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 posted in The Lost Cases of 221B Baker St. on Feb 25, 18 7:38 AM
it's the one where u have to move the hands on both sides. 8 handed thing
 posted in The Lost Cases of 221B Baker St. on Feb 25, 18 7:37 AM
When I try to play the Gold thingy, it tells me the lions tail is blocking the door? WHAT?? So I'm stuck, have to close the game. Then start the book over and hope it works next time. p.i.t.a. Anyone else get this?
 posted in Fishdom: Depths of Time on Jan 25, 15 9:49 AM
 posted in Fishdom: Depths of Time on Jan 24, 15 3:42 PM
another thing i might add that i went to one of your biggest competitors and had no problem whatsoever, d/l n installing games. so it is BFG n not my computers.
 posted in Fishdom: Depths of Time Collector's Edition on Jan 24, 15 3:34 PM
I bought the game but cannot d/l it. i wrote BigFishGames about this 4 days ago n havent heard a peep. I'm using win 7. also tried on my laptop win 8.1. NOTHING!! BFG USED to have the best customer service. Extremely dissatisfied. I ran DR Felix also...but could not attach as it kept telling me that BFG has a bad certificate
 posted in Escape the Emerald Star on Jun 24, 11 9:09 AM
Is there a walkthrough for the end? I have a propane tank, and a
gas tank left. Dunno what to do with them. Thanks for any help!
 posted in Hollywood Files: Deadly Intrigues on May 9, 11 7:41 AM
It said I had the latest or better direct x, entered name, and it froze
that just sux that they can't make these games work b4 they are
 posted in Mystery Agency: A Vampire's Kiss on Feb 19, 11 5:44 AM
Woulda, coulda, shoulda! Games sux! First scene, the earring, I clicked
on it numerous x, then finally got the hint. It was where I had been clicking!!
PO'D big time with this game! TRASH BIN IT!! and I like plain HOGS!!
 posted in Virtual Families on Oct 27, 10 6:55 PM
I agree, the updates were useless! Mine has had the same exact
things in the store, since the 1st generation, And I'm on the 4th
generation now. Also the same organic veggies on sale. Going
on 6 days for that. i'm ready to toss the game as a loss. It's only
gotten worse!
 posted in Virtual Families on Oct 1, 10 5:34 PM
what do u mean by "lite"? is there a Virtual Families Lite? I haven't
heard of it. Thanks
 posted in Apparitions: Kotsmine Hills on Mar 2, 10 8:15 AM
I can't get the game to let me enter a name to play with!
I would've liked to have tried the game but oh well, after
reading about it on here, it sux anyway!
 posted in Mary Kay Andrews: The Fixer Upper on Feb 15, 10 12:38 PM
DOG SURGERY??!! I didn't get that part of the game at all!
 posted in Mary Kay Andrews: The Fixer Upper on Feb 15, 10 12:35 PM
WOW, I wish I had read this b4 buying the game
I'm also extremely disappointed in the ending.
I got the prez day discount 2, but wish I'd have bought
something else! They should definately make a fix
for this! I paid $4.89, w/discount, only worth .99!!
Hope they read these posts, and see how bad the
game is!
 posted in Virtual Families on Jan 26, 10 2:41 PM
Ever since I got to $136,243,472.01, I can't make anymore $.
I pick up coins, and hear them clank, but no $ is deposited!
Just wondered if this has happened to ne1 else? Also I haven't
gotten the last 5 bugs! And haven't seen a bug in months!
 posted in Virtual Families on Sep 11, 09 5:34 PM
i bought virtual families when it came out. it worked for a couple months.
then it got 2 trojans in the game. i fixed that. i had the game for a few
more months, and now it doesn't respond anymore. support is telling me
that it's not compatible with my puter. i'm running xp on it. now if it's not
compatible, then how's come it worked at all? i certainly don't believe that
one lol. i just want to play my game, after all, i paid for it. if anyone can
help i sure will appreciate it. thanks! w/o it
 posted in Relic Hunt on Aug 24, 09 8:36 AM
I couldn't agree more! Even if you do get it to work (I did)
it sucks because they change your cursor to a knife, and it
never wants to work! I hate when games change my cursor!
WHY do they do that?? It always messes things up.
I wouldn't buy this game if it was the last HOG on earth lol
I got fed up after about 7 mins of clicking and stuff not going,
and hitting the hint, just to find out i was right to begin with!
Definately Uninstalled it
 posted in Virtual Families on Aug 10, 09 10:41 AM
 posted in Virtual Families on Aug 10, 09 10:35 AM
How about being able to buy more things, and as many as say 5 of
something, and it can just put that # next to that item in your tray?
sometimes the floor stuff comes up 4 times, so i buy the extra 1
and keep it in case of an earthquake, and like vitamins? we need
them when our peeps get sick, or old...
 posted in Virtual Families on Jun 27, 09 6:58 PM
Has anyone found the egg yet?? If so where is it? I have yet to find it,
I have clicked everywhere in the game! I'll give u n
for answer lol
 posted in Virtual Families on Jun 25, 09 5:29 PM
I think it's different for each family. Some of
mine did it when their youngest was 2, I ended
up having six youngins. Some of my families
won't have another til they youngest is 14! it's
crazy. But if I use the perfumes, they seem to
be more open to it.
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