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 posted in Northern Tale on May 16, 14 4:35 PM
1) no click for 30 seconds

2) warehouse stocked to max (30 gold, 30 food, 30 wood) all at same time

3) 3 minutes without using a bonus

4) Find all Hamsters (3 usually gets it)

5) Click an achievement

6) Find Thor's Hammer

In playing untimed mode, these were the 6 "secret achievements"
 posted in Northern Tale on May 16, 14 7:54 AM
Losing a level in normal or multi-click mode is easily gotten. However, in untimed mode, there is still a 6th secret achievement, but you can not "lose" in relaxed mode so any ideas as to what it may be?
 posted in Farm Girl at the Nile on May 2, 14 4:36 PM
wow. with all the reviews of things that needed to be corrected and this game been out for 2 years and they are still there? Are you kidding me?
 posted in Farm Girl at the Nile on May 2, 14 4:35 PM
I have almost finished the game on easy even though 'easy' is what I would call it. I have enjoyed playing it even if some things have highly annoyed me. I am in agreement that the times are off. No matter what you do, some levels are impossible to complete in gold time or even bronze time for that matter. The storehouse isn't big enough to hold 40 books required for 20 encyclopedias let alone a binder so you can at least make one while waiting for the camel to return. Only thing upgrading camel does is allow it to carry more items, it doesn't increase it's speed on least not that I have noticed. Having to go back and replay several levels to make 1200 to 1400 for a machine only to find out I need another 1200+ for another machine. We have no way of knowing how much money completing a level will give us for shop so it is play over and over until you get whatever it is that you need. We don't know how long we have for gold without watching when it turns and sometimes can be so busy clicking products that you miss it to know how much you missed gold by. We buy the required upgrade for lvl 2 or even lvl 3 but are not given the option to use them so why were they required in the first place? I highly recommend that developers play their own game and see if they can beat the times they have set. Didn't seem like processing times were taken into consideration. Like the level for 20 or 30 honey cakes. You have to make all 20 or 30 cakes and then convert building into confectionary to start making honey cakes. Even being able to make 3 at a time, I still didn't get gold. Maybe I am just too slow of a clicker, but usually with games similar to this, I eventually figure out the right strategy to make gold. To be fair to game, I will play again in normal mode and see how that is.
 posted in Virtual Families 2 on Apr 22, 13 6:55 AM
barbiecats2000 wrote:
My Dad decided to vacuum the grass outside. Maybe he thought it was a leaf blower. LOL

True story (I kid you not). My husband and brother-in-law got together one night and reminiscing about some of the parties they had in high school. Well after one particular party, the yard was a name it was on the ground. The two of them were out there picking up the big stuff and started picking up smaller things. One of them had the "brilliant idea" of grabbing the shop vac and started "vacuuming" the yard. A neighbor of theirs who also was at party came over to help clean up. (great neighbor)...He thought vacuuming the yard was the best idea ever and proceeding to let a whoop and a holler every time he sucked up a chip or other debris. By the time they were done telling this story....I was in stitches. I thought they were making this up, but their mom told me it was very true.
So yes, in times of dire messes...vacuum the grass
 posted in My Farm Life on Nov 12, 12 8:11 PM
Has anyone tried playing both casual and expert mode in one day..I know it sounds nuts to even attempt to play 100 episodes in 24 hours, but just curious if that is why those that have played one or the other modes and not gotten award.
 posted in Farm Fables on Jul 26, 12 2:32 PM
I thought the "beans" referred to the bamboo since they look similar to a green bean. But maybe I'm incorrect on that.
 posted in My Farm Life on Sep 30, 11 8:18 PM
the timer stops when you go into the shop, click on move button and in delete mode. So you can take all the time you need. hope that helps
 posted in Chicken Chase on Aug 25, 11 9:54 AM
Holy Chickens "red ones" don't drop red gems....they turn grown magic chickens "blue ones" into red gems. hope that helps.
 posted in Youda Survivor on Dec 10, 10 8:29 AM
The levels marked with a red question mark usually indicates a level where a tribal mark will be given after completion of that level. Further on, the items you have gotten are 'upgraded'. For example the tribal boots later become more colorful.
 posted in Ranch Rush on Jul 11, 08 6:10 AM
The best advice I can give is to go to gamezebo and look at some screen shots of other players' farm layouts. If you are running all over the place, and not getting things completed in time, it may be that you need a more effecient farm layout.
Keep in mind that by week five, you should have 2-3 cows, 2 sheep, 5-6 beehives, 2 ketchup machines, 1-2 jam machines. On week 7, I added a bread machine and 3 ostriches. By the time I got to friday week 8, I had a second bread machine.

Once I got a better layout, I have been able to finish with a minute and a half to 2 minutes to spare. I spend that time restocking the machines, feeding the animals, and replanting. At the 30 second warning, I take my last produce to the barn.

Another tip I read somewhere was that you can overfeed your cows and sheep. Once your milk/cheese/wool quota is met, wait to feed them until everything else is done and then you can start stocking for the next day. They make a lot of noise, but they don't die either. The only animal you can't overfeed is your ostriches.

Another thing is make sure Sarah's hands are always full. She can carry 3 items at a time. One of my mistakes (I can be so blonde sometimes) when I first started playing is I thought everything had to have a crate. Found out later that honey, milk, wool, and eggs do not so I was wasting a lot of time.

Also you can't just work on one thing at a time. It doesn't work. Gotta do a mixture of harvesting and stocking machines and taking finished produce to the barn.

There's also an excellent walkthrough that margieb wrote on gamezebo as well.

Hope this helps....
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