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Downloaded reinstalled uninstalled reinstalled uninstalled resintalled

Now receiving Access violations.

About to get out of the help forums and start to look for refund forums... I've never had a game from BigFish behave this poorly that wasn't a BETA.
 posted in Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love Collector's Edition on Sep 4, 16 8:22 AM
This is a really cute game that played through the trial with no errors for me. But the second I purchased it, it booted me out of my account when installing and now won't even load!
Second CE Game that I've purchased that obviously hasn't had enough beta testing before being rolled out.

Sad and Frustrated with this game!
I had the same issue. The answer is not to be found in the "guide" on the CE. It simply says "Use code blah" not where I should have looked to FIND the code.
 posted in Cardboard Castle on Dec 5, 11 6:54 AM
Right after the explanation phase came the first"page"

I could not get ANY thing to happen. No scrolling, clicking didn't work, absolutely nothing happened.

Once again a game that didn't work from Big Fish. This is getting to be more and more the standard NOT the exception.
How sad.

The only thing I can think of is that since there were two keys, they were supposed to be "installed" together, and I found one and then one one on before realizing there were two missing.

I'm going to clear that one and start a new game, and not...install the first key so quickly
I had to use the skip. I had the same problem
It refused the combination shown in the strategy guide, then refused to do anything except two green.

Up up then...nothing. Every possible direction was met with red eyes.
VERY Frustrating.
I have located the second cash register key, and it's not letting me place it on the register.

I click the register and the puzzle pieces tell me "One button is missing"
When I click the button on the tool bar (and yes it's the right piece, unless the missing button should NOT look just like all the other buttons) it refuses to go onto the cash register

I've dropped it everywhere near the hole (it's only offering lower right as a choice) and then everywhere on the screen. It never tells me it doesn't belong, simply doesn't allow the button to "adhere"


 posted in Sphera on Oct 4, 11 9:56 AM
I ended the hour trial while attempting to open the last door...I can't think it's got too much more than that to go on regular mode.

It seems lately that the games with the cleaner graphics are also the shorter games
Finished the demo in 26 minutes....what a waste of 26 minutes!

If you can't figure out who the demon is when you FIRST peek into the window? Shame on you guys lol and go play some ravenhurst
Bad graphics weird sounds (what's with the random dog barking?) and obvious storyline...
Definitely not CE material.

Doesn't someone at BigFish Play these games in beta before they're released to us for the extra money as Collectors Editions?!?

It would seem to me that someone in Quality and/or Testing fell asleep at the Big Fish wheel when going through Lockwood Manor...
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials on Jun 13, 10 9:10 PM
This also just happened to me... VERY annoyed as restarting is the only answer. Especially after beta testing the game and not getting to that part... Very unhappy.
 posted in Mary Kay Andrews: The Fixer Upper on Jan 19, 10 7:02 AM
Mahjongie wrote:Problem with game. Twice there has been no items listed yet it won't exit out of the rooms. I want my money back.

I played through twice now and both times have run into the same problem trying to clear a room.
There are no items listed, the counter of items to find is zero and the hint button finds nothing else in the room, yet the game refuses to move on. I even let it sit for an hour thinking perhaps after reading other posts that the game was indeed just running slowly
but no luck so far

 posted in Coconut Queen on Jan 5, 10 9:57 AM
Everytime he goes "I have a LOVELY bunch of....coconuts" I giggle
it's a very sad statement but lol this game makes me laugh every time
 posted in Coconut Queen on Jan 5, 10 9:54 AM
build more greenhouses

it IS an upgraded greenhouse, but if you only have 1 green house it's not going to work
try five and see what happens
 posted in Coconut Queen on Jan 5, 10 8:13 AM
I got the orchid house today!!!!

In Kaba Lui Park
I built 5 green houses and got a "The tourists are leaving requests for more greenhouses" I built 5 more and unlocked the orchid house!!

Just in case that wasn't "it" here are my other stats at the time it unlocked.
$216k Income, $110Com Income, 1.2M balance, Appeal: 128, Tourists: 504

That's it I now have all the statues and have completed the entire game!
 posted in Coconut Queen on Jan 5, 10 6:31 AM
I have the daycare But there seems to be no understanding of the orchid house

I wonder if it has to do with using the other greenhouse?

After all the orchid houses are supposed to be upgraded greenhouses yet?
I'll run free play in kaba lui and hit my six hundred and i'll try for as many greenhouses as i can fit on there.

I'll let you know!
 posted in Coconut Queen on Dec 8, 09 9:15 AM
I've read every forum out there and it seems like most people seem to stumble upon the upgraded green house in different places, So I'd like to see if anyone else has found it.

I have not found it and am replaying several levels in both freeplay and level 10 to see if I've missed anything.

I have every other trophy unlocked (including the Oprah! woot) And Every other building unlocked, however am missing one last building.

I am under the impression it's an upgraded greenhouse, but neither bigfish nor iwin seem to have any information on what the reqs are to get to whatever that last building may be.

 posted in Coconut Queen on Dec 8, 09 9:09 AM
loudlife wrote:Now what I can't seem to figure out is the "Monkey Spa" requirement on level 9 of yippee Kai Yay (sp?). Can someone tell me what that's about???

The "Monkey Spa" is unfortunately the giant space hog of the actual spa. not a hot tub or something named "Monkey Spa" the Monkey's just want spa's to themselves!
 posted in Coconut Queen on Dec 8, 09 9:07 AM
You're most likely missing a beige umbrella someplace. The main palace that was there originally can not be torn down.
Hope that helps!
 posted in Coconut Queen on Dec 5, 09 4:21 PM
I love this game! It was cliched and cutesy and I completely bought it for the guy that says "I...have a lovely bunch of coconuts" *hehe* made me giggle what can I say.
Besides...What woman can truly resist a game with half nekkid men who apply themselves to her every whim while hanging out on a tropical island!
Great concept design and execution.

I only glitched once and it was halfway through dundah bay. Had to hard reboot, but otherwise game ran smoothly. Finished the game and used gems to open the other levels and finish those as well.

I'm glad the ending leaves open a sequel!
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