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 posted in Modern Tales: Age of Invention Collector's Edition on Apr 28, 18 5:06 PM
Add my vote to keeping the forums and PM’s active
 posted in Medium Detective: Fright from the Past on Feb 10, 18 3:02 PM
Unable to play, i get the error message: Error: Access violation at 0x00000001 (tried to read from 0x00000001) program terminated. I had to delete game and hopefully when there is a fix, i will try it again.
Try locating all 5 items first then start clicking on them.
 posted in Phantasmat: Mournful Loch Collector's Edition on Apr 13, 17 3:48 PM
code still working 5:47 pm CST
 posted in Ominous Objects: Lumina Camera Collector's Edition on Aug 11, 16 8:53 PM
code still working @ 10:53 CST
 posted in Surface: Lost Tales Collector's Edition on Jun 16, 16 9:50 AM
Thank you for the code RIHope08.. it still works CST 11:49am..
 posted in Mystery Tales: Her Own Eyes Collector's Edition on Feb 18, 16 9:03 PM
I just used it. .still working @ 11:02 PM CST
 posted in Haunted Hotel: The X Collector's Edition on Nov 12, 15 8:01 AM
I just used the code HAUNTED from yesterday. It's a buy 1, get 1 half off sale on CE's. It gave me a discount of $6.99 on second CE.
I actually enjoyed playing the game. It didn't have all the usual bling, bells and whistles but it was a decent length and had the customized option. Thank goodness they didn't have furry little helpers.. I enjoyed the storyline and thought the graphics were great. I ended up buying it despite all the negative comments it received and happy with my decision, especially with the sale. All in all I think the developers did a great job and hopefully next time, they will add some bling. (but please no furry little helpers)
 posted in Haunted Hotel: Phoenix Collector's Edition on Aug 20, 15 8:46 PM
Coupon code "Summer" still working 11:46 pm EST
 posted in Dark Realm: Princess of Ice Collector's Edition on Aug 15, 15 3:55 PM
How do you get the map pieces to rotate?
Thanks Roxy!! Coupon code still working.. used it at 10:52 EST
 posted in Surface: Alone in the Mist Collector's Edition on Jun 6, 15 3:26 PM
_DD_ wrote:I'm tempted to say that I am tired of posters telling others what they may or may not mention.

For some of "us" the info that a game, esp. a CE, is seen as short or long enough -- both opinions just like any other about a game, esp. if they come with an explanatory statement (like ending felt rushed, etc.) -- is helpful, for several and different reasons.
Both posts in this thread that made a statement re. the length clearly used the "I" form. Why that would be "disparaging" to other opinions or "whining", is beyond me.

"We" can easily agree to disagree on any personal statement (that's what reviews and comments always are ), but please, don't do it in a way that discourages the few posters that are left here and take the time to post their opinion on a game. Thank you.

 posted in Surface: Alone in the Mist Collector's Edition on Jun 4, 15 4:54 PM
Still works.. I just used it today at 7:51 pm Virginia/ EST!!
 posted in Haunted Train: Frozen in Time Collector's Edition on May 11, 15 6:18 PM
Code Mother is still good as of 5/11 @ 8:17 pm CST
 posted in Haunted Legends: The Dark Wishes Collector's Edition on May 11, 15 6:06 PM
Code Mother still working as of 5/11/15 8:00pm CST
 posted in Mystery Tales: The Twilight World Collector's Edition on Jan 24, 15 4:16 PM
What a shocker that this game is freezing! It is by none other than Domini games, which if you all remember was the developers for Labyrinths of the World: Shattered Soul Collector's Edition. People are still waiting for a patch or update on that game, so I wouldn't hold my breath if you buy it in hopes that a patch will come because it won't. I guess they really don't care but I remember and i'll be damned if I purchase another one of their games when they are having the same issues. You would think that they or BFG would have tested the games out and check for bugs before releasing them to us. Not only that but then releasing it again under SD with those issues still unresolved.

Thanks but no thanks!!!
 posted in Phantasmat: The Endless Night Collector's Edition on Jan 10, 15 5:12 PM
twinsoniclab wrote:
shelterhill wrote:Don't like the game at all, grainy graphics and not a nice or original storyline.
Hop was not nice too, too difficult to find anything in this setting.
I pass

It's so interesting to read other viewpoints! I loved the graphics! I liked the storyline (to be sure, a kidnapped daughter is nothing new, but the setting of it and background story at the school are), and thought the HOS were especially well done!

I agree with you and had no problems at all with the graphics or the storyline.
 posted in Revived Legends: Titan's Revenge Collector's Edition on Jan 1, 15 2:18 AM
CE code was 2014.

Happy New Years!!
I haven't had any problems..
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