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 posted in Grim Tales: The Final Suspect Collector's Edition on Jun 23, 15 11:30 AM
I finished the main game and received a notice that I could nowplay the bonus game, but when I clicked on "Bonus Content" it asked "Do you really want to start the game over?" I blinked a few times not expecting that response, so backed out and looked everywhere for some other reference about "bonus" and found nothing so went back and again asked that question. When I said "yes," indeed the game started over. I wrote to Customer Service and rather than help me they referred me to this forum...the first time ever, as a member for many years, that BF Customer Service has not at least attempted to provide an answer. So do any gamers out there have any idea?. I don't love paying for a Collector's Edition and only getting a standard game, if that is what happened.
 posted in Bookworm Deluxe on Feb 20, 14 9:38 PM
I have scored as high as 68 million, that score was erased when my hard drive crashed about 3 years ago. On my current score list, my highest score is 58 million, and my current Hall of Fame shows that I have to score almost 30 million to better my lowest score (all of this is provable). I have read reports from players on the Internet that they have scored 2 or 3 billion, but I do not believe this, as it doesn't make compute from the time element...unless these people have no life and play Bookworm night and day and never burn down the library. That's just not possible. I can tell you that Bookworm is about a lot more than forming words. To become a great player you have to learn strategy where you can manipulate the tiles to form better words and give you high scores. And always go for the bonus word. You have to understand how to deal with burning tiles beyond just getting rid of them. But no matter what, when a burning tile drops, get rid of it immediately. Even if you are about to score 50,000 points on your next move, forget it and destroy that tile before it destroys you.
 posted in Bookworm Deluxe on Feb 9, 14 10:37 PM
It been my experience that high scoring words don't show up until you crash.
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