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are you talking about repeating the sound sequence
thank you
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scotcat wrote:
rodsgirl9 wrote: how did you figure out the placement of the gems after placing the ones in the diagram....trial & error? After remembering to click the hint button, I was fine...."Simon" was fun

Yep, trial and error. It seems the correct placements will have a "poof" sound and incorrect will have a "smack" sound. The size & shape of the gems also match the holes in the wall.

Once you place the rocks in the right place a rope will fall down from the left side of the screen.
Pull on the chord and you'll notice that the gems will light up in a certain pattern. You must duplicate the correct pattern 4 times in order to beat this puzzle.

I really hate it when I have to remember a sequence. My mind is too old for that now.
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Avinasativa wrote:I am stuck on the italian restaurant. When I cook at the end, I have a bowl of figs left over - can't make them go with anything

hi there
this is my first try at this
the figs go into the blender
then into the wine glass gl
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