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 posted in Wild Tribe on Jul 13, 09 10:57 PM
I can't believe this pause problem still hasn't been fixed. I finally broke down and bought the game for the Summer Sleuthing promo and now I'm wishing I hadn't. It was a fine game and I had been having no trouble with pausing using the space bar. I was probably an hour or so from completely finishing, had everyone skilled or guru, had plenty of food and water but I had to go away for a couple days so I paused the way I had many times before. Today I come back and apparently the pause came off or something because everyone was dead, hyenas are walking around and the food and water is gone. I'm so miffed! What a crappy game! To either have to sit for hours in a row in order to see it end properly or just lose all your effort does not equal an enjoyable game!
 posted in Artist Colony on Jul 12, 09 9:58 PM
I'm going to join the rest of you in hoping/wishing that BFG gets this game. It looks really cool. I have bought games from other places in the past but that was before I knew about and I would much prefer to buy from them from here on in.
That said, I'm sorely disappointed that despite the overwhelming wishes of many members some games have not been made available because of who has made them. I don't know the whole story and of course they can do business with whomever they choose but it seems like if so many of their active buyers want certain games it would be in their best interest to attempt to provide them rather than have their very loyal customers go elsewhere and support the competition. Hopefully that won't end up being the case with Artist Colony though and we'll get our hands on it soon.
 posted in Wild Tribe on Jul 10, 09 6:36 PM
My understanding was that with each of the unhealthy trees you had to fertilize them with the appropriately skilled giraffe. That worked with most of the trees but now after long last I have a guru giraffe and fertilizer but that doesn't seem to be working on the very tallest trees at the top right of the screen. Am I missing something or what am I supposed to be doing differently than I did with all the other unhealthy trees?

Thanks for any advice
 posted in Escape From Paradise 2: A Kingdom's Quest on Jun 16, 09 1:38 PM
mollyharry I don't think you can lose the scuba gear (or anything else for that matter) so don't worry there. Things you've earned like that (the shovel or the hammer, etc.) don't show up in your collection list. They just exist to be used.

Also, about the birds in case you haven't already found help about this, like milmot said wait until you get to the next island. Then, while you've got the tribe working or resting, take some time to follow the birds. One at a time, follow each bird on his entire path. They all follow a route that they just repeat over and over. At some point on their route they all land on reachable ground. Then just place your monkey near that spot and wait a minute or so until the bird comes back around and catch it. This is the only way to do it without losing your sanity because the birds do not stay on the ground long enough to reach them if you are some distance away.

Hope that helps!
 posted in Escape From Paradise 2: A Kingdom's Quest on Jun 15, 09 11:29 PM
I just finished the game. It said only 38 games won but once I had the last jewel it automatically told me the end of the story and then showed the credits so don't worry about finishing that last game (or rather just the other version of match 3) if you don't want to, you'll still end the game just fine.
 posted in Escape From Paradise 2: A Kingdom's Quest on Jun 15, 09 9:13 PM
Margie I actually tried the grouping trick a few times only to find out that not everyone got fed or got a drink. In fact, if the group contained more than 2 or 3 people everyone else missed out and I'd have to go back and check everyone individually. Turned out to just be a big pain.
 posted in Escape From Paradise 2: A Kingdom's Quest on Jun 15, 09 9:05 PM
I was wondering when someone would make a post like this, almost did it myself! I totally agree with all of you so far. I was SO psyched about this game but I'm rather disappointed now too. I don't feel I wasted a credit, mind you, but it just could have been so much better and after the first one I had high expectations.
JamiSings I'm not at all impressed with being referred to as "King" either. How hard was it to realize I chose a female character?! It's seems to grasp it's own concept of the Prince just fine.

I'm probably just repeating the rest of you but here's my list...

~ The expanded storyline, islands, and buildings.
~ The concept of the minigames (though not the execution).
~ The monkey both as a pet (something other games like this seriously lack) and as a finder of collectible items.
~ The fact that if you put a tribesman at the fire to relax, his social meter usually fills up.

~ The blah, sort of chore-like, way the missions play out.
~ The fact that after tribesmen wake up (or drink, or eat, or socialize) they just stand there and don't go back to their job. As a result you are having to constantly be checking on everyone.
~ The almost complete lack of individuality with the tribe. Just putting a mask on everyone really missed the boat there Gogii games! Plus the fact of them all just being men. Gender-inequality anyone?
~ Finally, the minigames. Making them mandatory, freakin' endless, and occasionally insanely difficult has made playing them a lot less than enjoyable. I'd say they are my biggest complaint with this game. Oh...and the fact that you can't pause them. I had just gotten the garden game really working for me when I had to leave my computer for about 3 seconds, thought I'd paused it, and I come back to a message that I let all my plants die! UGH!

I didn't find the glitches too bad (though I admit, thankfully, I haven't had as many as other people have) other than I found it really frustrating that it never scanned over to whoever just went up a level like it was apparently supposed to. Hopefully, the glitches will get worked out soon though.

This game really could have and should have been awesome.
 posted in Escape From Paradise 2: A Kingdom's Quest on Jun 14, 09 9:50 PM
I couldn't believe how hard they've made these levels! I stupidly thought that would be one mini-game I would have no problem with since I love sudoku and I'm generally decent at it but it kicked!
 posted in Escape From Paradise 2: A Kingdom's Quest on Jun 14, 09 9:43 PM
Hi Jackidance,

Actually, the game does tell you how many fish (and tikis, fossils, and birds) you need to find as well as how many you've already found. You can find all this info under "Player Progress" in the various tabs. It's a very helpful section. Granted they don't tell you which birds and fish you have found but since those names are wrong anyway it doesn't matter.

I think the mini-game stars stay white because you haven't completed those levels (at least to the game's satisfaction). I have found that they eventually turn gold once you've played the level. A note though, not all levels are available right away so you may have white stars for awhile until you progress further into the game.

Hope that helps
 posted in Slingo Supreme on May 12, 09 11:53 PM
I appreciate the replies goldpig but unfortunately the devil is not the problem. I don't know how to link my post about my problem with SQH in here but I'm sure it's easy to find if you're interested.
I've been playing Slingo for years and never noticed a problem in other versions but this SQH that I just got (for free from another site) is bewildering. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for the issue but I hoped I could appeal to other BFG folks for some advice. Maybe I just got a bad version. I sorta hoped it was just a Slingo thing I'd never noticed before. I can't say I'd ever paid that much attention to my score while a round was going on so I figured I might have just missed something that was actually normal for the game.
 posted in Slingo Supreme on May 11, 09 5:24 PM
I'm having a problem with the Hawaiian game but it occurred to me it might be a normal Slingo thing I just never realized before. If, when you spin, you end up not getting any matches, do you lose points?
 posted in Slingo Quest Hawaii on May 10, 09 11:46 PM
What is going on with this game?! One minute I'll be sitting there with 90,000 -something points and the next thing I know my score drops down to 60,000 - something for no reason. I didn't get a devil , I didn't buy a spin. In fact, each time it's happened I was expecting it to go up because I've just gotten something good. It's happened to me dozens of times now on all different levels. At first, because I was concentrating on the bingo card, I wouldn't really notice it was happening, I'd just be mystified at my score but then I started really watching and I would see the numbers falling before my eyes. Is there something I'm missing about this game or is it a frustrating glitch? It's making it VERY hard to meet the point qualifications for the stars.

Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this problem,
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