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Better stock up on anti-freeze to play this offering from the Game Vendor You play a mother whose daughter, Lerione, is kidnapped by a magician, Mr.X during her eighth birthday party. In a "touching" moment the Ice Queen uses her frozen fingers to turn your subjects into ice along with his or her heart. If you do not act quickly, as soon as the last person in the kingdom has his or her heart turned to ice, the Ice Queen will reclaim her throne. A wizard, Lucio , has escaped the icy clutches of this queen and will help you locate your daughter and battle this monster. Can you warm up all the hearts in the kingdom including that of the Ice Queen?

LEVELS: 4 - Casual (Sparkles) Advanced (Sparkles - longer for hints, skips) Hard (no sparkles) CUSTOMIZED

GRAPHICS : Clear, bright colors to create a beautiful story-like, winter setting

INVENTORY AND HOP SCENES: The inventory is lockable. The inventory and HOP scenes are varied and puzzle-like In the demo most of the HOP scenes were silhouette.

PUZZLES: In the demo I encountered A. Variations of sliding tile puzzles. B. Potions to create. C. Variations of jig-saw puzzles D. Matching puzzles E. Location of items with a telescope.

EXTRA GOODIES: A. Transportable interactive map B. A book unfreezing characters in the game. C Collect runes giving you special abilities which are activated after playing a fairy tale game and charging a crystal. D. Collect jigsaw puzzle pieces which unfreeze hearts after the puzzle is completed. E. Collect 15 Christmas ornaments for a home setting F. 25 morphing objects which are indicated on the map. Every 5 gives you a greeting card. G. Strategy guide, H. Wallpapers and "muzac" tracks

COMMENTS: THIS GAME WARMS MY HEART during a polar vortex! This game has it all: collectibles, morphing objects; jigsaw puzzles; an excellent storyline ; fairy tales within fairy tales; mini HOP scenes within HOP scenes; unique puzzles which are not terribly difficult. There were more puzzles than HOP scenes in the demo. Definitely a winter delight to play while sitting in front of a warm fire as the frigid fingers of the Ice Queen frosts your windows with icy designs. And the best thing - NO HELPERS! LOL

 posted in Fill And Cross Pirate Riddles 2 on Jan 7, 15 4:43 PM
Ahoy mates! Shiver me timbers and blow me down! This game is a double delight for me - pirate theme (always wanted to be a pirate) combined with one of my favorite puzzles, nonograms. It seems 8 Floor has finally gotten its software problems resolved. The Christmas game froze up during the startup of the game.

However. there are two things I dislike about the nonograms from this dev. The first is that you cannot exit the game without losing your progress if you have not finished the level. . The other factor I dislike is the lack of autofill which other devs provide.

I am tired from a hectic work day and still have a major issue with BF. My consistent "sunny" (Hey - I am known for my smiley face LOL) disposition is being tested on how many BF barracudas and nastiness I can tolerate in a week! Oh, well, I guess I will get on board this game, relax and sail as far away from the BF pond as possible!
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Ghostwriting Collector's Edition on Jan 4, 15 11:31 AM
Valdy wrote:

It wasn't opera. It was a tiny bit of a song from a musical.

I too never listen to the in-game music, but thought that this was a nice touch. And it was only once - at least, so far. Didn't mind it at all.

I agree with Valdy. This is not opera nor anything close to opera. I am an opera "aficionada" (so in love with hot tenors - especially those "italianos") and and it isn't even close. It sounds like something from a high school musical production! LOL

However, my dear Valdy (and I might add one of our BEST (emphasis) reviewers on this site - if she ever does it anymore and believe me, I may understand why she stopped reviewing on this site), it is irritating to us who are "auditory" people. Usually people in engineering are "visual," but as usual, being a little "strange" and "different" I am not.

To those of us who are auditory people, the "shrill" voice of irritating "muzac" (if you want to call it that) can drive us to distraction. Please devs - this is gaming not a musical production. Unless you have a professional musician to add "sound production or mods" please refrain from doing so.

Well if you really, really want to produce the first "gaming musical production" - at least give us a warning - please so we can have earplugs in hand!
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Ghostwriting Collector's Edition on Jan 3, 15 9:48 AM
twinsoniclab wrote:

What a shame I'll be missing the pleasure of that by not purchasing!

LOL, LOL, LOL!! We are amazingly on the same wavelengh!
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Ghostwriting Collector's Edition on Jan 3, 15 9:35 AM
If you collect 50 shamrocks (clovers) you can also play tic-tac-toe with the raven!
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Ghostwriting Collector's Edition on Jan 3, 15 7:12 AM

Ghostly occurrences are causing havoc with Dickens and Irving. These "ghostwriters " (double entendre) are creating ghosts from their characters which are springing to life from their books seeking revenge. (Their biggest revenge should be against the dev exploiting them in this game). Charles Dickens and receives an urgent letter from Washington Irving asking for help. You, as a detective arrive at Irving's home trying to unravel the mystery of the ghostly apparitions and search for the authors.

LEVELS: 4 Casual, Advanced, Expert. (3 levels have sparkles and lengthening hint and skip times). CUSTOMIZED


SOUND OF AND/MUZAC: We are "treated" to a bizarre melody by Irving's fiancé. Earplugs anyone? Out of place?

INVENTORY: Puzzle-like and interactive.

HOP SCENES: In the demo I encountered: A. Junk piles with little interactivity and variety. They are not puzzle-like. B. Silhouette. Locate an item through its silhouette to construct and inventory item or to search for another HOP item

PUZZLES: There are more puzzles than HOP scenes and are well-done. The ones I encountered from the demo: A. Matching pairs B. Sliders C. Variation of Tangram puzzles D. Variation of jigsaw puzzles - putting pieces together to create an inventory item E. Putting books in correct order by picture and symbol G. Paint a picture H. Sequencing puzzles I. Placing items in correct locations.

EXTRA GOODIES: Bonus Section - wallpapers, music, extra games. Strategy Guide. An ugly raven helper used three times in the demo. I wanted him to fly away and allow me to play the game myself. Collect 56 shamrocks - 50 allow you to play Tic-tac-toe with your pet raven. Seriously dev? There are 8 achievements. Collect coins to purchase 8 items for a "Raven Room."

COMMENTS: My favorite series has been destroyed by this new dev. This is inferior to the previous games in this series. It is a slow moving game furthered by the addition of the helper. The storyline is confusing, rambling and disjointed The HOP scenes are repetitious. The puzzles were decent however I found the whole game boring, tedious, and poorly constructed!


 posted in Revived Legends: Titan's Revenge Collector's Edition on Jan 2, 15 2:02 PM
Valdy wrote:

When the developers made this game, I am sure they didn't know when the game would finally be released, so it's not their fault that this type of game has been released here just after Christmas.

No truer words said, my dear Valdy. As she states, BF purchases these games and makes the decision when to release them. Christianity did not exist during the classic Greek period - so of course they worshiped different gods. And again, the game is not about religious conversion - it is about a culture and giving a few factoids about that culture.

Geesh I went to a Catholic school (like slave drivers they were - LOL) and we studied the varying cultures and religions of the world. "Open mindedness and acceptance of differing cultures" are virtues which I aspire to. I, for one, have a thirst to learn as much as possible about all subjects.

However, again it must be said - if you don't like a game for whatever reason - just don't purchase it. And it must be stated, sadly, I am finding fewer games to purchase on this site lately . And for me, it is not about the game themes, it is about the quality of the content and construction of the games.

BTW- this is not meant to insult BF. BF is just an agent which purchases these games. They cannot purchase what is not available to purchase. To me, the quality of the games from the major devs has been spiraling downward.

Sad to say, if Saturday's game (which I am certain some will like) is like the demo, I will be left with nothing to play this week. I am also sad to see the deterioration of one of my favorite game series as well.

However, I am "sunnyingly "(is that a word? - I made it up) hopeful that 2015 will see some better games on this site. My 2015 wish is for better games from BF and getting rid of the dreaded "cutesy" and not so cutesy helpers! LOL
 posted in Revived Legends: Titan's Revenge Collector's Edition on Jan 2, 15 7:48 AM
Nancy Susan wrote:

A few points: devs., a morphing object is one that morphs -- it doesn't just sit there.

What morphing objects? I missed those. I played it half asleep in less than perfect conditions (after watching The awesome Ohio State beat Alabama - yeah) to confirm my beta notes - but I don't remember seeing any. And guess what? In some spots the beta was BETTER (EMPHASIS) than this final product. Go figure! Anyway, on my review - add that there are morphing objects.

I agree with you Nancy Susan - a very lame game and I know Blamster - you can do a better job. You have had some EXCELLENT (EMPHASIS LOL) games in the past! Now - go to it and do it - better next time!
 posted in Revived Legends: Titan's Revenge Collector's Edition on Jan 1, 15 11:23 PM

In another "ground breaking" and "earth shattering" game by Blamster, you find yourself in Greece stuck in the aftermath of an earthquake. Searching for the Amulet of Time in the Parthenon, a group of archaeologists have unleashed a monster Titan, Demos, who is out for revenge against the Olympic gods for imprisoning him. As a punishment for defying the gods, he was bound up for eternity and the Parthenon was built over him. Although looking for some R&R, you, as a detective, will find little rest or relaxation in saving Mount Olympus. Meeting up with this Titan will turn everyone's heart to stone (and the rest of them as well). Through the centuries, the gods have become weak so stopping Demos from destroying Olympus and the gods will be a Herculean task!

LEVELS: 4. Casual, Advanced, Hardcore (ALL contain sparkles and varying amounts of hints and skip times) CUSTOMIZED

GRAPHICS: Realistic characters with mouth movement. Some of the graphics were slightly grainy on my computer.

INVENTORY: NOT puzzle-like nor interactive . It is lockable.

HOP SCENES: NOT puzzle-like but somewhat interactive. Junk piles and searching for a specific number of a particular item. (In the beta you weighed the fruit. This was far more exciting than just looking for a specific number of fruit) Match 3 game is offered instead of the HOP scene.

PUZZLES: The ones I encountered in the demo: A. Tile puzzles - sliders and matching B. Variations of jigsaw puzzles: B. Storybook sequencing - locate items in sequence to further the story; C. Colored chip game in which you must beat the computer in having the most colored chips D. Calibrating settings to hit objects E. Maze - avoiding pitfalls to leave the maze

EXTRA GOODIES: 16 Achievements. 21 statues of the gods to collect, Interactive map with active areas indicated No morphing objects

COMMENTS: To me this game is boring and does not reach the halls of Olympus as a CE game.The back-and-forth time travel was irritating to me. It was fun to see the Parthenon construct and deconstruct going back and forth through time. However, the game adds another inspired use for duct tape to my list (actually I have done this) - picking up broken glass or any small object!

 posted in Revived Legends: Titan's Revenge Collector's Edition on Jan 1, 15 12:40 PM
twinsoniclab wrote:

I can't take the giggling and joking (they try way too hard) around on The Pond, and only want a list of upcoming games. So, I get my information from one of several sites online where someone else was kind enough to watch the video and post the information.

I always heard that all caps was screaming. A few words in caps is for emphasis, but all caps is a post I won't bother to read. It bugs my eyes!

Thanks twinsoniclab - one of our awesome reviewers! I was under the same info as all of you who have chimed in. However, I was "informed " by a computer "expert" that all caps was alright if you wanted to emphasize facts. I will note this. Sorry if I offended anyone. I will refrain from caps from now on on this site. Sorry I started another tempest in a teacup.

Personally I like the infomercials. Yep- they do clown around quite a bit - but I guess I like the humor on the site. Now - no offense, but Carlos really needs to read a few issues of GQ LOL. Let's put it this way - I wouldn't want to be seen internationally wearing a red "pizza" t-shirt. Anyway, thanks for chiming in twinsoniclab.
 posted in Revived Legends: Titan's Revenge Collector's Edition on Jan 1, 15 11:44 AM
Scottie 12 wrote:

I am intrigued and puzzled! Sunnyglow, how do you know what Saturday's game will be?

NOT SCREAMING JUST EMPHASIZING MY POINTS HERE ABOUT FUTURE GAMES AND BF GAME SITES ON FACEBOOK AND GOOGLE PLUS: LOL. Not everything in CAPS is screaming - just a matter of opinion. I am always polite to MOST people.

Anyway - Scotty - go to Facebook or Google plus and access the BF site. There are now two programs - "Jessica's Playlist" and newly designed "The Pond" which give you that information. Hope that helps you or anyone else who wants to know the games available for the week. Need to go now. Sorry if I offended anyone by CAPS. None was intended. Some of us receive beta copies of games to test and survey. I have received quite a few lately. I see you are new to the site. They will probably be sending you some in the future to beta test as well.

It is a GREAT (MORE CAPS AND SCREAMING LOL ) INFOMERCIAL which also tells you more about what other things are going on with BF. However - You can't always go by the info because they pull games from time-to-time. I will pm you as well.

I think Jessica and Carlos do a nice job as well. If they read this - good job guys! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK (GEE MORE SCREAMING!) lol (a little giggle)
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shagwendy wrote:

But I don't want to play something that's assuming those gods are real and here now, especially at Christmastime. I'm not a religious prude type person but this just hits me wrong. I know it's just a game, and everyone has their own beliefs, but I'm sure there will be plenty of others who understand what I'm trying to say. And if it gets stellar reviews I might even try it, I just wish the storyline was a little bit different.

Oh boy - here I go again defending BF. I grew up in a religious family (Catholic) with a very religious mother and attended parochial school. I can see your perspective - believe me! Sometimes I think my "saintly" mother lives at the local church. LOL However, that being said, please realize that this company is a business. BF is a "family" gaming site - not a "religious" gaming site. I would follow one simple rule - if you don't like a game - don't purchase it! The non-purchase of games speaks volumes to the companies which provide them.

BF sells games throughout the world to meet most people's tastes. If there one one thing BF does well - it is in providing games to suit about everyone. Look at yesterday's Match-3 offering. I don't think it was a big seller for BF. Geesh! However, there are those who love this type of game and it made them happy!

BF sent me today's game to beta test. I have not demoed it yet. However, if it is like the beta, I thought it to be an okay game - not terrific, but okay. My review will be posted tomorrow. Just too much going on today to play the demo . Sorry - but I did not see it as promoting god and goddess worship. It is a nice game which seems to provide a few factoids about classical Greece.

However, I can SO TOTALLY UNDERSTAND YOUR FRUSTRATION WITH BF GAMES. BTW - if you think this game is lame - wait until you see Saturday's offering. It is one of the worst games I have ever played. I beta tested the game slated for Saturday. One of my favorite series has been farmed out to another developer - and that may not be a good thing! But, knowing BF, they will probably pull the game last minute due to technical difficulties. LOL Actually - that might not be a bad thing!

 posted in Clover Tale: The Magic Valley on Dec 31, 14 7:59 AM
Thanks! xxybcc. So few of us Buckeyes on this site. And BTW - cbtx if you happen to read this - so sorry about TCU! LOL Didn't bet on this game! It is one thing to bet on a game with the third world team from Michigan against The (very awesome) Ohio State and another to bet against the #1 team in the nation - (at least until OSU meets them)! Yeah - right!

To keep on the subject of this particular game - again I HATE MATCH 3 games and this is a Match 3 game. But at least the promo had an elf with "blue" hair instead of of ketchup "red" hair. Maybe in the future we can see "rainbow" or "avocado" colored hair. Geesh!

Angelfish106 you are truly an angel and thanks for providing some humor on this site!
 posted in Clover Tale: The Magic Valley on Dec 31, 14 6:38 AM
angelfish106 wrote:

bfgFlounder wrote:Who doesn't like Match-3 games?

I don't!

Hey - my sentiments exactly! LOL And we have had SO MANY lately. Must be cleaning out their closet for 2015. Hey - BF - Just thought - How about a NO MATCH 3 DAY? Huh?

Anyway - an early Happy New Year "ya - all" - fishies! Getting my "sugah" on and "mojo" up New Orleans style - Go OSU! Well - a least make an effort. We are gonna need some old time Hoodoo spells against 'Bama!' LOL
Merry Christmas to all fishies at BF! I love games by the Pixies and can't wait to play this one. Everyone enjoy the season - just not too much LOL. Returning presents and reviews next year!
 posted in Fill And Cross Christmas Riddles on Dec 22, 14 12:33 PM
Hi BF:

Geesh - I LOVE BF but this just isn't my week. However, I hate to be that little "snarky" girl again especially after taking on Jessica's list this week.

However - this game will not load and it is NOT my computer. Hate to tell you that. I am fairly certain as I have 2 computer gurus here with me right now laughing at me. Unlike poor "moi" who is laughably ignorant on all aspects of computers - they are brilliant. One is a high and mighty MIT grad - so arrogant and snooty is he! He is our Pet Nerd. LOL The other is more brilliant even though he went to a third rate university. Come to think about it - what does he know? Why do we all have that opinion of him? Darned if I know. I guess he just told us he was brilliant, come to think about it.

Anyway, they seem to think it is on YOUR end, so I will take their word for it. I receive an error message and it froze up. Needs to be fixed and that is all I know.

Anyway, IT IS ON YOUR END. So - FIX IT! LOL I so wanted to play this game being addicted to these Nonograms! Sorry to be so negative lately. BF is still my favorite game supplier.

 posted in Delicious: Emily's New Beginning Collector's Edition on Dec 21, 14 6:48 PM
TIrama Sue wrote:

Elephant Games is not the developer of Love Chronicles. As for not wanting to release two CE's by the same developer in the same week, last week both CE's were by ERS.

Not having a sense of entitlement, I don't need to be reminded that a business exists to make money.

Someone let me know this was posted. You are so correct. It was Vendal games and my apologies to the dev. Vendal and Elephant are both excellent devs. I am not "entitled" either. However, unlike most Millies, I actually WORK (and very hard too with annoying coworker drones) and had to pay for my college education through coops and an internship. No entitlement here either! However, wouldn't it be nice to be entitled? In my next life I want to be royalty! LOL

However, I think you learn a great deal more about the value of a dollar through working. My parents made me work since I was 12 - babysitting (YUK), ice cream store (YUMMY), Victoria's Secret (well at least I got major discounts on the clothes LOL) and then college coops in engineering. BTW - they pay very well if you know someone who is looking into the engineering field - So nice and employable!! LOL

Have a nice Christmas, TIrama Sue. Sorry I got it wrong but even me, your average budding genius (just kidding) have brain spasms!!
 posted in Delicious: Emily's New Beginning Collector's Edition on Dec 20, 14 7:34 PM
Valdy - so nicely stated! Thank you for entering the fray. BTW - some of us miss your reviews as well.

I have stayed on this site tonight which I normally never do (folks - it is Saturday night! However, Christmas requires cookie baking, visiting relatives and wrapping presents LOL) because, like Valdy, I feel it is an important issue. If BF is going to offer an infomercial, it needs to be professional and provide "correct" information. This is the second time this month a game has been pulled from a weekly release date.

Okay - let's continue the Gummy Bear Wars. Personally, I want to throw blue (not pink or purple) gummy bears!


It is very simple to me. To appear professional and not lose the BF audience for Jessica's awesome presence (We know it is not your fault, Jessica), here is what some of us ask:

First - all games should be reviewed and finalized to appear on the site BEFORE the video is produced by Jessica. If a game is having technical problems - it should not even be considered to be offered that week.

Second - If BF can provide correct information as to what games will be offered for the week - then either cancel the program or state that the games "may be" offered.

Third - I get the sneaky fishy feeling (like a spidey feeling) that there is more behind this than the fact that the game "is not ready for production." It may be they want to hold it to maximize their profits because it is a great game or they may feel that having two Elephant games back-to-back may not be a good thing profit-wise. Always remember - BF is in it to win it financially. They are going to do whatever is necessary to maximize profits!
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