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 posted in Royal Envoy 3 Collector's Edition on Sep 26, 14 9:27 PM
thanks so much for the input
 posted in Royal Envoy 3 Collector's Edition on Sep 26, 14 1:23 PM
ah i found it. the well is hiding behind the g;lutton
 posted in Royal Envoy 3 Collector's Edition on Sep 26, 14 1:20 PM
one of the requirements is to have a house. how is this accomplished without a well?
 posted in Royal Envoy 3 Collector's Edition on Sep 25, 14 8:32 PM
i dont see a well in level 112. anyone else have this problem?
 posted in Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas on May 25, 11 2:34 PM
i like hotel mogul my bigest issue is i tend to fly right thru them and swore never to buy one again this one sounds a bit more challenging i must have all gold, except ff and youfda survivor cause thats almost impossibile.ill let u fishes know my verdict i always get all godl except the last level on wonderburg now that bug s me lol
 posted in Youda Survivor 2 on May 10, 11 11:44 PM
same issue as most try and click and suddnely doesnt wanna pick up i wait a bit and eventually it starts clickinh again but this tottally messes uo my medal
 posted in Youda Survivor 2 on May 10, 11 11:38 PM
wow what a difference i bought it right after trial i like it more challengng more differneces more pirates now if i could keep my mouse from freezing up when i have alot of pirates on screen that would be great
 posted in Bistro Boulevard on May 10, 11 11:37 PM
after buying i loved this game even more as he 3rd and 4th level starts a bit more challanging just a side note never sell any of ur starting staff big mistake i made wouldnt mind a sequl to this
 posted in Dragon Keeper on May 10, 11 11:33 PM
ok finished my trial lloved the dragon theme reminds me of another game but i cant rember he name where u only had like 30 days to buy a castle. this is defintely a buy. just need to unlock something to collect all the jewels. nice to know picking up the leave behinds of the beate soldiers tosses u a couple bucks
 posted in Dragon Keeper on May 7, 11 6:57 PM
dragons... all i needed to see to try it but had to read. looks like a game ill enjoy i hope so. ususally my biggest worry is that ill be done right after i buy it which has happened twice which is why i always readforums first now before even trying. hope i love it as much as think i will. im a tm addict so this should go well thanks for the heads up
 posted in Rescue Team on May 7, 11 6:49 PM
its funny i dont like mkfp but every game that has been said to be like it i do like. im trying it now and i have a feeling its gonna be a by based on your reviews thanks guys!
 posted in The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising on Apr 22, 11 10:00 AM
this game is hilarous. i brezed thruogh but the ones at the end give me trouble. it does remind me of royal envoy and i love the worker up grades and the thieves. it is a very fun game that is also based on histroy and that is a little something extra i like enjoy
 posted in Youda Survivor 2 on Apr 22, 11 9:54 AM
OH BOY i have been away for a month or so and here is a sequeal to my fav game! only thing would make me happier is royal envoy 2 thank you thank you. nw to play it
 posted in Bistro Boulevard on Apr 22, 11 9:41 AM
thanks for the reviews i am very much dashed out and the whole goes here then here then here repition now i am dl. i have neglected bigfish cause a social networking site has kept ,me. busyeven let my credits rack up. so happy i check forums now to many times i love a trail onl to find once i buy it theres like 2 levels left thaaks again
 posted in The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising on Apr 1, 11 2:51 PM
royal envoy is a must i eventaully popped for the collectors edition and worth it get the collectors! has a great walkthrough and 40 bonus levels. jack of all tribes is also awesome. although different but similar to ff give youda survivor a shot kept me busy for hours and challenging but great. wonderburg is great. i like fairymaids and fairygodmother but thats for the sense of humor. family fish farm is like ff as well but its challenging so i enjoyed it
 posted in Magic Life on Mar 14, 11 2:05 PM
i myself like life quest except i beat it quickly is the game play as quick or is there more to it so it would take me more then a couple hours to win, im alos a little to anyalytical for my own good on these types of games lol
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Ancient Rome on Feb 11, 11 10:17 AM
very glad i read the reviews. i'm a farm frenzy addict but started to give up wih the ff3 series tooo repetitive. i was very excited when the fish one came out, whole new setting and new twist i found got bore cause for some reason u were still playing after the game conclusion.. but i did like that ff did step out of the box a little
every time i play a ff i itch to buy it right away but get bored so i have learned like a good padawan to read forums first. i enjoyed my trial and i like a challenge i think this'll be a buy the recent glut of time management games has made me very happy i could fill up my card right now but bf told me i have to finish all the games i have before i can purchase more past the monthly credit. off to buy and hope i don't get bored halfway through
 posted in Jack of All Tribes on Jan 27, 11 3:05 AM
this game reminded me me RE and wonder burg. with a hint of fairy maids i love games with cheeky banter and thought this had a great sense of humor with great current pop culture references. i was so disappointed my trial was over. the bonuses are great and the needs/wishes are very entertaining definitely a buy for me. 4.5 out of 5, only cause ican tell ill want more levels and this;ll be a quick game for me. i dont like HOG games but the HOG mini games are easy enough so not to be annoying an =d entertaining
 posted in Project Rescue Africa on Jan 18, 11 7:35 AM
BBB10 wrote:
paula3522 wrote:Cute game but I would have carpal tunnel syndrome all the constant clicking ...... argggggg when are they going to have more games like Royal Envoy!! you don't wear out your tendons on that one!!!

Paula, I just saw your review!!! I agree!! I already HAVE carpal tunnel & found the constant clicking a "huge" turn off!! (See my first post above)

I, too, LOVE Royal Envoy!! I am almost done it & am sad already that I'll be finished it!! It's nice to know another fishie feels the same way I do!!

i love royal envoy i believe i've replayed start to finish expert and bonus at ;east 10 times come one where's a part2!!!!

i do like thisn game to as i said my earlier post i was getting sick pf the sm,aepold same old
 posted in Project Rescue Africa on Jan 18, 11 7:29 AM
i love this game. it really reminds of chicken chase whihc i replay all the time. this game is exactly what the dr ordered something different i bought it right after the trial eventhough it was late. very addictive, simple but at the same time keep ur eyes open and think. only down side is i wish u could buy the upgrades like the farm frenzy games
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