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 posted in Temple of Life: The Legend of Four Elements on Jan 16, 12 5:33 PM
I'm in the castle and just finish the correcting the knights and get my award, when the wizard appears and I try to click on it, nothing happens. I test my mouse and the menu doesn't work, the hint button doesn't work, I can't open the journal or click on my trophies. I stopped the game and started it again, only to have it happen over and over. I thought it might be my mouse, so I tested it on other games and my mouse works fine. It's only in this one.
If I uninstall the game and reinstall, will I lose all my awards and have to start over?
And can this be fixed? If not, I want another credit because the game will be no good to me.
Thanx in advance for helping.
 posted in Dreamland on Jan 10, 12 7:17 PM
Well, I finally finished the game on the 3rd attempt. At first, I found it very frustrating and difficult, but then when I started playing properly, everything fit.
I'm not going to play the extended version. From the tips, it sounds difficult and that's just not me.
But all in all, after playing it was a GOOD game!
 posted in Dreamland on Jan 9, 12 10:16 AM
Hey guys,

Right after I pick up the comet and go back to the Rocket for another HOS scene it won't let me access it. It's not sparkly and no matter how many times I try, I can't get past that scene.
And what are people talking about a cemetary? It's not in the walkthru. Do I have the right version?
Many thanks in advance.
 posted in Dreamland on Jan 9, 12 6:33 AM
Okay, after I pick up the comet and need to go back to the Rocket to play the scene on earth, it's not sparkly and no matter how many times I click it does nothing?
Did I miss something? Is it a glitch in the game?
This is the second go round for me and I DON'T want to replay it again.
HELP! Please?
 posted in 9: The Dark Side on Jan 6, 12 12:35 PM
Wow! That is one of the best adventure games I've played!
The story was supreme, the graphics were clear and sharp, the voiceovers were excellent and I just finished it.
I'm not going to replay it just now, like I do all my games because it is too long but I rate this a 5 out of 5!
 posted in Haunted Manor: Queen of Death on Jan 3, 12 6:52 AM
This was as good as the first one! Loved both very much!
Good graphics, the music was okay and the storyline great!
It's almost as if I could feel myself in there searching for things and battling daemons.
I rate it a 5 !
And of course, I always play the game a few times.

Good gaming everyone!
 posted in Dark Parables: Rise of the Snow Queen on Jan 2, 12 7:01 AM
I just finished this game and it was great! It was imanginative, challenging at times and I loved the fairy tale theme. Excellent graphics, a superb story line and I can hardly wait for the next Dark Parables. I have them all and I think this is the best so far!
Great job Blue Tea Games and thank you BFG!
 posted in Exorcist 2 on Dec 28, 11 7:25 PM
All in all, this game was better than the first. Good voiceovers, graphics and the HOG's were easy, but did anyone find a couple of the puzzles difficult?
I had to get my partner to help out so I wouldn't skip anything but other than that I give it a 4 out of 5.
 posted in Shaolin Mystery: Revenge of the Terracotta Warriors on Dec 27, 11 6:31 PM
I played this game 2 times and did like it. One thing I did not like was having to go through the storyline each time I opened the game.
My love for the first Shaolin game is still number 1. The terracotta warriors game is fun, the graphics are outstanding but I didn't care for the music much.
All in all tho, it was good and to end it and find out it's to be continued? Looking forward to the continuing game.
Thanks Digital Quarter!
 posted in Hidden Mysteries: Notre Dame - Secrets of Paris on Dec 21, 11 7:22 PM
At first, I didn't like this game. It was very frustrating to me and because I wasn't focused, I had a hard time dealing with the puzzles but I've just now finished it from beginning to end, and I DO like it...which is saying alot because I always play each game more than once to get 'a feel' of it.
I thought the graphics were good..I've seen better but I have all the Hidden Mystery games but 2. The Civil War and Buckingham Palace.
All in all, it is still a buy for me. I'm so glad I finally finished it!
 posted in Revenge of the Spirit: Rite of Resurrection on Dec 20, 11 5:52 AM
Well, at first I didn't like this game but after having stuck to it and finished it, I like it.
The graphics are well done, I like the music alot..fitting..and the overall skill level is good.
I'm going to play it again then go on to Exorcist 2.
Happy Gaming, peoples!
 posted in Hallowed Legends: Templar on Dec 12, 11 5:59 PM
Well, I just finished this game, and I did like it better than the Samhain one.
I liked the music, the aura of mystery, and the challenges but the picture puzzle gave me grief so I'm only going to give this 4 's instead of 5.
Just my humble opinion of course. Others might love it.

Now on to the Time Mysteries again. Good gaming All!
 posted in Revenge of the Spirit: Rite of Resurrection on Dec 8, 11 7:26 PM
I get a program error after finishing the puzzle in the toolbox. It then terminates my play. BFG? Any fixes going on?
 posted in Urban Legends: The Maze on Dec 8, 11 9:39 AM
First off, I might have posted before. I did get through the game once and then tried again. The second time I found the puzzles challenging to say the least.
Maybe I'm not in the right frame of mind to play..too tired, busy, etc.
So I'm going to shelve it for awhile and try again.
The game is great, don't get me's just me.
I give this game a 5
 posted in Time Mysteries: The Ancient Spectres on Dec 7, 11 6:34 PM

Thank you so much for the info! I finished the game and it was a good one now that I know how to fix the error. ^5's ya.
 posted in Time Mysteries: The Ancient Spectres on Dec 7, 11 5:04 PM

I went back between 1830 and 1700's and every room i clicked on came up error on both time periods.
I'm at a loss. ~shrugs~
I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game hoping the glitch will be fixed.
 posted in Time Mysteries: The Ancient Spectres on Dec 7, 11 12:26 PM
My issue is this. When I go to place the heart seal in the garden, I get an error.
I've played the game twice to this point and I'm very disappointed.

Otherwise, I love the mini toggle games. I grade the graphics as A and I even looked forward to the music. It wasn't annoying at all as I found it fit the theme.

Please Why oh Why am I getting an error????
 posted in Haunted Halls: Fears from Childhood on Nov 24, 11 9:01 PM
I play each game twice. This game was very imaginative, had good graphics and great HOS. Definitely worth the money for me!
 posted in Cursed Memories: The Secret of Agony Creek on Nov 23, 11 6:19 AM
Really fun game. I enjoyed playing it immensely!
 posted in Hidden Expedition: The Uncharted Islands on Nov 22, 11 5:59 AM
I just finished playing this game. I find I have to play them a couple of times to get the real 'feel' of the game. It was good. The graphics were great and the overall play was over the top. Loved it!
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