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 posted in Spring in Japan Mosaic Edition on Apr 27, 18 8:53 AM
Only plays in windowed form. Running Win10 with all updates and current drivers. Don't care for the gameplay, either.
 posted in Edge of Reality: Fatal Luck Collector's Edition on Apr 21, 18 4:06 AM
And here we go again... When I click on "widescreen" in the Options, a window comes up, saying: "Wide Fullscreen Mode is not available/supported". One of those.

What decade is this developer living in? I had high hopes for this game, since it's a rare one with a decent colour scheme, but I won't buy a game that I can only play in fullscreen mode on my MSI widescreen laptop (using Win10, 64-bit).

Ditto. Fullscreen is stretched and if you unclick Fullscreen in favor of Widescreen, it goes windowed. I beta tested this game ages ago and I don't see anything about this in my notes. Bad aspect ratio is a big pet peeve of mine, in both gaming and TV, so I would have noticed that. I was really looking forward to buying this game, but not now.

I will really miss our helping each other in the forums. This went a long way in my continuing to maintain my membership. Do the new BFG owners plan on hiring more support staff to handle the problems we used to handle here in the forums or are they going to cut back on that, too? FYI: There is other forum software out there that can maintain better control over the spamming situation BG cannot seem to solve.
I also had trouble with the chip game in the rabbit hut. Got kicked out of game with error message something like "Vector too long." OK... Just skipped it when I went back in since it wasn't much fun anyway.
 posted in Christmas Stories: A Little Prince Collector's Edition on Dec 27, 17 5:55 AM
MLC60 wrote:The best part was the snowman dancing during the credits. I haven't laughed so hard in a while.

I agree about the snowman dancing to the jazz version of "Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella" (which I actually saved, which is rare). That was such fun! I also liked the Bonus game a lot more than the actual game itself. I have a super-fondness for the original "Nutcracker" game (which was brilliant) and the Nutcracker Cats who stole the show. Each year I look forward to the Christmas game and each year I am a little more disappointed. As with most series, they go on too long and get more and more cliche-ridden and less imaginative. This was so far off "Le Petit Prince" (although we do have a Prince, a Rose, and a Fox) it wasn't even amusing. I suppose I have to say it was worth the purchase (had a code from another CE game that would not run so no loss) just for the bonus game, which came close to the fun of the original. So, go through the game, watch the snowman, play the bonus, watch the snowman again, then go read the original book!
 posted in Bad Dream: Coma on Nov 10, 17 1:36 AM
If you like gore and senseless violence, this is the game for you! Otherwise, steer clear. Not your usual BFG game, that's for sure. I was hoping this would be along the lines of Mateus Skutnik's "Daymare Town" -- dark, eerie, odd, but still charming. I'm a big fan. This is not. I played 2 chapters and had more than enough. Contains spiders, worms, crows, blood, but so far, no clowns. You're stuck in a nightmare and things just keep getting worse.

Gameplay and navigation are ok, but could be better or clearer. Music, ok, not overly distracting. Graphics are graphic and simply sketched. Artist has talent, but to my mind, is a little misguided.

I don't recommend this game based on content.
 posted in Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders on Aug 15, 17 8:53 AM
I agree with Charkez64. I lasted 5 min before I had to quit. Re-entered the game and had to replay what I could of the same scene (Insp. Japp) with same herky jerky cursor (Win10 64 bit Creator's Update) accomplishing absolutely nothing. This is not a new game and the gameplay seems even older. Microids, after being taken over by Anuman (aka HdO for those who remember how bad their games were!), has lost quality. Even the esteemed Syberia 1&2 has gotten bad reviews for recently released Syberia 3!

I also like Agatha Christie and this is a no buy for me!

 posted in Leaves: The Journey on Jul 31, 17 12:31 PM
If you've ever played and enjoyed Samarost or Wogger or any game of that ilk, you will probably like Leaves: The Journey. It's a very different atmosphere than the usual HOG or Time Management. Take your time, think, and play with everything. Go back and forth and just enjoy the gameplay.
I usually enjoy Danse Macabre releases. Not so much this time. Irish Step Dancing theme. Not one of their best. Terrible Irish accents. Interesting story, odd gameplay. Probably an SE w/PC. Definitely not worth a CE price, even on sale.
 posted in Glass Masquerade on Jul 4, 17 10:07 AM
I had a cursor hang during the Sweden puzzle. I managed to hit alt+tab to get to the desktop (Win10) and then same to return to the screen and the cursor had freed up. Don't know if this will help others, but it worked for me, at least this one time.

Navigating the map is a little slow, but you can drag it around with your cursor to reach the other countries.
 posted in Glass Masquerade on Jul 4, 17 2:54 AM
Very beautiful game. Lovely graphics, decent gameplay. I love stained glass and puzzles, so these are just awesome. It was an immediate buy after I got through the first 5 puzzles! Some were easier than others, but that's the fun of it.
I like HOPAs, especially if they're intelligent, have good graphics, a good story line, good gameplay, and decent voice actors. M3s are fun, but I don't play them all the time and have a good stock of decent ones. Those also need to be better than average.

I'm retired, I worked all my life since 16 and Time Management games are just too much like work. Forget it.
I also enjoy Elf. He's cute and helpful. It wouldn't be Mystery Trackers without him. Some of the game helpers are fun, but others (like the ones you have to dress up or have irritating voices) are a PITA!
 posted in Rat and Louie: Cook from the Heart on Jan 26, 17 2:34 AM
Clearly a rip-off on Ratatouille. Therefore, won't buy, won't even demo. Shame on you BFG for offering this!
I also had the freeze problem during the marble popper game. Ctrl-alt-del to Task Manager (Windows 10 w/Anniversary Update) to exit. Since there were so many other complaints about the same issue, went back in, played popper game until SKIP recharged and skipped out. Was able to complete the game and enter the Secret Room.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Broken Hour Collector's Edition on Nov 23, 16 12:40 AM
I agree. I beta tested this a while back and I concluded that MCF has been traded too many times to too many different devs. Each time, it goes downhill a little (or a lot) more. It's not even close to being the same MCF flavor as earlier editions. I figure it's ok as a regular game, maybe worth an SE, PC, or DD down the road. It's all so disappointing.
Got as far as the map/calipers puzzle. Managed to sharpen the pencil, but cannot drag and drop it back on the calipers. Checked the Guide, but I hadn't missed anything. Fully exited the game twice and restarted, but still the same glitch.

Using Win10 64bit. Up to date drivers with 8gb ram and 2tb HD. Hopefully they will patch this buggy mess soon!
 posted in Rebuild the European Union on Jul 14, 16 4:05 AM
I was hoping someone else had a wacky sense of humor about this one, too! Very amusing... Oh, and Happy Bastille Day!
 posted in Spring in Japan on Jun 20, 16 3:17 AM
I love Japan, have been there several times, and am predisposed to like games with an Asian flavor. I can also be a bit more critical, too. This is your typical Match 3 with a few twists on the powerups. That's the plus. On the minus side, it's very basic, nothing really special. The graphics are ok, but not great, and the gameplay is fairly boring. The music is several bars of a very repetitive pseudo-Japanese melody that got on my nerves fairly quickly. I also found the woman protagonist's voice somewhat irritating.

The storyline, what there is of it, is rather boring, but you do get a few puzzles/HOs tossed in here and there. They don't seem to do much for the plot, but do break up the monotony. I didn't encounter any bugs or glitches during the demo play. That said, I may buy as a DD or CotW in a year or so if offered. It's not a bad game, just not a pay full price must-have.
 posted in Midnight Calling: Jeronimo Collector's Edition on Jun 12, 16 4:33 AM
Even though I burned out on Midnight Castle a long time ago, I really enjoy the spin-off stand alone Midnight Calling games. I didn't have any technical problems with the demo (Win10 with plenty of RAM, average graphics card). The storyline is interesting and you will recognize some characters from the original Midnight Castle, which I find fun. The graphics are excellent and the puzzles interesting. Voices not great, but not grating, either. Passable, but I'm very picky. I will be buying this in the future, but not today since I have a backlog of games to play.
 posted in Backstreets of the Mind on Jun 2, 16 6:45 AM
Windows 10, all drivers up to date. I'm a techie. Clicked to open, but game didn't show up. Tried again, indicated it was already running. Noticed the icon on my task bar. Closed via that, reopened. Same deal. Checked second monitor, which I usually only use for projects that need 2 monitors (it's an old 17" lcd). There it is. Hmm. That's interesting. Let it run, hit play, cursor was jerky, but still workable. Went to menu and checked Windowed screen, so I could move it back to the big monitor. It closed out halfway there and shot me to the desktop on both monitors. Checked task manager, and it was not running. Used Game Manager to try to go back in, but it indicated my trial time is up. I was curious about the game, but it's not worth the bother. Definitely not a buy for me!
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