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 posted in Parker & Lane Criminal Justice Collector's Edition on Mar 29, 18 5:37 AM
YES!! thank you, I played two dozen times and then tried your strategy, 3 stars!
Which mode is it easier to get 3 stars with...multiclick mode or normal mode.
 posted in Gnomes Garden Christmas Story on Jan 14, 18 1:44 PM
can't quite get 3 stars, any pointers?
 posted in Gnomes Garden Christmas Story on Jan 14, 18 1:29 PM
I built up wood to 2nd level as soon as I could, then food, added second worker, sent merry maker to wood ASAP. I built up three workers before I build the bridge in the middle because it takes two of them to build bridge and resources go uncollected. So made sure I had three. . I then made sure the merrymaker was in food and then quarry. Hope that helps.
If you look at the puzzle and the level numbers in my last post...the puzzle is put together starting top left and going across then next row and going across (like reading a book) so you can tell what piece your are missing and what level it is in....go back and look again. you don't need to play the level, just find the piece.
2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 17, 19, 22, 23, 25, 26, 28, 29, 31, 36, 43, 44, 47, 49, 52, 54, 56, 58, 61, 63.
I may be missing one.
To be more clear: after you use the three swords on him, you then cast the Defeat the Enemy spell hidden behind the three trees on the right. You will need about 250 mana to cast it so plan ahead. That stops him from wandering around and destroying things when you are attacking the castle.
To end the level you need to cast the Defeat the Enemy spell behind the trees on the right. I cant even get silver on this one.
I have tried and tried and cannot get gold? Any pointers?
Same problem. I took the bonus of shorter nights. They really shouldn't give a bonus that makes it impossible to get gold on future levels.
 posted in The Love Boat™ Collector's Edition on Dec 19, 17 6:10 PM
Yes, also stuck.
 posted in The Love Boat™ Collector's Edition on Dec 17, 17 10:53 AM
Can anybody give me some direction of getting this award? Is Ron throughout the game or some particular level?
Got it, never upgrade wood. Use mostly extra resource power up, use stop time once, and use extra man once.
stuck on this level. Cannot get 3 stars on pro. any pointers?
 posted in Elven Legend 4: The Incredible Journey on Nov 22, 17 5:20 PM
barely made three stars after trying dozens of times. I built mine, worked up to top to and upgraded mine and then built saw, and over to right to build well. I cleared the stone in front of the hut before I upgraded saw. But then upgraded it when I could. I upgraded mine whenever I could. I had to upgrade well at least once to make it. i cleared the left lot and built field and upgraded it asap. I always used extra resource bonus and never used extra man bonus. It is tricky and depends on how you upgrade.
 posted in Elven Legend 4: The Incredible Journey on Nov 22, 17 4:27 AM
I got gold by building saw mill first and got enough wood to build mine. Ripped down sawmill and built well. Upgraded mine once. Never upgraded well. Used the alter powerup much more than double resource powerup.
still hanging out on this level. Can't get gold. More direction please.
anybody beat these for gold?
Finally!! I immediately went for the soda and then hit multiple resources and got most of the room but got another worker before I went into either of the other rooms. (I sent the girl to the car while the worker was finishing setting up tables. I used run getting the soda set up in the left room and clearing the food room on the right. I hit stop time when it let me. I made sure I hit all the machines, including the tool machine outside. I hit multiple resources and run when there was a lot to do. Always go to the soda as soon as it appears. And at the end when you are focused on getting the last room, you need the other workers to gather the soda and hit run or stop time and gather food to finish but keep the worker working on the top, don't string tasks so he runs back to the car. the girl has to run up to finish the level.
Throughout the whole level, I was careful not to string too many tasks unless run was available. This made the workers more efficient and workers could pick up or work on a task nearby instead of wasting time running back to the car. I barely made it. I mean barely. I ended up with three workers total (including the girl) and I never used he extra worker bonus.
It feels like I tried everything on this level to no avail. Frustrating. I was able to get gold on all other levels.
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