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Frozen in the chapel also. LONG TIME player on PC with windows 7. I'm about ready to end my membership and move along. This has been happening way to often for the amount of money I've spent. The games should be glitch-free before being released to the public. SMH.
 posted in Fear for Sale: The 13 Keys Collector's Edition on Oct 23, 14 10:39 AM
played about 2 hours into the game..I'm at the backyard where the scarecrow is. I opened the sparkles to play the hidden object scene and there are three objects, the tomato in the can, the fork on the hat, and the binoculars around his shoulders that it will NOT let me get and therefore, I am stuck and cannot progress. ERGG...already bought the game but we need a patch already!!!

operating system: XP
 posted in Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward Collector's Edition on Jun 10, 12 9:14 AM
No Go
 posted in Resurrection, New Mexico Collector's Edition on Oct 27, 11 7:25 AM
This game is clunky, poorly made, grainy, evertything that I can think of wrong about a game...this one has. There is NO way I would ever spend 14 bucks on a game of this magnitude. I won't even buy it when it comes out in SE. Whatever happened to games like Return to Ravenhurst? I am sooo disappointed!!
 posted in Grim Tales: The Bride Collector's Edition on Aug 4, 11 2:47 AM
nelliegemini wrote:I don't know, I've played for 22 minutes and the game just doesn't grab me. Nothing we haven't seen before, beautiful graphics as sunnyglow said, but it's just missing something (an interactive map and a voiceover for a start!).

Sorry to be so vague but you know when a game just says to you 'draw the curtains, take the phone off the hook and give the cat a big bowl of munchies - we're here for the duration', well, I left the curtains open.

Maybe when GM is fixed I may buy as a SE, but right now no CE is worth the gamble if I can't play them once bought.

I feel the same trial lasted 28 minutes and nothing about the game 'ticked my tock' so to Same ole same ole kind of hidden object game..I think I will wait for SE. Happy gaming...
 posted in The Lost City: Chapter One on Jul 27, 11 5:02 AM
In a nutshell: This game is very very frustrating...hint system works but doesn't really tell you what to do or where to go. There is really no guidance at all. I can't stand games that do not offer help on how to progress and what to do next if asked!! NO BUY FOR ME!!! Hated it!!! Sorry
 posted in Timeless: The Forgotten Town Collector's Edition on Jul 11, 11 1:57 AM
mycatluna wrote:Hello fishies!

Been out of the pond for awhile, jump back in and BANG, two collector's edition within one week again. I then anxiously looked at my calendar thinking I must have missed a holiday (in the past they have offered an extra CE as a 'holiday treat') but alas, just an ordinary Sunday.

Here's the skinny...

I don't mind a good CE. They used to be a nice treat and WHEN I had the extra cash, I was happy to purchase as I knew they would be of remarkable quality.

Enter greed.

NOW, as someone else very intelligently stated, we are looking at mass offerings of SE's cloaked as CE's with a flimsy bonus chapter thrown in. IF I am going to shell out double the money for a CE, it has to have AT MINIMUM the following attributes:

1) Voice-overs. This is a must. This means that the developer invested extra money into the game (voice-acting; scripting) which means I'm happy to invest extra money back into their game.

2) It has to have various difficulty modes and a wide-screen correction option

3) It has to be challenging enough to warrant NEEDING a strategy guide on hand. Otherwise, it's just a waste of space and my money.

4) It has to have a decent length. I am not going to pay double for a game that lasts 3 hours or less. Again, developer invest in a lengthy game, and I will invest in you.

5) The bonus chapter has to be worth the extra cost. It needs to have a decent length and provide me with some sort of bonus information or storyline that an SE wouldn't provide me.

6) It has to be innovative. Simply re-doing the same formula with different characters and locations is NOT taking the time to sit at a round-table and brainstorm new ideas. It's called cookie-cutting and it's a fast way to make a profit without having to really expend resources.

7) The graphics have to be excellent.

Now a game that delivers those bullet-points, (like the CE's used to) and my extra money will gladly be spent on your product. Anything less, and you are ripping me off and I will buy the SE when released.
Occasionally there are a few that are released that offer the above but I've grown VERY WEARY of CE's having been burned a few times.

As for this game in particular...will wait for the SE version.

VERY well said and I agree 100%.
 posted in Dark Dimensions: City of Fog Collector's Edition on May 12, 11 4:58 AM
I have an issue I haven't seen yet..or maybe I missed...but I am stuck on the treehouse, where I am supposed to click it to get a closeup and apply the counterweight to get an angel, but the game WILL NOT allow me to click for a close up. It just says I wonder what's in the treehouse..or something like that. So, for now, I am stuck as I cannot progress without this last angel. Is this a glitch? Everything else seems to be working fine. Thanks for your attention to this matter.

 posted in Fallen Shadows on Apr 23, 11 4:55 AM
I agree...I would have definately liked this game alot more if the game didn't progress SO SLOWLY!! It took forever to move between scenes and when given the option to click to cut doesn't really mean you get to cut them. I was squirming waiting for this game to end. It is a shame...looked good otherwise. Happy Easter all.
 posted in Celtic Lore: Sidhe Hills on Apr 20, 11 6:22 AM
NEVER played this game before in my life...downloaded trial and game opened up and then closed and said trial was over...didn't even get to see anything! Can't buy something if I don't know what the game is even like!!
 posted in The Serpent of Isis: Your Journey Continues on Feb 26, 11 6:15 AM
Thanks both of you for the response...have a great day!!
 posted in The Serpent of Isis: Your Journey Continues on Feb 26, 11 5:43 AM
Loving this game...made it to the beginning of chapter 2 when demo ended. Does anyone know how many chapters are in this game? Would definately buy if length looks good
 posted in Westward Kingdoms on Feb 18, 11 1:05 AM
TDogSky wrote:I am having a problem with the Armour and Blacksmith. It show new armour for sale but when I click on it, it gives me a message that someone must be employed at the Blacksmith to buy new armour. I do have the armour stand next to the Blacksmith shop. I have tried firing the employee and rehiring or hiring someone else but it still does not recognize the employee so I can buy new armour.

Same exact problem..and it has taken me days to get this far....did you or anyone else ever find out how to fix this without restarting the whole darn game over again? I've 'worked' so hard to get this far and it just keeps telling me I need the blacksmith employed, which I have already done. Can't create armor, or upgrade axe to chop big tree without this. I even demolished it and rebuilt it and rehired hoping this would help but to no avail! Help anyone!!
 posted in Mystery Agency: A Vampire's Kiss on Feb 18, 11 12:59 AM
Not my thing I guess...tried it, didn't like it...ugghhh! It is definately pretty much a straight HOG with ALOT of irritating dialogue. I dont care for the find the differences, especially when the hint takes so long to recharge. I'll pass.
 posted in Mystery of Mortlake Mansion on Dec 19, 10 7:03 AM
Well I don't know about anyone else out there but I was beginning to lose my faith thinking that only the good games were collectors editions that we either had to buy for 13 bucks or wait for. This game changed my mind and restored my faith in BigFish. This is a very good game...very long length...very good intriguing storyline...VERY well worth the $. Merry Christmas everyone and happy gaming.
 posted in Twisted: A Haunted Carol on Dec 7, 10 4:30 AM
This game is a huge disappointment. It was very glitchy for me. It is also very short and such a letdown being a holiday game. Waste of a credit. Bad.
 posted in Zuzu & Pirates on Oct 6, 10 6:59 AM
notta...nope...noway!! Very childish and "I spy'ish'" not my cup of tea.....
 posted in Columbus: Ghost of the Mystery Stone on Sep 28, 10 4:26 AM
same here...restarted computer twice but nothing...brand new computer here only one month old. what the heck??????????????
 posted in Twisted Lands: Shadow Town Collector's Edition on Sep 24, 10 2:38 AM
I just wanted to throw my two cents in...I think this game is top notch and so worth the money of CE price. It is a very long game, took me over 6 hours to complete without bonus play. The bonus play is actually an additional hour or two depending on one's speed. Graphics were A+++, no cursor or glitch problems, no crashing, just intriguing, awesome, engulfing 'scary' play. LOVED IT!! Hats off and BIG BIG thanks to developers and BF, of course.
 posted in Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White on Sep 18, 10 7:18 AM
Why does it seem like when a game has everything we want like good graphics, narrations, puzzles, is lacking in length??? I bought this game and was very disappointed when I finished about 45 minutes after my hour demo ran out. My total gameplay time was less than two hours. This is a very nice game, but it is on the short side. I feel kinda cheated. Uggghh
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