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 posted in Mystery of Unicorn Castle on Jul 1, 08 11:40 PM
Just played for almost my full demo hour (too tired - will finish tomorrow). It's cute, but pretty easy, Not much of a challenge in what I've seen so far. Then again, there are times when the easy games are good. When I'm really tired, for example, I like to play the Big City Adventures -San Francisco or Sydney and they relax me to where I'm almost falling asleep (not so with Amazon). Don't know yet if I'll get this one.
 posted in 10 Days Under The Sea on Jun 30, 08 3:09 PM
The way I get the fish to "work with me" is that when I see one coming that I want to photograph I put the camera ahead of the fish and let him (or her) swim into the box, instead of trying to chase it. I don't understand how to use those "extra" items on the bottom right. The explanation came up briefly and when I wanted to go back to review what they did, I couldn't find a way to do so, so I consider them useless. I don't know if I will buy this game. My album starts on page 3 and 4 also (although now my demo time is up). Playing this in the middle of my second game of Amazon doesn't go too well - like trying to eat your broccoli in the middle of your chocolate ice cream.
 posted in Hidden Expedition: Amazon ™ on Jun 29, 08 3:59 PM
I'm not sure in which topic we were talking about the scores, but I think this one will do. I just realized that it does help you to get all the beetles but not use the extra hints because you get extra points for "unused hints". Also, there are extra points for the amount of time used, so we'll do better the second and third times around because we won't need to be "looky-loos", admiring all the scenery. Some of you may have realized this already, but some of us are a little slower...
 posted in Hidden Expedition: Amazon ™ on Jun 29, 08 3:11 PM
Do you mean the tangrams puzzle? I just finished that. I too couldn't find all the pieces, but I finally found the one I was missing, high up in the branches of one of the trees. Some of them are hard to find, and only partially showing. Good luck!
 posted in Hidden Expedition: Amazon ™ on Jun 29, 08 1:50 PM
Phew! I finally finished - after getting everyone out of the house, giving myself a day off from chores, etc. Complete uninterrupted time. It was heaven! I've only gone through it once so far, but did it with no looking at hints in the forums, so I'm pleased with myself about that. Now, since I still have a quiet house, I'll try 10 Days, then have my second go at Amazon. What a great feeling! Doesn't get much better than this.
 posted in Ancient Quest of Saqqarah on Jun 27, 08 2:28 PM
I guess I'm just not a match-3 person. I've played a few, and this one seems fantastic, but it just doesn't hold my interest. Didn't even get through my free hour. Oh well -something for everyone, I guess. There are undoubtedly those who say the same things about the HO games.
 posted in Hidden Expedition: Amazon ™ on Jun 25, 08 9:51 PM
Speaking of Ed Sullivan (and here I go dating myself), when I was in high school and living in New Jersey, every week we would get tickets (free) to the Ed Sullivan Show dress rehearsal in New York City. They did the entire show as if it were live. We saw all the big groups - Rolling Stones, Dave Clark Five, etc. - except for the Beatles. Never snagged those tickets. If there was a big act, they would often have the audience stay and they would tape an extra segment to be shown in future weeks. Those were the days!
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