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 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 21, 16 7:27 PM
sozawa wrote:Still unable to install the update. I sign in to my account and it shows the game in the queue as "Waiting to Activate," which seems wrong since I already have the game. Then I get Error 208 and automatically logged off.

I filed an online report but Big Fish Tech Support has not responded.

Is anyone else still experiencing issues accessing the update? Or having the game disappear from the manager?

So frustrating.

Yes I'm having the same issue but here's the kicker I can open the game and play. See if you can open the game. I'm baffled by it.
 posted in Monument Builders: Alcatraz on Jun 24, 14 10:14 AM
Hi Blueelizado and Starchild6 Apparently with this one the gems aren't hidden but you can purchase them when the little menu comes up for you to choose which power up you want you'll see the purchase button just click that and it will give you three choices of how many gems you want to buy. I thought I was missing something as well and then I just happened to glance up when I choosing my power up and saw purchase when I clicked it I had that moment so that's all you need to do and I kinda like being able to purchase them that way you've always got some. Hope this helps. Have fun !
 posted in Build-a-Lot: Mysteries 2 on Jun 18, 14 1:47 PM
Holy Catfish !! Another Build-a-Lot Mysteries ! I'm with cbtx on this one what a great surprise ! I love that someone has finally given us a creepy building game I loved the first one and I'm loving this one it was an instant buy for me and let me tell you I'm having a blast.

I usually try and get the gold but with these I don't even care I just keep playing gold or not because they are so much fun and some of the quirky stuff they have going on is a complete hoot and these family members your employer has well let me just say they are in a class all by themselves and it's no wonder they have trouble getting folks to stay around and work with them but hey I love all things spooky so I'm a prime and willing candidate !

The graphics are really nice and the sound effects are so cool and fitting for each neighborhood everything just falls into place like it should. Give the demo a try it's so fun and wait until you meet cousin Rose and her so called dead brother Sebastian they have a rare blood disease so you may want to wear a turtle neck just in case they vant to suck your blood. Give the demo a try it's so worthy of that. Thanks dev's and give us more and thanks Big Fish ! Have fun everybody !
 posted in Sky High Farm on May 19, 14 4:28 AM
Good morning everyone Well I really hate to be Miss Nasty first thing in the morning but here goes this comment isn't in any way directed at Big Fish games whatsoever but at this developer. This developer has made it to the number one spot of my "never demo another one of your games list" and here is the reason why. This is the same developer of the games Jo's Organic Coffee 2 and Kingdom's Heyday granted both tech threads for both games especially Jo's had many tech. issues myself included my issue with both games was when I tried to launch both games all I got was a black screen I could hear the music for both games but couldn't see the game so I posted in both tech threads, but I also got a message from the developer asking me to send a log file of each game which I gladly provided for them long story short I never heard anything from them so I e-mailed the developer letting them know, then I got an e-mail back from the developer saying thank you for the interest in our games and I was like what the ..... so I sent another one letting them know that was no way to treat a customer then I get another with an apology and asking to send another log file for the games so I went back re-downloaded the games and sent the files, around the Christmas holiday's I get another e-mail from this developer asking for the same log files again apparently something happened with the others so again I re-downloaded both games and sent the files and guess what I haven't heard anything from this developer on either game saying they have fixed it or that the problem was my computer or even to say sorry we are still working on this issue and I'm sure they had plenty of time to do one or the other but yet I still haven't heard anything and yes I still have the same issues with both games I have recently tried them again to see if maybe there has been a fix. I'm sorry but when someone has problems with your product and YOU ask them for help and they help you out the least you can do is let them know what the issue is but apparently this developer doesn't really care and what a shame I really liked this developer because they always did such nice time management and match 3 games but due to this I will NEVER even demo another one of this developer's games nor will I recommend your games to anyone else so not only did this cost you a fan you lost a loyal customer because you really shouldn't treat people like that if you want to keep their business.
 posted in Grim Facade: A Wealth of Betrayal Collector's Edition on Apr 24, 14 5:55 AM
Good morning everyone ! Well this is gonna be a shocker but I have to agree with the other reviews. I've become somewhat burnt out on this genre but there are the occasional dev's I will always demo. I could barely make it through the demo. I don't know what has happened to this dev. but as of late their games have been on a serious downward spiral.

The graphics are still rather good but why on earth this dev. has stopped the syncing with the voice's and mouth is beyond me and a major downfall. The story isn't much of a story at all. I found myself constantly hitting the hint button just to get through the demo and the game itself just seemed to be thrown together. I was really hoping this dev. would listen to people and make changes but sadly they have not and instead of moving forward they are constantly moving backwards. Sorry ERS but you really need to get your head back in the game because there is more to creating a good game than just pretty graphics because they will only take you so far.
 posted in The Beardless Wizard on Apr 23, 14 11:37 AM
PSSSST Hi ! Valdy Holy Catfish ! There's nothing like the smell of magic in the morning ! Absolutely love this game ! As the apprentice of a wizard it's now your mission to go and find him after being wizardnapped right before your very eyes by the big bad geekbot ! You set out on the journey of a lifetime meeting all kinds of characters and helping them with task so in return they will come along with you or at least offer some kind of help for you on your adventure... and so it begins.

Love the graphics on this one the dark but very bold colors and this is a bit different from most of the builders we are use to this one offers different and new twist it's more than just picking up a hammer and whacking stuff this one offers different challenges to it that break up the usual running around building stuff and it makes it seem more of an adventure and what was that I heard why absolutely nothing nobody is saying I'm on my way or I'll get it done. All you hear is the soft swishing of your wand and an axe or two but you still get the cute dancing at the end which I love and I still love those that let you know they are on their way.

With this one you can switch between characters you get to be the wizard, a golem, a dragon and a ghost how cool is that and you also have the ability to improve each characters skills at the "wizards nook" which will help you complete your goals better. There are also alternative levels or bonus levels you can play as well.

Yes there is a timer but you can continue after the timer runs out and you can always replay the level if you don't achieve the gold the first time around. There are also artifacts to collect and achievements to be awarded. I really like this game it offers some new and different things from the usual builders. The story is really cute the graphics are excellent and the game is just plain fun and it definitely offers a challenge and you may need to do some planning on some levels.

Without a doubt this was an instant buy for me not only because this is my all time favorite genre but because the game is just really cool and lots of fun. So whip out your wand and go make some magic so you can save your mentor. Give the demo a try it's so worth it. Thank you dev's and by the way you never disappoint with these games so keep bringing them to us and thank you Big Fish ! Now where did I put that wand ahhh, there it is....well gotta go and make some magic happen ! Have fun everybody !
 posted in Redemption Cemetery: Bitter Frost Collector's Edition on Dec 27, 13 3:35 PM
clk017 wrote:gmac1007 -- You have 'hit the nail on the head' with your comments. When I read your comments, I said "My sentiments exactly". I agree with everything that you said. I love this developer's games and expect to see (or not see) certain things when I play their beautiful games. Although I did purchase the CE version of this game, I feel, for the first time with ERS, that maybe the SE would've been a better choice for me. There was very little challenge in the bonus gameplay-- as if the developer just threw something together to end the game. I hope all fishies had a nice Christmas and will enjoy a Happy New Year.

Hi clk017 yeah I was really disappointed with this offering from ERS and really wish I had waited and got the se version because clearly this one isn't worth the ce. I don't know what's going with this developer as of late but lately their games are just not up to snuff they are seriously lacking and this one was the worst. It's just all over the place and the voices and mouth's not being in sync was a huge let down and nothing but laziness on this dev's behalf. They need to get their act together and get back on top of their game because this offering is proof of that and it's not even the game we were promised for Christmas just a huge let down all the way around from this developer what a shame. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !
 posted in Redemption Cemetery: Bitter Frost Collector's Edition on Dec 26, 13 9:38 AM
Good morning and Merry Christmas everyone ! Well this is gonna be a shocker to some but here goes. I'm a huge ERS fan but I must say I'm very disappointed with this offering because this is clearly not the Christmas game I was hoping we would receive what happened to Christmas Eve : The Secret Of Pandora formally known as Christmas Eve : The Miracle Of Snow Hill that was a true Christmas game and it would have been your first and a real chance to shine because I played the beta and it was great, but nevertheless this one is Christmas themed but not the typical Redemption Cemetery we're use to. Graphics are gorgeous as always but what the heck is going on with the voices and mouth's not being in sync come on ERS that's just being lazy your games always have the voices and mouths in sync with each other, so on that note that's a huge disappointment and not cool. Also the snow witch's voice is just to over the top and so is great grandma's and they do sound a little bit alike or at least that's what it sounded like to me.

I love animals but really enough is enough with all the animal stuff it's getting to the point of just overkill you gotta stop with the animal thing it's driving me bonker's here come on just stop already with the animals please ! The hos are interactive and very pretty and there is a little something different going on with some of them. The story itself is not the usual gripping grab me by the throat story like you can do. Overall the game is good it's seriously lacking in some parts and some of it just doesn't seem to jive with other parts it's seems to be a little bit all over the place, I don't know if you were rushed or what but some of it just doesn't jive well.

I still love ERS but lately you have been lacking with your games and the whole animal thing has got to go please listen to what people are telling you and give us the bone chilling, in your face, what's around the next corner, don't look under the bed type of game that your so good at. All in all the game is very pretty and I did like it, didn't love it but I like it and I'll probably get it just to see what happens but seriously ERS you have got to get back on top of your game here and trust me I'm a huge fan and I really hate having to give you such negative feedback but as of late there has been some major slippage with your games so get it together and get back in the game. Give the demo a try it's worth that. Have fun everybody and Merry Christmas !
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Three on Dec 23, 13 1:18 AM
Good morning and Merry Christmas ! I agree with everything govegril said ! I hate this is the last one this has been an amazing series each one better than the last and I do hope this wonderful developer has something similar in mind to replace this fun and amazing series. I love playing on the relax mode because I love to do all the extra exploring and find all the hidden goodies which can be found in the bushes, caves and just about anywhere. Run your mouse over everything if there is something you can cut down it will highlight green and your able to chop away and you may find gold, food, or journal entries and then sometimes nothing but all in all this is one awesome game and I hate to see it end. So please dev's give us something else to take the place of this series because without you we don't see many games like this or the builder's come along so we need you to keep giving them to us. Give the demo a try it's so worth it. Have fun everybody and Merry Christmas !
 posted in Jo's Dream Organic Coffee 2 on Dec 6, 13 9:32 AM
Wow what are the odds of this happening, okay second game this week by the very same developer first game was Kingdom's Hey Day now this one Jo's Dream 2 and it's the very same issue with both games when I click play the game acts like it's gonna play but all I get is a black screen again ! I can hear the music in the background just like with Hey Day the little icon appears in the task bar but no game just blank black screen. Come on dev's I've never had any issues with your games until these two and it's just my luck they are both released in the same week within a few days of each other and to top it off they are both my favorite genre which come few and far between so what are the odds of this happening twice in one week. I have the first Jo's Dream and it plays like a dream as I said I've never had ANY ISSUES with your games until these two. I have nearly all of your games your one of my favorite time management game dev's I uninstalled and reinstalled both games making sure to clear out all old keys and everything with a complete cleaning and defrag also I just updated my NVIDIA drivers on the night Hey Day was released so all my drivers graphics and video cards are up to date. Any help would be appreciated come on dev's don't start slipping on me now your way to good for this.
 posted in Kingdom's Heyday on Dec 4, 13 9:11 AM
I'm having the same issues download game and when I click play the little icon pops up in the task bar. I can hear the music playing but no game the screen is black. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling still the same thing all my drivers, graphics card etc. have recently been updated. This is the first time I've ever encountered a problem with this developer's game all their games always play on my computer so this is a first for me. any help would be appreciated.
 posted in Web of Deceit: Deadly Sands Collector's Edition on Sep 21, 13 2:35 AM
Although I didn't have any of the tech. problems anyone else had I just really didn't like this one nor did I like the first one so I had to ask myself why did they even bother to do a sequel and this one is even worse. Poor acting that is really bad on every level just a mind numbing experience all the way around clunky and no real story line to pull you in the most fun I had was collecting the postcard things and that didn't last very long either. Sorry dev's I appreciate your effort and I'm sure you worked really hard on this one but please don't bring Morgana back and if you do don't do it with real actors they just don't work for these types of games. The graphics are just okay lots of browns and greens and sandy colors and way too much sand and to much tinkering going on with this one I'm not Mr. Tinkertrain and the puzzles made me scream and use words they haven't even come up with yet so I think I'm going write a new dictionary tonight for these new words I came up with. This is just my personal opinion on the game so please don't let it discourage you in any way give the demo a try it's worth that. Have fun everybody.
Hi ERS and WELCOME BACK you have been missed and thanks for dropping in I'm loving this game and I love how you can set the hint and skip button to recharge very nice touch. I haven't played a lot of the game but so far it's great I love ERS'S sense of humor in all of your games you guys really know how to make me laugh and get my attention especially with the new Haunted Halls that's due to come out I laughed through the whole beta and my goodness is that game ever gorgeous and what a twisted sense of humor you have and I mean that in a good way, it may be your best Haunted Halls yet I'm looking so forward to that one coming and so far Twilight is everything a awesome game should be but then again ERS did make the game so that's to be expected. Gorgeous graphics fun game play precious critters to dress and love and let's not forget a little twisted sense of humor around every corner along with some mystery. Now if you'll excuse me I think I hear my little raccoon calling me so I must go attend to his needs. Thank you ERS you guys are simply the best ! Thanks again for stopping by and keep up the great work and don't stay away so long please.
 posted in When In Rome on Aug 19, 13 6:10 AM
Good morning everyone Well slap me down and call me Happy, Happy, Happy ! Finally a decent game it's about time ! This week we are helping the Romans again if it's not the Vikings it's the Roman's and I have no problem with either one because these games are my all time favorite and I will buy and play each and every one of them as long as they keep them coming and I've been too long now without a decent game to play so this was an instant buy for me.

As with all builders you are gathering resources, building different buildings, clearing debris and making deals at the market. This one has three modes of play normal, relaxed, and hard and even if you play on normal you can continue your day after the time runs out but the timer is quick on this one or at least it seemed that way to me. There are little pieces of amber gems to collect on each level just look for sparkling areas and that's where you'll find the piece of amber. You get the usual bonuses speed, extra worker, and extra time and you are able to get additional workers as well.

This one is a little bit of thinker so you may want to take a good look at the playing field before you start your day and the timer doesn't start until you click and make the first move so take some time and get yourself a strategy before you let the timer start and even if you don't make the gold you can go back and replay the day until your happy. The graphics are really nice and colorful things are easy to see and the overall look of the game is very pretty. The only thing I have a problem with is you can't click ahead on any of your task unless you have an extra worker so that does slow things down a little but once you get the worker you are able to click so be sure to grab that extra worker.

This is a great and solid builder as always this developer knows what they are doing when it comes to these games and thank god for this developer or we would probably not see too many of these games this is the only dev. that does just the builder games other dev's do as well but they also do other genres this dev. only does these so thank you dev's and please keep them coming ! I'm loving this one so far it's great fun and there are lots of things to do so give the demo a try it's definitely worth it. Thank you dev's for giving us another awesome builder and please keep them coming we love them, and thank you Big Fish ! Have fun everybody !
 posted in Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink Collector's Edition on Aug 10, 13 3:54 AM
Valdy wrote:GMAC... !!

Absolutely adore your reviews. They are the best. Never seen anything like it or anything better.
Hi Valdy Thanks very much and the same goes for you !
 posted in Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink Collector's Edition on Aug 10, 13 3:24 AM
Good morning everyone Shut the front door ! I'm with Lady Valdy on this one I'm loving this game and loving this developer there's one thing for sure this dev. knows how to deliver not only an awesome ce but awesome se's as well last week's Serpent Creek with Mayor McSnake which was totally awesome ! I was fortunate enough to be able to beta test this game and immediately fell in love with it.

The art work is gorgeous as always with this developer the story is really good you've been called in by your friend to help with some nasty going's on and he needs your help. You meet a variety of characters in your adventure some very pleasant and some not so much like the huge robots who by the way are working for the bad guy who I think should be named captain paranoia ! You also have a cool little friend to help you out he can fly and get things that are out of your reach and trust me your gonna need him.

I'm loving the snow since I live in North Carolina and it's muggy and hot as all get out here now so the snow is a pleasant sight for me to see and even when winter comes we don't get a lot of it anyway. There is lots to do in this one and two different type of hos one is frog's which I love and these are really nice everything is easy to find the items are big and then you have the list hos and both hos are interactive very cool and very nicely done. There are cool achievements and mechanical bugs to collect along the way and it seems to be lots of them.

The puzzles so far have been really cool especially the dollhouse one I loved that one and I'm hoping there may be more like that as the game continues. All in all this is a solid and well deserved ce much better than Neardeath on Thursday not all the chit chat and cut scenes and this map DOESN'T NEED TO RE-CHARGE imagine that. and you can travel by it from one area to another. The hint button does take some time to charge but not that long and it does work in and out of the hos. The voice over's are nicely done and Ms. Valdy I'm loving the German accents. You board a Zeppelin sadly Robert Plant and Jimmy Page aren't on board and Stairway To Heaven isn't playing. As I said this is a solid and great ce and it looks AWESOME on my brand new 27 inch BENQ LED gaming monitor I'm loving this ! Give the demo a try it's so worth it. Thank you dev's for an awesome and gorgeous game you guys never disappoint and thank you Big Fish for letting my vacuum have another day off. Have fun everybody !
 posted in Nearwood Collector's Edition on Aug 8, 13 4:20 AM
Robilyn wrote:Ames gmac1007. What a snoozer.Two crappy CE's in two weeks. I hope they get better or I will be saving lots of money.

Hi Robilyn true and this one was just a joke and a bad one at that. Maybe the next one will be better.
 posted in Nearwood Collector's Edition on Aug 8, 13 2:11 AM
Good morning everyone Holy Catfish ! So sorry but I had to get far away from Nearwood. I had high hopes from the opening the art work is simply gorgeous but sadly Nearwood is one huge cut scene with some puzzles and one fragmented scene thrown in but it gets better the so called "map" was the deal breaker for me and here's why I used the map then when I was ready to leave the area I pressed the next area of interest, okay now everybody stay with me on this one ... ahem the map said it needed to re-charge try again later really, at first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me so I tried again and once again I was told the map needed to re-charge and sure enough over to the side is this amulet looking thing charging up now that is a first for me I understand the hint button re-charging but the freaking map are you kidding me with this Mickey Mouse bull.

Why even bother to put an interactive map in a game if it's not give me a break and I don't remember anything in the tutorial telling me the map would need to re-charge after each use only the hint button,and they call this a collector's edition I think not. The best thing this game has going for it is the art work and the cute little furby guys you can collect along the way but the rest of the game is nothing but wasted time on listening and watching your friend Fey chit chat with one cut scene after another. During the demo I earned no achievements so I'm not sure if there are even any in the game by the time the demo ended I was more than ready.

I came across no hos except for the one fragmented scene the rest of the time your listening to what's his face babble on and on like the energizer bunny and jumping from one cut scene to another with a few furby's to collect and mind numbing frustrating puzzles. This is a huge no buy for me not even when the se is released nor when it becomes a DD not even if they were giving it away no thank you. I applaud the dev's for their brilliant art work because it is simply eye popping gorgeous but as far as a game goes this one is not it and it sure doesn't deserve the title collector's edition. Simply put Nearwood was Neardeath for me. Sorry for the harshness but I got to call it like I see it and this one is a joke. However these are my personal feelings about the game so please don't let my personal feelings discourage you from trying the game it really is gorgeous so give the demo a try and see for yourself. Have fun everybody !
 posted in Happy Chef 2 on Aug 6, 13 2:13 AM
Good morning everyone If you cook it they will come so cook It Up ! Gordon Ramsay has Master Chef and Felix has Happy Chef ! What a great surprise this one was. I have the first one and absolutely loved it and I have already purchased this one and what fun this one is. This time you have two characters to choose from and there are two modes of play timed or relaxed. The graphics are really good and the customers are from all walks of life.

This time you travel to Italy, Hawaii, America, and China so there's lots of food to cook and it has some cool power up's as well there is of course your usual of upgrading your recipes, and your interior of the restaurant but this time there are some new ones that are called kitchen aids one will cook your soups, and pastas automatically, one will get any money on the counter and the other will trash any food you burn or waste and the way to get these is with spatula's and you earn the spatula's from the achievements you get.

You have your daily goals to meet which so far haven't been to hard for me to get the gold star but I'm sure it will get much harder as the game progresses. I've only played the Italian restaurant and I did notice that about half way through some of the customers grow a little more impatient so keep an eye out for those and I have lost a couple of them already but was still able to get gold and you can replay the day if you want to.

The game is basically set up like the first one where the people come to the counter and place their order and you cook it up and make them happy ! New things will be added like soup, pasta, extra ingredients like tomatoes, green beans, and mushrooms and some will want these on their pizza and some in the pasta if the order isn't complete you want be able to pick it up the plate until you have the complete order. This time it's your boss that is leaving you in charge while he goes to another place. If you liked the first one you'll like this one. This is one solid time management game with cooking all kinds of goodies. Give the demo a try it's worth it. Thank you dev's job well done hopefully we'll get Happy Chef 3 and thank you Big Fish for once again letting me not play domestic goddess. Have fun everybody.
 posted in Times of Vikings on Aug 5, 13 2:39 AM

Good morning everyone Ahh there's nothing like the smell of hammers, nails, and Vikings on a Monday morning you gotta love it ! We have an excellent builder this morning brought to us by the same dev's that have delivered some awesome match 3 games such as Hello Venice, and The Adventures Of Mary Ann: Lucky Pirates or simply the Squidward team minus Sponge Bob, Patrick and Mr. Krabs. For me this is the first time seeing this team do a builder and let me tell they did an awesome job the graphics are simply gorgeous, the sound effects are cool, the music is cool and the story is cool this time we are traveling through the tree of life collecting magic orb's to help our village so all the worlds we visit are hanging worlds and they are so cool.

I'm loving this one so far and the timer doesn't bother me but come on dev's there are so many people that had rather play in relaxed mode so please, please start giving everyone the option of enjoying your games and start putting a relaxed mode in these games people love them and want to play them but some don't like the clock and that's understandable so please give these folks a chance to have fun as well and I bet you'll see an increase in your not to mention more .

This is basically your typical builder collecting resources, building homes, shops etc. cutting wood, mining gold, collecting rent and paying off the bad guys so you can pass through. Down at the bottom you have your inventory of buildings and homes to choose from and with this one so far I've seen a couple different ones a doll factory and a hat factory there is also a yogurt factory which I haven't got to yet but so far this game is awesome and I'm loving it the characters are really cute also your goals for the day are listed at the top and bottom. Everything about the game is fun and I love the graphics everything is so detailed and colorful and on this one we are traveling by air ship. This is really a cool game and I'm hoping to see more like this from this developer I love their match 3 games and I'm loving this one and they really did a excellent job on it and I'm as happy as a pig in slop this morning these are my all time favorite games I never ever get tired of them. Give the demo a try it's worth it. Thank you Squidward dev's for giving us this awesome builder and thank you Big Fish for giving me an excuse to skip my domestic goddess duties for another day. Have fun everybody !
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