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 posted in Christmas Wonderland 7 on Oct 24, 17 5:11 PM
hi gang, just thought i put here my dissappointment of the game i was looking for, i have already my collection from christmas wonderland 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7 now christmas wonderland 8 should have been out its not out and nowhere to be found. so doesn't seem like its gonna be out this year that was pretty dissappointing to me about it i was eager to get it and play that by christmas. not sure if others are looking for it too oh well
 posted in Halloween: Trick or Treat on Oct 24, 17 3:43 PM
hi all i was looking for halloween trick or treat 3 since i have halloween trick or treat pirates curse and halloween trick or treat #2 and now i am looking for halloween trick or treat #3 was or should have been out already by then, i finished playing trick or treat 2 and at end of it said see you in halloween trick or treat 3 i thought oh ok ok, feeling very dissappointed its not out i searched and same with other games too dont know if its not gonna be coming out this year due to some reason
 posted in Ruby Maze Adventure 2 on May 25, 17 12:31 PM
I am looking for two new games one was Christmas wonderland 8 and other one was Halloween trick or treat 3 that isn't even out neither one I had game credits that I wanted to use to get these two games, I am like WHAT they tell me that the developers weren't on it or something and Halloween trick or treat 3 was suppose to have already been out since October of 2016 that is what I was told and still not out now its almost june something is holding it up on both of these games and keeps the wait for so long, I really would like to use my credits on these two games before they expire whoever at big fish sees this post here I hope they respond and let me know asap about the games I want
 posted in Dream Chronicles on Aug 29, 11 4:57 PM
hey all ok here is one question it sounds like there is a secret,,, but i played all dream chronicles and i love it i just love these games series now i am looking for the 6th installment since i played the 5th one when is the new one coming out anyone know...... i sensed that the story isnt over yet and lyra and family are still seperated by lilith the fairy queen of dreams so i cant seem to wait for that new game it seems like an eternity here hehe
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