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 posted in Haunted Hotel: Ancient Bane on Oct 31, 16 4:40 PM
What happened to bonus punch Mondays? They suddenly disappeared.
 posted in Silver Tale on Jul 8, 16 5:19 AM
What is an "extractor upgrade"? I am having trouble with those blocked resource veins especially in level 98.
 posted in The Hunt for Red Panda on Mar 2, 16 8:02 AM
I agree it would have been nice to turn off the timer and just enjoy restoring the paintings. Also, my arm got worn off from having to go back and forth. It would be better to be able to apply the regent to all the errors and then go back and use the tools multiple times on all the exposed spots. May have bought it except for these problems. Also, it would have been nice to be able to enjoy the restored painting but it cuts off right away.
 posted in Mysteries of the Past: Shadow of the Daemon on Feb 17, 16 7:39 AM
Had been in the middle of the stone puzzle in the clearing in the forest when the demo ran out. I bought the game and when I opened it to play again, the pieces I need to do the stone puzzle were no longer in my inventory but were missing in the puzzle as well. Looks like I have to start the game all over again! Rats!
 posted in Spirit of Revenge: Gem Fury on Jan 12, 16 8:29 AM
Having the same problem with the SE version in demo. Freezes up when I try to use the map or look at the notes. Didn't have the problem in the CE version and was able to play the whole demo. Would have bought the SE version and was thinking about getting the CE since my SE froze up but now after reading that others had same problem with CE version, I guess I'll skip both. Too bad, I really liked this one and was looking forward to playing it.

BTW, I tried uninstalling game and game manager and reloading both but that didn't help.
 posted in Christmas Stories: Puss in Boots Collector's Edition on Dec 3, 15 10:03 AM
When I saw "3" in your post, I thought you might be referring to three year olds. That's my impression of this game - geared to three year olds. Really, really sick of this kind of thing. Couldn't play the demo for more than five minutes.
 posted in Dark Dimensions: Shadow Pirouette Collector's Edition on Oct 5, 15 10:43 AM
I demoed for 5 minutes then uninstalled the game. Too dumb for my taste.
 posted in Melissa K. and the Heart of Gold on Sep 28, 15 7:42 PM
Why is the tech thread on this game locked? I was 50 minutes into the demo on this game and really loved it. When I exited and then tried to reopen the game, I just got a black screen - nothing appeared. I tried to uninstall/reinstall with the same result - only a black screen. I am really frustrated because I liked this game better than most these days. It was challenging and really different from all the games out there. I will be surprised if I get any response to this message as in the past no one ever seems to respond to this type of problem.
 posted in Sea of Lies: Tide of Treachery Collector's Edition on Jul 30, 15 9:23 AM
Excellent review, angelfish 106. I concur with everything you said including the sea theme but especially that it is way too easy!
 posted in New York Mysteries: High Voltage Collector's Edition on Jun 6, 15 9:01 AM
Just got through playing the demo and I had only 5 minutes left and that's because I savored every minute of it. I love this series. Loved the last one and love this one.

I know it has a fantasy element but, so far, it is more a mystery than a fantasy. The progression is very logical. The storyline is interesting and urges me forward. And I really like the main character.

I enjoy the naturalness of the background - it's fun to see actual sights of New York (although natives might be more critical as they were in the first New York Mysteries game).

I also like the naturalness of the movements and sounds. When the card gets punched by the hole puncher; the ladder steps get hammered on; the jerry can gets filled just to name a few examples.

The collectibles and morphing objects are fun. I like that they are shown on the map and that the little hand hints toward them as well. And I like that the map lets you click onto the scene even when you are already there rather than saying "You are already there".

This is a suspenseful, enjoyable game and definitely a CE buy for me. But I'll wait til Monday to get the bonus punches.

Thanks developers! To all the rest - Why can't we have more mystery games rather than so many fantasy games? Go to any bookstore or library and see the amount of mystery books compared to the amount of fantasy books and from that get your hint as to what people want and will buy.
 posted in True Fear: Forsaken Souls Collector's Edition on Mar 1, 14 7:45 AM
I, for one, have always been surprised that BFG gave out a punch for a free coupon game and I'm not surprised that they have finally discontinued this practice.
 posted in Vampires: Todd & Jessica's Story on Mar 19, 13 8:53 AM
No problems until I try to pick up the shark in the HOS in the village then the cursor freezes and I have to Alt/Ctrl/Del out. Error message reads: Access violation at 0x08F84BE3 (tried to read from0x00000000) program terminated.
 posted in Christmas Stories: Nutcracker on Dec 23, 12 4:53 PM
I don't post very often but just had to commend on this game. It is really a beautiful game and enjoyable on so many levels. I loved that I was treated to different pieces of music from the nutcracker during the game. I plan to purchase the CE which is also not something I do very often. The only criticism I would make is that the characterization of the cat and the candle when they first speak are not up to the quality of the rest of the game. Also their movements are not as enjoyable as those of the nutcracker.
I love this game. The graphics are great and the storyline I find very captivatiing. For me it feels like a "page turner" novel. The head bobbing was a little annoying at first but then I got used to it and actually liked it. The hint system is very clear if you just read where the hint tells you to go where there is a huge arrow on what you need to interact with. I am going to wait until the SE comes out to see what the length is but then depending on comments about the bonus chapter I might go ahead and buy the CE if the game is a good length which I think it probably will be.

 posted in Dive: The Medes Islands Secret on Apr 12, 11 9:55 AM
Look at the map and that shows you where you have to dive a little deeper before you get to the end. There is oxygen on the way and treasure as well so you can upgrade the wet suit.
 posted in Mystery Novel on Apr 11, 11 6:22 PM
Hey, I live in Western North Carolina, too. In Hendersonville. I hadn't heard we were getting thunder showers. Everything looks clear here so far.
Seems to be lots of talk about no walkthrough so far on this one and therefore no clear idea of how long it is. The size of the download does give some clue of the length. This one is not as large a download as most of the ones I am buying lately.
 posted in Mystery Case Files ®: 13th Skull ™ on Jan 8, 11 10:07 AM
In the tavern, after only one attempt to get the doll, my coin purse disappeared from my inventory so I can't make another attempt to grab the doll. Is there anything I can do other than skipping the mini game?
 posted in Mystery Case Files ®: 13th Skull ™ on Jan 8, 11 9:09 AM
In tavern, trying to get the doll. Used my coin purse to get a quarter and failed to get the doll the first time. Now, after only one try, my coin purse is gone and so I can't play again. Any answer other than skipping the puzzle?

Does anyone read these? I have never gotten a reply to any of the posts I have made about technical glitches like these.
 posted in Destination: Treasure Island on Nov 29, 10 10:48 AM
The game will not open. I click on the play button and nothing happens. I had no trouble downloading, installing or activating the game but now it simply will not play.
 posted in Dream Chronicles: Book of Air Collector's Edition on Jun 24, 10 8:58 AM
The game failed to install on my computer. It downloaded fine but then failed to install.
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