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 posted in Spirit of Revenge: Elizabeth's Secret on Feb 14, 16 4:44 PM
Very nice game. Interesting mystery story. Somewhat different, no ice, no witches. Set in the Renaissance Era. HOP's and puzzles are interesting, not too difficult, not too easy. Good graphics, good voice overs. Didn't use a hint, didn't skip a puzzle. Kept my interest.
I recommend the game.
 posted in Beyond: Light Advent on Sep 12, 15 9:13 PM
At last, something entirely different: no ice princesses, evil witches or dark, decaying castles. A cute science fiction tale with a great story, unusual HOG's and unique mini-games. This is a refreshing, amusing and not-so-easy adventure. I rate it 5 out of 5 stars. Great work Developers!
 posted in Chronicle Keepers: The Dreaming Garden on Jul 2, 14 10:05 AM
Same issue as others here: being booted out after the intro and running Win XP.

First game I've downloaded from BFG in a while. Looks like BFG is no longer supporting XP.

Too bad. I need to get rid of my credits.
 posted in 1 Moment of Time: Silentville on Jun 18, 12 7:07 PM
Game malfunctions with the screen breaking up into blocks of graphics at the HO scene in the car (2nd one).

I uninstalled and reinstalled and it happened again.

Shame. This was a really good game.
 posted in Dark Strokes: Sins of the Fathers on Apr 6, 12 7:54 AM
It's unfortunate that there are so few reviews for this game, when the three or four that are here state that the game is quite good. Did so few people find the demo interesting enough to post a review?
 posted in Surface: Mystery of Another World on Feb 24, 12 9:03 AM
Valdy wrote: It never occurred to me that someone might not be aware of the flowers and other achievements, because they were discussed in the CE reviews. And usually, peeps demo the CE, even if they don't buy it, or at least check the reviews. That's why I would have thought that the flower collection was common knowledge.

Anyway, after I was made aware that there are no flowers to collect in the SE, I changed my review and omitted the part about the achievements.

And Robilyn... I too used to fill far more punch cards than I do now. Just shows what a difference it makes when you don't buy a CE and get 3 punches all at once.

I rather like the puzzles. So far I have enjoyed them, and did not need to use the SKIP button.

Since I refuse to buy CE's on principle, I never look at the CE reviews, nor do I demo a CE game. In fact, when I see a CE is offered, I go elsewhere for a game and don't even pay attention to the name of the CE for sale. When the game comes up as an SE, I usually note from the download page that it was a CE and assume that it will be worth a demo try.

BTW, my buying habits here have changed drastically, too. I used to fill 3, 4, 5 punch cards a month when everyday was a new SE. Now, I maybe have 1 filled card a month because I've grown so accustomed to looking and purchasing SE's elsewhere. This month, I bought (through coupon codes) only 2 games so far, and since I don't see 4 more games I want here, I'll wait until next month before purchasing anything else. Maybe next month, they'll be 6 I want (if I don't get them elsewhere).
 posted in The Surprising Adventures of Munchausen on Feb 19, 12 8:09 AM
No video, only audio, just a black screen. I uninstalled and tried again, but still only have audio. When I force-close the program, I receive a message that there may have been a problem with the Hardware Accelerator. Surprising since I rarely have problems with games.
 posted in Time Mysteries: The Ancient Spectres on Feb 11, 12 4:44 PM
Very interesting, different HOG/Match 3. Good story, voice over, thoughtful puzzles, good graphics, ample length - everything one wants in a game - except a satisfying ending. If seeing a plot to its conclusion is your thing, you will be very unhappy as this is a 'to be continued' deal.
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Haunted Houdini Deluxe on Feb 5, 12 11:13 AM
I am practically at the end of the game, going back to the basement to speak with Arthur Ford (I think) and find out what actually happened to Houdini. Suddenly, the game has a bizarre 'debug report' that I have never seen before which makes continuing impossible.

In my almost 3 years with BFG, there have only been 2 or 3 games I have been unable to play. It is unfortunate that the new 'Deluxe' higher quality, very special game is one of them.
 posted in Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Curse of the Full Moon on Oct 6, 11 6:43 PM
The SE is the CE with the ending chopped off. The SE ends abruptly with no real conclusion to the story. Apparently, the developer was too lazy to make a bonus chapter, but had to offer an SE version of their game, so they mutilated the CE and offered it up at full SE price. Totally unsatisfying.

Skip it unless you're willing to pay double for the CE with the ending. Maybe when the SE comes out as a DD, it will be worth the price as is.

I would be wary of buying any SE from this developer in the future.
 posted in Mystery Trackers: Raincliff on Jun 4, 11 5:19 AM
LOL, used to be that the SE buyers complained about the proliferation of double-priced CE's and their having to wait 4-6 weeks for a decent game. Then they gave up or went elsewhere. Now the CE buyers are complaining that there are too many regular priced SE's and since they already over-paid for the game, they have nothing new to play. Maybe they should start a thread asking BFG to raise the price of all games to $13.99? This would finish off all the remaining SE customers and the games would not have to be offered twice, once at double the going rate, and once at the standard price. BFG could then cater exclusively to their preferred clientele.
 posted in The Treasures of Mystery Island: The Ghost Ship on Apr 3, 11 7:02 AM
gamergirl675 wrote:That's a compliment by the way... hope the dev's see it. This game has it all!! (And I actually don't like frogs.) But this one is so good it eclipses the irritation of looking for bits and pieces of things. It even has morphing objects... over 50 of them!! And all the little cute extra touches like (spoiler so highlight to read) the adorable seagulls that squawk when you click them and little frogs that jump away when you click... those are great touches! The only thing that would have made it better really is to add voice acting... and I think the extra from releasing as a CE first would have paid for that. (hint hint)

Anyway I'll stop as I didn't really intend this to be a review... just a kudo's to the devs.

A customer complaining because a company didn't charge a higher price for a product they liked is a new one on me. It's nice to see that you have the company's best interests at heart. Perhaps BFG can charge you an extra credit as a donation.
 posted in Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story on Mar 13, 11 9:18 AM
hippyfishie wrote:I shot an email off to CS last week about this very issue. They emailed me and told me that SE's come out every 4-6 weeks now.

I told them they should tell everyone because people still think it's 3-4 weeks, but I never got a response back.

Why sell a game as a SE when it is selling as a CE? They'll wait until CE sales have dropped off. In the future, that could be longer than 6 weeks.
 posted in Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story on Mar 12, 11 9:44 AM
lucyloket wrote:I'm surprised there's so few reviews for the game and quite a number appear to be from people who got the CE.

I think that by the time the SE comes out, the excitement about a game is long gone. Most of the enthusiasts bought it already as a CE and probably posted their reviews in that forum (I don't know that for certain as I would never look into a CE forum. I'm just a lowly 'credit' member and don't belong there. In fact, I don't know if SE buyers are permitted in CE forums.) Nevertheless, you should probably spend your credit on it as not too many decent games come our way any more.
 posted in Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story on Mar 12, 11 4:57 AM
Thank you for the reviews! I don't look at CE's at all or even note their names so I was wondering why there was so little activity here for this game. My first thought was that it must be so bad that people didn't even try it out. So thank you for stopping by to say that it's definitely worth a look. I'll certainly download the trial.
tillybaby wrote:Agree with everything that has been said so far.

A few months ago I was earning two free games vouchers every month, in fact I was getting worried about the amount of money that I was spending on games but now - nothing, I am finding difficult to even use the bought credit that's compulsory to remain a member, there is definitely a downgrade in games and how many more straight HOGs do we need for goodness sake?

Unfortunately I will soon be cancelling my membership through lack of games to buy UNLESS there's a rapid upgrade to games that warrant a price tag.

Sadly, I'm in the same situation. Where once I filled 2, 3, 4 punchcards and still had a waiting list, I now find it difficult to spend one credit a month. With the rare exception, all the good, interesting games are CE's - and I refuse to pay the price for them. The wait for the SE version has become untenable stretching to 5-6 weeks from the original promised 2-3. I've been researching other sites and am considering a 'one price for unlimited play' portal. BFG has turned their backs on their loyal customers who refuse to buy CE's. A shame.
I don't understand why people are complaining.

I've read the other CE threads and in each one, BFG members jump in to crow about how they are happy to pay more for a game, how they want to support the developers, how they want BFG to make more money, how they feel oh, so, special having a bit more play than the lower (paying) class, how they need to have immediate access to new games. The message has clearly been heard by the company: the price of casual games can be raised (slowly) with little opposition.

Did you really think the CE's would continue to be so special and different? BFG is just using the CE concept to move the price point to $13.99 for people who want access to current games. If you can't wait the current 5-6 weeks, perhaps eventually to be 5-6 months, then you'll pay the price, bonuses or no bonuses. Yeah, they'll throw in the strategy guide which is available for free elsewhere, but what the hay, have to keep the elite mystique going. Welcome to the new normal, created by the BFG fan base.
 posted in Haunted Halls: Green Hills Sanitarium on Nov 30, 10 6:58 AM
In my opinion, no game is worth the CE double price, so if that's the point, I'll just be deleting. There's always another good game at regular price. Anyway, it's been so long since this game was released as a CE, that the buzz has passed and I've forgotten what it was about or why I initially thought I might buy it.
 posted in Haunted Halls: Green Hills Sanitarium on Nov 29, 10 5:43 PM
If not, I'll just delete it and forget about it.
 posted in Haunted Halls: Green Hills Sanitarium on Nov 28, 10 7:35 AM
Thanks, Dogmama, for the advice, but my (admittedly limited) contact with CS has always been unsatisfactory. In both instances where I had malfunctioning games, it took CS an unacceptable amount of time to get back to me - one time, I didn't hear from them for 3 weeks after the initial contact - and then only after I had complained in the forums multiple times. And in both instances, they just returned my credits. I think it's better to make a public show of the difficulties we are having with the game in the hopes that it will be fixed, and to warn potential buyers of the problems.
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