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 posted in Spooky Mall on Mar 27, 12 6:15 AM
I have windows 7 and a gaming computer (XPS) and i have a problem with the stuck on various levels. within 4-15 points of getting excellent when the last person is looking at something and won't buy/be redirected and all cases are full and time is up... game won't end, they just stand there. Most of the time its at last level or level 14 ( to open another level). How frustrating! ugghhh
 posted in Pet Rush: Arround the World on Jan 29, 12 1:54 PM
Things haven't changed. I can't do the trial either!! So frrustrating... lol Served one customer and CRASH Fatal Error. re booted computer, just in case it was on MY end and WHAMM!! Same thing. Hope they fix it! I'd love to see the rest!!
 posted in Aztec Tribe: New Land on Jul 22, 11 1:10 PM
I have opened a space for a sawmill, but it appears you can not build one. without wood I can not build the chief's house and USE a trader. ... Any ideas? This is just frustrating me. I've been moving along fine, had a lil trouble in the 6th and 7th level, but was able to complete them! I am not looking for a ** HAND MY ALL THE ANSWERS.. but the walk throughs help in the spots I need ACTUAL help in... Please send some kind of response to help me. Thanks. C.
 posted in Aztec Tribe: New Land on Jul 21, 11 6:18 AM
Since a Strategy guide wouldn't be useful how about explaining how things work?? I know about the market and the chief's house, I know about somethings, but I can't " find the spoiler"How do you unlock the sawmill on level 6?" as stated earlier and I can't seem to find help with level 8?!?

I need things I can only buy in the market but no chief's house... I'm getting extremely frustrated with a TM game and am beginning to resent my buying it?!?

Is there any specific help for instructions for this game that another TM'er would be will it post for us not so familiar with this series?

Thanks a Bunch!!


Stressed over a bunch of virtual people?! whaat?
 posted in Build It Green: Back to the Beach on Jun 3, 11 7:12 PM
ok, so was able to excell past earlier level, but how do I beat the 2nd level of the downtown with 8 days etc

and /or how do I beat the offshore level 3 with like 12 days and 7 shops, etc??


Going Nuts
 posted in Build It Green: Back to the Beach on May 31, 11 7:40 AM
I am having soo much trouble!! I can't get past several of the level one's in this game?!? Time out hits in the last few seconds and when I have completed it on time.. the timer runs until the next day is over and then says Time's out! grrrr
help!! Port and Transport, in particular.
Also can not use any of the other things to help improve the environment yet.. Just houses and facility and bike shops with hotel/s or eco-houses.
 posted in Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison on Mar 28, 11 6:11 PM
I am having trouble locating the 4th coin??? # 4... any help??
 posted in Artist Colony on Jan 10, 10 2:04 PM
ctippy1 wrote:Am having a problem, even deleted the game and reinstalled it.. lost all people and started over.. still having same problem as everyone else, slow people, having to Re-skill people and not able to complete game.. any fixes??? happy new Year!

Still going on the same problem... anyone gots new ideas??? Like a refund ???
 posted in Artist Colony on Jan 10, 10 2:03 PM
I'm still having same problem, have contacted tech support,... still waiting.. VERY disappointing.. Though I keep trying!! ughhhhh
 posted in Artist Colony on Dec 31, 09 2:14 PM
Am having a problem, even deleted the game and reinstalled it.. lost all people and started over.. still having same problem as everyone else, slow people, having to Re-skill people and not able to complete game.. any fixes??? happy new Year!
 posted in Hidden Expedition ® - Devil's Triangle on Dec 26, 09 6:36 AM
ALAZAR wrote:does anyone know how to get the tiles unstuck from the puaale that has the balloons and geese. i clicked on them and they spread out like they were suppose to, but i can't pick them up when i click on them. even my hint button or the menu button won't work. help please! i have rebooted and everything else, but it still freezes up. i am starting to get a little annoyed at this game. i also don't think it is worth the game credit.

Similar problem for me. hope someone knows how to move the balloon/geese pieces w/o them getting stuck and screen frozen up.

 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Dire Grove™ on Dec 26, 09 6:34 AM
nvrmnd repetative clicking, connected it somehow... lolol just had 2 walk away for several hours!!!

 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Dire Grove™ on Dec 25, 09 2:23 PM
LizzieK wrote:Your questions are answered in the Blog Walkthrough for this game on the Big Fish blog at:

Good luck!

Found the walkthrough and it WAS helping.. lolol But now I have come to the "generator" part and can not finish.. there is no "rabbit head" because I no longer have the hammer.. used it to get the wood on tree for steps to get the paper..

Grrr.. looking back through the steps... I find I never saw the paper in the room with the chair and the Filing cabinet. that gives you the "instructions" with pictographs" so I'm guessing that is stopping me.

But alas, I go back and no such paper is there now for me to look at and record in the journal. ** sighs** I can't imagine what to do next now. been trying for over 1 hr.. lolol
If anyone can help me, please do. Thanks.

P.S. the walkthrough I'm using is: But i don't have the collector's edition.


 posted in Hidden Expedition ® - Devil's Triangle on Dec 23, 09 3:50 PM
Game guy: Puzzle: I have 4 times had the game freeze up , rebooted and same problem. once I move 4-7 pieces I am not allowed to move any others on or off the board or go to menu, log book, anything. Anyone else having this problem. When I re-load the game it brings me back to the puzzle, but i can only move 1-2 pieces before it rfeezes again. grrrr help...

 posted in Farm Frenzy 3 on Sep 13, 09 5:26 AM
how does one get the cake machine to work? i have LOTS of Flour and the coin looking thingys.. lots of animals.. but i cant use it??
 posted in Mr Jones' Graveyard Shift on Sep 12, 09 11:42 AM
I do NOT have crashing problems, but I can NOT buy more land and the game wants me to keep going?! helppp!!!
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess on Aug 12, 09 8:56 AM
Grrrr ** growling at computer ** I NEED to get 4.9 done as well. so frustrated for several days now.. LAST place to get complete castle.. lol Guess I shouldn't be OCD about it, but I LOVE challenges.... err.. normally. lol I just NEVER have enough ... i guess time?! I need another 5 or 6 seconds.. grrr help if ya can. ty ty ty ty ty
 posted in Diaper Dash on May 13, 09 5:06 AM
I need help... please... I'm at level 5.3 or 5.4 . something like that.. I get MOBED with kids. i tried the using the storybook reader and keeping kids in waiting ton get others taken care of and dwiddling them in asz other sleave.. keeping hearts up, but that didn't work. I tried lwetting all come in as they do.. that didn't work either.. lol, Help...
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