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 posted in Huru Beach Party on Jun 24, 10 5:19 AM
This bug is really annoying, as it makes it somehow impossible to truely complete this game. It's disappointing that no update for this game is released, especially since to fix this bug would require only a minor update from my point of view....
 posted in Ranch Rush 2 - Sara's Island Experiment on Jun 24, 10 5:02 AM
Hi khumprp,

thanks for your answer, now I got it. Probably I didn't realise before as I was too busy clicking around instead of watching Sara... :-)

 posted in Ranch Rush 2 - Sara's Island Experiment on Jun 23, 10 4:52 AM
Hi all!

Has anybody the slightest idea what is a "speed chain" in Ranch Rush 2? There are two trophies which are awarded for a speed chain of 15 and 25, respectively, but I don't know how to get them.

 posted in Kitchen Brigade on Oct 26, 09 12:18 PM
Hello Scoutmander!

After you chose the "6 cookies" update, one customer will come with an icon (just like the speed icon or the "additional tip" icon) displayed on his order. If you serve this customer fast enough you will receive two extra cookies.

I hope you enjoy the game!

 posted in Huru Beach Party on Jul 18, 09 6:59 AM
It appears that nobody found the 45th level, hence I suppose this is a bug. Does anybody know whether there will be a update?
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