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 posted in Ghost Files: The Face of Guilt on Oct 20, 17 10:35 AM
I ran into one in the HOP where you get the lightbulb. My item bar, when I grab stuff seems to go off screen. Then when I need something (like to open the drawer) I can't get it. I have tried switching screen resolutions, restarting game and still not there.
I had same problem. I fixed it by temporarily switching from full screen to windowed screen. Then I could pick up the pipette and finish the puzzle.
widescreen may work also, but don;t know.
 posted in Haunted Legends: The Stone Guest Collector's Edition on May 4, 15 1:10 PM
Playing now and having the same problem. If I turn either the red or blue light beams off the map, then the other lights up (blue off map, red lights up beacons or vice versa). As soon as I turn it back to map, the 2 go out.
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