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 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two on Apr 26, 13 8:38 PM
I am so disappointed that, even with very friendly help of the BFG Tech Support person, I could not get this game to work on my computer. It went from running painfully slow to not wanting to launch at all after video card driver update.

After playing Book One, which btw ran very smoothly on the same PC, I was so looking forward to Book Two.
I am really bummed, because there are so few games like this one among the vast amount of Hidden Object Games, which don't appeal much to me. So, not getting to play this one really sucks!

Apparently there are a number of people who encountered the same issue(s) with the game, but it is rare that people who posted here earlier come back and report if and how they were able to find a solution. So if anyone has any ideas still...

Really hoping for an updated version which would fix the issues.

 posted in Weather Lord on May 5, 12 12:39 AM
Cheers, HatesTimes! Worked like a charm, once I located the profile.dat file (it was at a different location on my computer).

I had the same problem with level 36 as well.

So, thanks to you I was able to finish the game with all gold but for levels 32 and 36.

Well done, BFG

HatesTimers wrote:I had the same problem with level 32 just showing the background, but I found a way past it.

First locate the profile.dat file. It's at:

C:\Documents and Settings\<the user login name>\Application Data\WeatherLord\WeatherLord\profile.dat

(Note that the "Application Data" folder is "hidden", so the preferences should be to show "hidden" files and folders.)

Edit this profile.dat file with Notepad. Note that level 32 is set to "-1" and level 33 is set to "0". Set level 32 to "4" and level 33 to "-1", then save and exit Notepad.

This let me skip level 32. I then had the same problem with level 36 so I did the same thing with that, and was able to finish. The skipped levels can be replayed later when Bigfish gets a new version of Weather Lord.
 posted in Joining Hands on Apr 26, 12 9:05 PM
It took me a long time as well, but I just finished this level (Alone Forever - Level 8). Unfortunately, I can't go back to take a screenshot to show exactly how I passed. But I can give you a general hint that might help:

The two Poeglins (the things who like to alone) end up on the Stars, and the rest of the thingies are divided into two groups and distributed in the spaces on the left and right.

Hope that helps a bit.
 posted in Farm Craft 2 on Jan 25, 12 7:42 PM
Has anyone received any viable solution with the Access Error and/or the game not loading at all?

And by that I don't mean the obligatory hours-long back & forth of the friendly but trite game of 'reinstall', 'fiddle with your firewall' (though all other games work perfectly fine with the settings), or some other generic troubleshooting procedure...

 posted in Farm Craft 2 on Jan 25, 12 7:09 PM
Has anyone received any viable solution with the Access Error and/or the game not loading at all?

And by that I don't mean the obligatory hours-long back & forth of the friendly but trite game of 'reinstall', 'fiddle with your firewall' (though all other games work perfectly fine with the settings), or some other generic troubleshooting procedure...

 posted in Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort on Oct 9, 11 7:44 PM
Pakajoja wrote:Poem123 wrote:
arvehaugland wrote:
I actually managed to build the Beach resort by persistently pressing the flickering button over and over again, and with the Resort in different positions on my screen.

did this & it workled but now cvan't launch thebeach resort - exasperating or what!!

Yes, worked for me, too; after clicking the flickering button repeatedly, it did eventually build the Beach Resort.
But then for the next step, there's no way to drop off the boat chassis at the Beach Resort, ergo no way to launch it.

Guess there's no way around it, we're stuck 'til they fix this bug...

 posted in Farm Frenzy 3: Madagascar on Aug 20, 10 5:39 PM
Same here. The game does not save progress.

I played the demo and after I bought, none of my progress had been saved. Meh. So I started at level 1 again yesterday and got all the way up to level 15 with gold on all levels and all kinds of updates.

Today I log on and again only level 1 is accessable from the map. After a few seconds (while my jaw was dropping and my brows furrowed) a window came up asking me if I wished to continue previous game. I clicked yes, and it took me to level 15.
So far so good, but in that level none of the machines can be bought. Useless. I am back to level 1. WTF?

Why doesn't this game save my progress? Has anyone's issue with this been resolved or have y'all just given up?
 posted in Virtual City on Jan 9, 10 11:03 PM
Fransje66 wrote: Very good, Coupon.!!

Could you maybe post some more basic tips, please?
l'm stuck halfway 3-6.

As for general tips, hmmm.... It varies, depending on the level and goal.

- Upgrade your vehicles and buildings as soon as you can afford to raise your income and do so equally. A three star truck won't help if the plant has no stars at all, and a three star bus will not generate more income when you only have 10 people for the bus station.

- Be aware that as soon as the environmental rate drops into the negative, all houses will only have 1 inhabitant, which will reduce income from busses drastically.

- Try to keep the routes between destinations as short as possible, saving time and generating money more quickly.

- The "bigger" the entertainment destination for busses, the more income. Taking people to the stadium generates significantly more income than taking them to the mall. So an early investment in theater or stadium is well worth it and pays for itself in just a few busloads.

- When certain population happiness is a goal, start an event (firework, balloon, etc) on the plaza towards the end (timewise, if you're going for expert) but not in the last second. The clock will continue ticking until, for example, the balloon has landed again, even if the required happiness rate has long been achieved. And if you start your event to early in the game, the happiness is likely to slowly decrease again, meaning wasted money.

- Tech stations, fire stations and hospitals do not need to be connected to a road in order to function. All other buildings or trash collection thingies need a connection to a road.

That's what I can think of on top of my head. If I think of other pointers, I will post them here.
In the meantime, feel free to ask me for any particular hang-up.
 posted in Virtual City on Jan 9, 10 10:36 PM
Yorkenshaw wrote:Well done. I have got expert on the first two states, except the one with the marina, but I was stupid and didn't look at what I had to do, and it took me ages to figure out that it was like the station and the train.

I adore this game, keeps me amused for hours. Its not hard, you just have to use your clever head sometimes.

Don't worry, I also had many moments during the game when I had to remind myself that "she who reads knows more...!"

Good luck and continued fun with the remaining levels.
 posted in Virtual City on Jan 9, 10 10:30 PM
Fransje66 wrote: Very good, Coupon.!!

Could you maybe post some more basic tips, please?
l'm stuck halfway 3-6.

I'd love to help, Fransje, although having played the whole game twice now, it's difficult for me to say where others may have problems. I am sure I had the same ones, but after hours of playing some things become natural or obvious which weren't in the beginning, and I never looked back.
But I will try anyway:

Level 3.6 - Goals:
- 15 appliances
- 10 furniture
- income $3000
- environment 2000

In 3.6 the cutting of trees and building of roads is very expensive, so you need to pace yourself.
You already have a bus and a dumpster, a positive environmental rating, and a population somewhere in the thirties. Upgrade the bus all the way to raise the income; the distance to the mall is very short which is in your favor.
Next build a road to the cotton farm, buy a truck and send cotton to Miles City, and upgrade both the farm and the truck once.
When you have enough cash, connect the sawmill to the road, buy another truck, send wood to the city on right, then buy a third truck and bring furniture to the mall. Upgrade production plants and trucks equally, so they have one or two stars.
One thing to note is that on this level the sawmill will cut the trees surounding the plant to a certain degree and then it will stop producing wood, which means your income will go down because the furniture depends on it. Make sure you replant some trees every once in a while to keep the production - and the income going.
As soon as you have enough cash, connect the steel mill and the oil derrick to the road and start delivering appliances to the mall from Custer in exchange for steel and oil. Upgrade all production plants and trucks as much as you can to raise the income.
To raise the environment rate, build a few monuments where you find room without cutting down trees, for example next to the set of three houses in the front next to the garage, or destroy part of the road between the garage and the recycling plant.
Make sure there are no fires, illnesses, or trash pile-ups; take care of them on the spot.

That should do the trick. Let me know where you are stuck and I'll try to help.
 posted in Virtual City on Jan 7, 10 10:05 PM
Hours and hours of fun! I love this game.

You have to use your brain and strategize a tinsy bit instead of just click-as-fast-as-you-can. Superb replay value.

 posted in Build-a-Lot 4: Power Source on Aug 21, 09 11:04 PM
fatbuttmut wrote:I've got error messages too. The error message I get is:
"Error: Access violation at 0x005506D2 (tried to read from 0x00000002), program terminated."
Continually get this same message and the game freezes. I deleted the game and downloaded once more but it's still happening.

I am getting the exact same error message; also more than once by now; tried to reinstall as well, to no avail; and when I log on again, my progress has not been saved.

I hope BigFish is working on this bug, because it is quite frustrating, esp. since the played levels are not being saved. And I really like this game.

 posted in Pretty In Pink on May 15, 09 9:13 PM
Well, this was fun... Not.

Try as I did, I didn't get to see, let alone play the game; instead, I spent an hour fixing the Adobe mess-up the download caused. Lovely!
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