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 posted in Haunted Hotel: Personal Nightmare on Dec 21, 17 9:35 PM
This is one of the better games in this of the best I played in a long time. The graphics are very good and the game play is well balanced. Although there is some going back and forth, it is not overwhelming and neither is the collecting of inventory items for tasks. You have time to enjoy the scenery and the game story.

I played both CE and SE demos. There is a well balance of hos and mini games. In the CE extras it indicated 16 hos and 12 mini games, but that is for the CE, so I don't know how many there are in the SE. Seemed like there were more mini games in the demo, but they were doable which I liked. I had to keep doing the horse navigation over and over again, but finally~ Had to refer to the strategy guide for the maze through the rooms, but got the hang of that after a while, too. I think there were 4 hos in the demo which were varied and enjoyable. I particularly liked the one finding the foot prints in the stone. I don't think I would care to replay either mini games or hos which are offered in the CE. I would just replay the game if I wanted to do that. It is good enough to. I didn't read anything about the bonus chapter, so that would be the only reason I would go for the CE because I wasn't all that impressed with the extras in the CE. I will probably go with the SE.

It was humorous to read the letter that was next to the owl game where he was writing how happy he was that Mary accepted his proposal and that now all he had to do was tell her father that he (the father) gave him the creeps. Imagine telling your future in law that?

This game is not too easy and not too hard....probably too easy for advanced players, but just right for the intermediate ones. It's great to have a game that is so well balanced as this that you can play without getting stressed out from hyperactivity. I am looking forward to adding this to my collection....hope you will, too~

 posted in Yuletide Legends: Frozen Hearts Collector's Edition on Dec 21, 17 3:52 PM
Beautiful graphics.... BUT...this game is way too busy for me. Lasted 30 minutes. You have so many things to many items to collect....and places to remember where they go. Your inventory is even too busy with tasks to complete...and the one hos I came across was filled with things to do and find. It was more like a puzzle to complete. You are constantly going back and forth and I found this game to get confusing and taxing. This was too much work and not enjoyable or relaxing. It is more of an adventure game with tons of items to collect and tasks to perform in just a few scenes. If you enjoy having to collect a million items and remember where they all need to go, then this one is for you. Was hoping to enjoy this game and that it would be much more balanced than it was, but it is not. It is one big disappointment.
 posted in Christmas Eve: Midnight's Call on Dec 18, 17 4:29 PM
I remember playing the demo for the CE when it first came out...and I didn't last very long. Decided to try this again for the sale and finished the demo with 45 minutes left and I am a slow player, so the demo is short, but we do have a walkthrough as a referral.

I would not classify this as a Christmas game....doesn't exhibit a Christmas spirit at all to me. The story and game play was disjointed at times and I found it very confusing as to what to do and why. It is a rather bizarre game. The map was different and I didn't think it was that easy to navigate. To save time in the demo, I began using a hint frequently that refills in 5 seconds if you so choose. I couldn't stand the calendar puzzle or puzzles where you have to create a right picture by using arrows to complete that picture. It's a pain and not my idea of a good time. I'm not a puzzle fan, anyway. Got enough thinking to do. It was a relief not to have to mix any potions, though, so far, at least...never fond of those...and sure thought that one was coming. I was almost expecting a helper and thought when rescuing the puppy, "Here it comes", but it didn't. I couldn't help but wonder why they even put that in there, anyway. It didn't some other things in this game.

The graphics are beautiful, however, and because of that and Bonus Punch Monday, and the sale, I did buy this game, so if I do happen to finish this, I will be back to reply. I hope with being able to take my time with this game, it just may get better and not be a waste of time and money.

 posted in Christmas Wonderland 8 on Dec 18, 17 11:43 AM
A JOY~ Have been anxiously awaiting this to add to my collection of all CW games. And what a way to begin a new week. Love these games and have all of the other series they develop....Vacation Adventures, both Park Ranger and Cruise Director....Halloween (wish they would add another) and Easter. Wouldn't it be nice to have a Thanksgiving theme to add?

In this delightful game, you once again collect Lost and Found items which are silhouetted in the lower left hand corner snow globe and when you have found them all, the globe will show Santa and his sleigh. We also collect golden angels and when you have collected all of those in the scene the doors close on the pic next to the snow globe. Some of these are very hard to find, as well as other items on the find items list.

I replayed the first 2 scenes 3X. Each time you replay a scene some of the items are the same you searched for the first time, but many of them are different items...and some very hard to find. I had a difficult time finding the fairy to put on the tree in the second scene...because it isn't a fairy you are looking for, but an angel.

At the end of a scene or puzzle you go to a map area and at the top are pictures of scenes that you can go back and replay, but when you do that, you have to replay everything else that comes after that particular scene before going to the new scene. I made a mistake by clicking on the 2nd scene where they were decorating the tree and then being confronted with the newspaper puzzle to do again, which I skipped. Once was enough for that one.

There is a variety of things to do....something for everyone...even spot the difference which I don't care for. Not interested in points, but they are there if you so like that...and you can buy gifts...and visit the areas where your collections are. The graphics and scenes are so "wonderfully" done...some very busy. The more you look into them the more you see, which is why I enjoy replaying some scenes. The Advent calendar is a beautiful touch. And one thing really nice is that no scene is repeated...not so far in this one, but it is not typical of them to do. I am really looking forward to taking my time to enjoy the rest of this delightful Wonderland, indeed... and like all the others....replay again.

One more appealing factor adding to this Wonderland is that no one ages....message.... Always Stay Young at matter what your age~

Enjoy everyone~

 posted in Christmas Stories: The Gift of the Magi on Dec 17, 17 5:49 PM
Very boring game play. The glaring lights in this create a great deal of eye strain for me, particularly in the hos I came across, making it very hard to see items. I felt like putting on a pair of sunglasses. There were too many tasks to complete in scenes and I was practically falling asleep. Too much time is spent in scenes because of the multitudes of tasks.....makes it boring because you like to move on in a game instead of being stuck in a couple of scenes at a time. The elf helper was cute, but just slows game play down. It just didn't hold my interest and I had to exit this game after playing 50 minutes because it was hurting my eyes. Very disappointing because it could have been a great game. How many times have we heard that before?
 posted in Redemption Cemetery: One Foot in the Grave on Dec 16, 17 7:53 PM
Ha hahahaha, I agree with you, Pennmom36....I chose to save Nathan, too...and he surely is more appealing. Constantly saving Karen was like the Perils of Pauline and got old fast. Ridiculous.

After the first 2 scenes everything goes downhill... worse than graveyard dead and at a shocking rate of speed. What a let down. There was a bit too much going back and forth in those first 2 scenes and at times I did not know what to do or where to find things....but the atmosphere was great, so who cares? Wish that atmosphere had been maintained. It would have made for a much more interesting game instead of the drastic change that takes place.

The constant clicking of conversations is a drag and in the 2 hos I came across in the demo is another example of the deterioration in the development of hos. The first hos you have to find 12 clock parts.....wonderful...and the scene is dark, probably with an intent to making those parts a little harder to find. Next hos, we find dangerous animals in a scrolling scene. Awesome...and only takes seconds to complete both of these hos.

From looking at the walkthrough, this does not look to be a long game and there are repeated scenes of the first ones you already played. Although, I did not buy this game, I did finish both demos and my opinion has not changed from that of the CE demo. I agree with the previous statement that this game would be a no finish. There is one thing for sure...This game has a very appropriate title and lives up to the name.

WHY ? WHY am I wasting my time being confronted with one puzzle/mini game after another? What game play? There isn't any. If you're not confronted with a multitude of puzzles, you are searching for all these inventory items to complete a task. I love putting scissors together, and having to find a screw, don't you? What a relief not to have to find a screwdriver and then have to sharpen them, too. The 2 hos I came across were disgraceful....and I am noticing more and more in hos that they are placing a glaring light in them making it very unpleasant and difficult to see, not only because of a glare but because of background shadows....makes you want to put on sunglasses because of the bright light. It is a total turn off.

1st hos was finding 12 keys...well how long does that take? And the second was so shallow, it was like a first grader put it together...the items so apparent to find. It was all of the time consuming puzzles that you are confronted with that holds your attention hostage. I don't mind some puzzles and tried to do a few, but many of them are so frustrating, especially the one with the miss one in the bowl and you have to start all over again....forget it. I am not going to spend my time doing this waste. I want to relax and enjoy the game, the graphics and gameplay, but you can't because of all this other unnecessary mess that definitely overwhelms any story when there is too much of it.

The graphics were good as usual for this series and the story was so so...somewhat ridiculous. Couldn't really get into the story because everything else keeps getting in the way. You're supposed to collect fortune I don't think there was anything else outstanding. You can replay mini games and hos. Indicated 17 mini games to 15 hos. That 17 mini games is very misleading because there were so many in the demo, I lost count.

I was really hoping to like this game. I have most of the seems like they keep getting worse and worse. It wouldn't be that way if there was some balance in this game, but there isn't. And I don't know if it was just me or not, but the demo seemed so short. I am a slow player, but was surprised when they just cut you off, saying thanks....Well, I am going to say, "no thanks" to this game. What another disappointment~
DULL AND BORING. I don't even think this would hold a child's interest. Lots of fun putting scissors together and cutting, sowing a sock together with needle and thread on a sewing machine (come on)...putting a fishing pole about the oil can? Doesn't get much better than that. I really liked rescuing the guy from the Christmas tree with an ax. Intelligent. Also, melting coins in the deer hoof was quite innovative. And although, the dog was cute...another time consuming helper.

You are spending your time finding this item and that item to go here and there. Senseless. Finished a hos in less than a minute....didn't care for the superficial hos or the shallow, this game is and doesn't have a Christmas feel to it at all. Oz and Christmas don't go together well...especially in this game.
 posted in Chimeras: Mark of Death on Dec 12, 17 9:32 PM
Puzzles and mini games excessive...sometimes one right after another. No buy here.
 posted in Myths of the World: Behind the Veil on Dec 11, 17 8:51 PM
Very colorful, but disappointing game. I got tired of spending time skipping the multitudes of puzzles. I don't play to do puzzles and mini games. I looked at the walkthrough for this, which I was not impressed with, and saw there were too many more mini games to be encountered. Was going to use a coupon on this, but changed my mind after seeing what was ahead in the walkthrough. It doesn't look to be a long game and I refuse to be overwhelmed with puzzle after puzzle and mini game after mini game. It is not enjoyable whatsoever, unless that is your preference in games.
 posted in Chimeras: Mortal Medicine on Dec 9, 17 6:23 PM
All you're doing in this game is collecting inventory, trying to remember where everything goes....going back and forth....skipping puzzles....and going absolutely nowhere. What's the point of all this clicking, clickity, click, click? It's utterly exhausting. Is this supposed to be enjoyable? I don't think so. It is also annoying to have to X out of a box scene instead of just clicking anywhere on the screen. My arm is tired from all this. To add to the chore is a depressing story. It's too bad because the graphics are done well and it had potential to be a good game, but it isn't. You need some medicine after this...for pain in the neck.
 posted in Forgotten Places: Regained Castle on Dec 8, 17 7:08 PM
I have only played the demo, but this is a different kind of game all its own with beautiful graphics. You are not overwhelmed with tasks and inventory items to collect. It is quiet and you don't have anything jumping out at you. There are butterflies to in each scene...most are easy to see. It's a nice addition to the game play. It seems like an older do have to click and drag the inventory items to their place, but you get used to that as you go along. It isn't that bad to have to do. The hint system is excellent and very helpful, doesn't take long to refill and does transport you...and there is a skip for puzzles. I am really enjoying going from room to room exploring and taking in the beauty and artistry. The graphics are quite detailed in some of the rooms and it is somewhat disappointing that there isn't more to do in them. Maybe later on in the game there will be. I haven't gotten that far yet. Graphics outside are nice, too. Enjoyed the hos, skipped most of the puzzles. There are extras included that are not available until you finish the game, so I don't know what they are yet. It is a game you just relax with... and take your time~
 posted in Secrets of Great Queens: Old Tower on Dec 8, 17 6:34 PM
A buy for me. Only played the demo, so far, but am enjoying it and think it is worth the $2.99. It is an easy flowing game which I like. The graphics are very good...warm and rich colors. There seems to be more mini games than hos, but I enjoyed some of them because they are not complicated. Liked riding the horse and did it with my opposite hand which made that more of a challenge for sure. I wish there had been more hos as they were well done...except for the small ones that show up in a pop up box. Not fond of those counting as a hos. Some of the tasks were stupid, but because I liked the game, I just overlooked them. Story line is fine...and I do like Captain Louie. He's good company. Looking forward to continuing on with this.
Lasted 20 minutes in the demo. Can't say there is anything I like about this one except for the music. The graphics are cartoonish. Don't like having a helper that is juvenile, however nice for kids. There are so many inventory items to collect and tasks to perform that it is boring and I cannot even suggest that young people would care for this because of all the inventory and tasks to complete in just 3 scenes. Only came across one hos...a Christmas only took a couple of minutes to complete and I thought that was poorly done. The puzzles I came across were a chore....flipping picture pieces(how frustrating) and placing music notes was not any fun at all. This is by far the worst Christmas game I have come across. It surely could have been a better quality and is a disappointment.
 posted in Dark Romance: The Monster Within on Dec 4, 17 7:43 PM
The only draw in this game is the graphics. It is a disappointment that this isn't a better game. Task after task after task to complete, and if that isn't enough, there are numerous tasks in the hos to complete. Too many puzzles...more work. Can't there be some balance and time to enjoy game play rather than all this busyness to do? This game is one big CHORE!!!! I AM TIRED. I give up on this terrible monster of a game.
 posted in Dawn of Hope: Skyline Adventure on Dec 4, 17 2:27 PM
They can keep this one. Too much climbing (like Tarzan swinging through the trees)...too much clicking...too much aggravation having to find stupid inventory and trying to find out what to do. I hate that some of these games are using cheap doodle sketches to find the differences and hidden objects. Are those counted as hos or puzzles? What a waste!!! One of the list hos was nicely done, but only took me a couple of minutes, if that, to find everything. Another was confusing and tedious...and boring...with someone constantly banging on the door in the background, causing me to go to menu and mute the sound. Then you take a gun and shoot the person. There's more of this kind of violence being incorporated into these newer games. It is unnecessary and I think it should be eliminated from the development of games. There is too much violence in life and we don't need that in games. The puzzles were also a pain which I skipped...and that is what I am going to do with this game. It was a waste of my time.
 posted in Dead Reckoning: Lethal Knowledge on Dec 3, 17 10:40 PM
Just when you think things can't get any worse with some of these new games coming does...with this whatever you want to call it. In the 20 minutes I played the demo, the only thing interesting was gliding into the university. It was hilarious. What is with the cheap sketches to find the differences and all this evidence junk on the table to decipher? Maybe it's just me, but I found this game to be confusing, boring and disjointed along with the nonsense tasks of finding this and that. Did see an oil can, but no zipper pull...what a disappointment. The puzzle instructions weren't clear to me...forget it. And so we have a tablet to use...well at least it is easier to see than a phone. I don't care for taking pictures of dead people anyway...and then having to find clues. I used the hint so many times...and decided to do just what it suggested, "I think I'll move along."
Played both CE and SE demos for this and liked it so much, I decided to buy the CE even though the bonus content has not been favorably reviewed. What a delightful game with a well balance of everything. It's not too hard and not too easy. Colors are brilliant and so appealing with their warmth, making for an exceptional ambience. I haven't seen a game of such quality for too long a time. I am not a mini game/puzzle fan, but these are doable and some are fun. I do skip those I don't like or want to spend time with. The tile game is good and the third round is always the challenge removing them all. HOS are done with excellence as the rest of the game, and the story line is interesting, also. Bonus content could have been better...longer, but on the whole, the game is so good that I wanted the CE and am happy to have it. I wasn't overly fond of just being able to buy things for Toto....or...hats? What is with that? He is so cute and lovable though, that you just can't resist. I found it is better to be able to visit with him in this CE than not be able to in the SE. This is a game for everyone.
 posted in Danse Macabre: A Lover's Pledge Collector's Edition on Dec 2, 17 12:38 PM
This is one of the worst games. I lasted 40 minutes in the demo and definitely will not be buying this even as a SE. The graphics were not up to standards and boring as well as the game play and tasks. The 2 hos were horrendous...repairing a dress and the other moving coats back and forth...and back and forth. I had a hard time getting the jet out of the coat pocket in that second hos. It was totally tedious game play. The only thing I enjoyed was the maze mini game...that's it. It's like no one was really interested in putting any effort into this game.
 posted in Living Legends: Uninvited Guests on Dec 1, 17 7:35 PM
Cute and colorful for kids...or if you're just in the mood for a lighter type, easier to follow game for relaxation. Graphics are well done...warm and rich colors. It wasn't holding my interest very much with all of the mundane tasks and collecting of inventory that seemed juvenile, as well as the fairy tale story. It became tedious. A couple of the hos were so was finding all of the predator animals and the other finding alive beings...come on. Puzzles were on the easy side...I skipped ones that would consume too much time in the demo. I enjoy clearing of the tile games.

It was hilarious to...yes...need to find a zipper pull in the opening scene and then have to use an oil can got it....rust. There was a beautifully done hos that I couldn't help but notice on one of the items to be found...a handkerchief, had a cockroach on it...gross. Was that to make sure we are paying attention? Always a good thing to maintain a sense of humor~

This is a well done and player friendly game. Sometimes you need a break from all the other types of games that can drive you crazy trying to figure everything out and exhausting you....or those moody type and dark games. Will probably get this with a credit or sale for when I just need to lay back and relax.

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