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 posted in The Mahjong Huntress on Aug 20, 15 1:12 PM
I just finished the game. Well, I should say I finished the story levels with at least one star. So have you run out of energy crystals is that the problem? Have you claimed all of Grandpa's relics?
 posted in The Mahjong Huntress on Aug 17, 15 5:24 PM
A few times when I've attempted to shuffle my tiles, the shuffle animation doesn't complete, leaving me with blank tiles on my screen and an unplayable board. If I exit out of the board and start over, the game continues running as if nothing unusual happened. Not a big deal normally, but if I've used up my energy crystal or whatever it is, then starting over doesn't get it back, blah, blah, game's no fun, poor development... you know the drill.

Oh, and there's a problem with tiles showing as clickable that are actually still covered by other tiles. That happens after you zap something in your locket. Cute game. Keep working at it. Thanks.
 posted in Riddles of the Past on Jun 16, 15 2:54 PM
I was struggling a bit with the story until I started reading the journal regularly. And while I, too, failed to understand where the dog entered in to the story, what I found even more annoying were the repeated references to the "Soccer" star. It's american football, not soccer... I've never seen a soccer player with a helmet and face guard.... small thing, but somebody should have caught that one....
 posted in Dark Parables: Queen of Sands Collector's Edition on May 31, 15 3:30 PM
Well, since some else ruined the thread anyway, I'll throw in my two cents in response... Developers don't have to be original with their games, they just have to do them well, and then players don't notice they're doing the same things. There are certainly games out there with the "cut the stitches" puzzle that don't seem as trite because of how they are woven into the overall game. And, I for one think that it is possible to have yet another, fairy-tale retelling, but again, there needs to be some love put into it. This game screamed of short development timelines and management formulas. blah.
 posted in Viking Saga: Epic Adventure on Apr 17, 15 7:01 AM
It says in the Prologue this is Viking Saga III? So is there a Viking Saga 2 game somewhere? Maybe how he meets the love of his life? It did seem a little abrupt.
 posted in Hello Venice 2: New York Adventure on Mar 21, 14 5:55 AM
okay, so I went and did a bit of looking and here is what I have come up with... on Seppia Interactive's website, (the company that made the game), they say you need a 3D graphics card to run this game. I know my laptop doesn't have quite that kind of graphics processing capability. So yes, allowing the game to run at a lower screen resolution or not in full screen mode and not using the custom cursor should fix the problems people have been experiencing.

Oh, and just in case, to switch off full screen and custom cursor, click on the options menu. You should see toggle boxes for them located there.

Hope this helps!
 posted in Hello Venice 2: New York Adventure on Mar 21, 14 5:00 AM
playing on a PC laptop in Windows 8, I was having a hard time selecting gems because the game was so slow. Once I switched off full screen mode, the game worked like a charm - no problems at all. So its a resolution issue apparently??

 posted in Chronicles of Mystery: Tree of Life on Aug 5, 13 5:35 AM
In some of the documents, for example Sylvie's Notebook, parts of the text are being cut off by the screen and I can't read them. It's only a sentence here or a sentence there but still, kind of annoying. Is anyone else having this problem? And if so is there a way to fix it?

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