoy as my nickname. Delphi has lots of advantages over the BFG forum. Being able to change your nickname is one of them.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 18, 18 12:15 PM
I have activated my old Delphi account and will be following those forums from now on. Will we be allowed to copy reference content from this forum to the new one so that the information can be updated? If so, it will be a Herculean task. I am willing to help.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 18, 18 12:08 PM
I reactivated my ancient Delphi account and joined the new Midnight Castle forum there. It doesn't use Captcha, but I don't see any junk messages. It has some good features and is super easy to use. I think it may end up being the preferred destination for Midnight Castle forum refugees.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 15, 18 10:55 PM
I've been doing all my friends' Spring room HOS every day and just passed 11 million coins.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 1, 18 8:34 AM
I have been switching back to room 1 for a few hours every day and some of my friends are doing the same. Often when I check those rooms again at a different time of day, they have been switched back to room 2. This seems great to me. I have many friends who are on room 2 permanently, a few friends who switch, and a small number of friends who stay on room 1 all the time. (I had to drop the friends who never switched to either Spring room. My iPad acts up when I have more than about 52 friends.)
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 24, 18 6:46 AM
I will send you an invitation when I log back into the game. I'm on level 84 and my game name is Miranda.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 24, 18 6:43 AM
I will send you an invitation when I log onto the game. My game name is Miranda.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 23, 18 9:23 PM
Woo hoo! I just passed the 10 million mark. Now I need a new goal to keep my interest between updates.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 19, 18 2:50 PM
If you are a friend of Miranda (on IOS) and you have not yet completed level 80, put Anabel's Family Medallion on your wishlist and I will gift it to the first level 70+ player who asks for it. I won one on the fortune wheel and I'm already past needing it. The darn thing costs 10,000 to craft and only sells for 1,000, so it is much more valuable to you than it is to me.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 19, 18 2:29 PM
This would be beneficial for super long threads, but irritating for shorter ones. I don't like reading replies before I read the original posts. It would be better if we were given an option to sort.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 18, 18 6:58 PM

Please accept my sincere condolences for the loss of your brother. I hope the love of your friends and family give you respite from your grief.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 6, 18 12:15 PM
Is this new update out for PC only?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 30, 18 11:24 PM
I guess I'm guilty of having only airship items and unique stamps on my wishlist as well. I always need airship items to balance the numbers. The stamp is there to swap with friends who are still working on the stamp achievement. I'd really prefer that my friends who aren't swapping stamps would just ignore the stamp and give the airship item if they can spare it. I don't ask for items commonly needed for DQs because they're too hard to get a good supply of and I don't want to stress out my friends.

But I am also a little bit stressed by friends having only event items on their lists. I sell and shard event items down to a small number of each, keeping only a few that I'm willing to gift. Once they're gone, I'm unable to gift friends who don't have other things on their lists.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 30, 18 10:53 PM
Pazlovejoy is because PeaceLoveJoy was taken. My game name is Miranda because I love The Tempest. But I should have chosen Arial. Miranda was too passive. Maybe if I ever start a new game.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 29, 18 1:10 AM
I have many, many carrots from last Spring and am definitely willing to gift them. Perhaps others will be in the same position. It's probably a good idea to put them on your wishlist.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 20, 18 1:43 PM
If you are referring to the same friend I have, after being red for a long while, she's currently green on my game, but hasn't gifted me in a very long time. She also never opened her Christmas room. I've been wondering what's up.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 16, 18 8:28 PM
The Christmas room HOS are incredibly generous! I just went from 8 million to 9 million in 3 weeks. My hand hurts, though.
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