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 posted in Redemption Cemetery: Night Terrors Collector's Edition on Feb 11, 17 2:03 AM
To be honest didnt really enjoy it
 posted in Haunted Hotel: Silent Waters Collector's Edition on Sep 18, 16 6:53 AM
i agree way too short for a CE game
 posted in Haunted Legends: The Iron Mask Collector's Edition on Jun 30, 16 5:26 AM
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i cant play it either
have asked for my money back or 2 game credits at least
 posted in Haunted Past: Realm of Ghosts on Jan 14, 12 3:17 AM
i too am having the same problems with this game i had with the CE
it keeps pausing then flickers
and goes back to desktop
so sorry wont be buying
 posted in White Haven Mysteries Collector's Edition on Jan 8, 12 2:59 AM
didnt really do it for me
might buy it using a punch card reward when it comes a SE
 posted in White Haven Mysteries Collector's Edition on Jan 8, 12 2:59 AM
didnt really do it for me
might buy it using a punch card reward when it comes a SE
 posted in Haunted Past: Realm of Ghosts Collector's Edition on Jan 6, 12 5:00 AM
i cant exit the game
only by turning on task manager and do it this way
as no menu comes up when i play
 posted in Love Chronicles: The Sword and The Rose on Jul 2, 11 6:20 AM
i too liked it
i thought the idea of assembling some items was good and a bit different
glad i waited for the SE
as i dont think its worth the price of a ce
i actually got it for free
as i used one of my punchcard rewards
 posted in Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition on Jul 1, 11 10:01 AM
candybrand wrote:thanks fishies, can't wait til july 1st, will be getting this game but come on BF, give us some good SE games too, can't keep buying CE's and not having anything to use out credits on, what you think fishies

yes i totally agree 100% with you
we want some good SE games too
as you cant use your punchcard rewards on CE games
i agree with the majority of posters here
i too felt dissapointed with the ending
i buy CE games for the extra bonus content
there was none here
i know it was in the main game

so when it comes out in SE
will that bit be missing
sorry had to agree with most of the other posters here
this one didnt grab me at all
i played for half an hour then deleted
oh and by the way...that music enough to put any one off
belamba wrote:Have to say the spookier and darker the better I like them! I say that because the spooky graphics are beautifully done, and I like to escape from the 'real' world when playing games.
Don't think I'd spend the extra money if the CEs were light hearted fun.

i have to agree with you 100% the spookier the better
and im no youngster will be 60 years old soon
i have just finished playing DEVIL ON THE MISSISSIPPI
and scared myself witless lol
its what people want these days dark and eerie games
thats what sells
and BG are gonna give us what most people want
there are still non spooky games out there
you just have to look for them
i havnt played SECRETS OF THE DARK yet
but i shall be downloading it very soon
 posted in Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water on Jun 14, 11 11:41 PM
i too didnt like this as much as the previous DREAM CHRONICLES
i suppose really you can compare it to films and their sequels
the first is brill
then they do another and that is never as good as the first
perhaps they should just do a couple and then call it a day
as i think they run out of good ideas
 posted in The Agency of Anomalies: Mystic Hospital on May 13, 11 7:26 AM
didnt like this one at all
i love the dark and eerie games
but this one wasnt my cup of tea at all
some may like it though
 posted in Gravely Silent: House of Deadlock Collector's Edition on May 12, 11 11:20 PM
i too am petrified of spiders
i hate them even pics of them
i liked the game though
will prob wait for the SE version as pennies are rather scarce at present
 posted in Mystery Chronicles: Betrayals of Love on May 3, 11 11:21 PM
i liked it
i so love these games
where you have to unlock many doors
and keep going from place to place
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials on Apr 30, 11 3:42 AM
ive had this game for ages
i resinstalled for the DD
and it seems to have sorted out the pen and ink prob i had before
fingers crossed
 posted in Dark Parables: The Exiled Prince Collector's Edition on Feb 24, 11 10:03 AM
i was wondering this too
as wont buy if it hasnt a bonus play
 posted in Dark Parables: The Exiled Prince Collector's Edition on Feb 24, 11 8:11 AM
bradalex wrote:Talking of value for money, here in uk the game cost me £10.80 and I can play it as many times as I choose. I went to the cinema the other evening and paid £13.00 for two tickets to watch a film once!! Enough said

well said
i too am from the uk
i dont have a lot of pleasure
and this is one of them
ive been buying a few ce games lately
and love them all
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