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 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Jun 3, 14 8:55 AM
I've not been able to play the game lately due Life demanding my attention.. and popping in today I discovered nearly 400 in energy PLUS another few hundred in gifts 'friends' still sent despite my notice on my manor name alerting I'm away..

I gifted what I could with free & silver when found myself irritated I couldn't send some of the energy to 'friends'.. other games allow you to share or request from 'friends'.. thus I ask the developers to consider adding this ability.......
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on May 23, 14 1:11 PM
like many my answers too are;

1.) PC/Windows 7..

2.) Yes, having the same problems...

3.) No, not connected to Facebook.. and never will be again.

 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Apr 19, 14 5:37 AM
redsapple wrote:
I just reported the issue to Taylor in CS. He's been very good about addressing problems. Hopefully, it will be addressed soon.

Taylor's great, one of my favorite CS's.. [chuckle] he's even managed to teach me more about computers than I ever wanted to know..

Happy Easter!
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Apr 19, 14 5:33 AM
doofus09 wrote:Based on the small sampling of manors in my house hold, I have noted that

1. Manor not linked to FB on PC, can neither send nor receive messages.
2. Manor linked to FB on PC can receive messages, and reply, but cannot send any.
3. Manor linked to FB on iPad can send messages to other FB-linked manors only.

I do not have info for manors on iOS which are not linked to FB.

It did not seem to matter that the FB-linked manor on PC has not been active for two weeks, I can still send a message.

Mahalo Doofus09 for all the info.. [sigh] seems messaging problem definitely a fix needed from the developers..

and very interesting to hear your non-updated machine not having problems with sending messages as sorta confirms my 'wish' I hadn't updated'...

Happy Easter!
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Apr 19, 14 5:20 AM
flyrobinfly2014 wrote:I am on a PC windows 7 not on FB . I sent a message 2 customer support about the issue also. I really hope they can fix this problem. I was really enjoying getting to chat with my neighbors. I did find out yesterday that my receive messages setting had been tuned off I turned it back on. Not sure how it got in off position to begin with. my manor is 1986 Mockingbird Ln level 86 blonde avatar. I am sorry to all my neighbors that I haven't been able to chat since update. I hope I can very soon. Happy Easter Everyone!!!!!

I play the same format..PC, Windows 7 & no FB, so was excited & sought my message settings hoping this would be the magic fix..
[sigh] but found my settings apparently are set to receive messages..

Mahalo for your response & Happy Easter!

 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Apr 18, 14 10:41 AM
Just found this thread saying there was to be a maintenance today..
then read the posts saying it was completed already...

[sigh] sadly then they still haven't found a fix for the messaging because in checking my game, the problem remains............

And now the counter isn't just whacky, it robbed me of 34 energy when began to play the HOs!!
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Apr 18, 14 1:31 AM
kimbgirlie wrote:I agree, BF Customer Service are great!

Having been a BFG member for years I agree!!

My sympathy is for them as know these problems from the developers not BF..

Happy Easter to All
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Apr 17, 14 9:59 PM
With the last update I lost the ability to message neighbors.. as well as all neighbor names when visited appear only as '-----------'

I'm still waiting for Customer Support to respond to my request for help but curious if any who have/had the same problem, have since had it fixed?
And if so, how?

Also curious with this problem seeming wide spread but not everyone, what platforms those with working messaging have.. PC or Apples?.. BFG or Facebook?
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Apr 16, 14 3:31 PM
EvilSoupSpoon wrote:Ermagherd.....

I am having withdrawals.

I am looking for hidden objects in my area rug.

My daughter was talking to me and I was tapping on her face with my index finger.

This is not good.

ROFLLL.. Mahalo/Thank You for the belly laughs!
although my 'puter may not be since my mouthful of coffee [while reading your post] showered it !
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Apr 16, 14 3:13 PM
moosetracker wrote:Well see, I could see wanting a slot machine for my estate, I could always use more gold to buy something for my land or help pay for a premium scene.. So although it is still virtual "stuff" I could use that virtual "stuff".. Yet the slot machine is boring, and the winning is so iffy, that I would not use gold for a "chance" to win something when I can use the gold to "get" something.

So playing a mind numbing slot machine to just "win" ??but the win will give you nothing really??.. I don't get at all..

[chuckle] first response is 'obviously you're lucky to not have a addictive gene/trait.. or low adrenal mode'

As to what we get in Casino I'd forgot to mention last post.. it has chat in their numerous games, as well as we can send gifts to friends.. there's some free gifts but also ones we buy with either silver or gold..

It's been over a year since I began Casino but think you get some free silver to begin with so suggest you go into Casino and at least peruse the various slots and other games and maybe you'll get a clearer idea what draws people to it..

 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Apr 16, 14 10:26 AM
moosetracker wrote:But what rewards do you get when playing it there?..

[chuckle] first response coming to mind is my son would answer with 'it keeps my mom out of the real casinos!'.. poor kid fears I'll not know when to stop although thus far I've managed to stop & come home with winnings..

DMs' a game where the HOs are mind challenging and even placing items mind challenging at times.. rewards come with completing quests..

Casino is a game full of gambling/taking risks.. only rewards are the winnings.. if you're lucky..
otherwise it many times is full of loses..

Casino is well done, the slots creative [and addicting] I also enjoy playing their hold'em games [chuckle] which do take a bit of thought to win..
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Apr 16, 14 10:10 AM
bfgWendwater wrote:Hey All,

It appears that Dark Manor is now out of maintenance mode and should be playable!

If you have any issues with the game, please let us know by posting in our dedicated tech threads for PC <a href="">HERE</a> and for iOS <a href="">HERE</a>.

Thank you for your patience!


1:08pm EST and it's still in maintenance mode here too
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Apr 16, 14 9:30 AM
mywildirishrose wrote:Does anyone play the Big Fish Casino?

How does it compare to the Devil Slot in DM?

One free spin per day - really ????????????

I've been in the Casino trying to build up enough chips to play when I go on vacation without having to get free chips every 30 minutes. Without knowing a lot about slot machines and how they work the odds, etc., I'd say that 2000 FREE CHIPS every 30 minutes is a way better deal that 1 FREE SPIN PER DAY !!!!!!!!

If anyone likes slots (or a variety of other card games, etc.) I would recommend checking out the FREE TO PLAY BIG FISH CASINO. Seems to me you get more bang for your buck over there.

Happy gaming all

Yes I play Casino & since DMs new update mess & reminder from DMs pathetic slot addition, have been going back there to play, as you're right, we get more for our money there than playing DMs slot...
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Apr 16, 14 9:25 AM
WillowTamer wrote:*crosses fingers*

I sincerely hope it's to remedy the neighbour blitz energy fiasco (and other issues) created by their last "fix" during a maintenance down-time, and NOT to add a card table or gold/gifts for inviting friends on facebook to join the game. Maybe I'm just cynical though.

rofllll.. Mahalo/Thank you for your wonderful cynism.. this is the first laugh I've had out of DMs newest idiocy..
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Apr 16, 14 9:21 AM
I'd hoped today to find the messaging problem fixed but obviously not for me..
but seems some people can as I keep getting a few messages but they say my responses are blank.. ? with the Facebook push can't help but be if now only Facebook members can message?

I don't mind if BF wants to offer bonuses to people joining Facebook..
but I do resent being what appears to be penalized for not wanting to rejoin/join the Facebook site.. the blinking binoculars is irritating but worse is we're not even offered a choice to pay gold to not join Facebook!

I'm waiting for my request of BF support to learn if there's a management change coming of Facebook controlling everything.. or a message fix on the way.. otherwise think this end of my manor, since basically I'm through all chapters and lots..

It was the ability to send messages & new friends made that kept the game interesting enough to put up with the glitches & long waits for new chapters & items to buy and place.. so see no reason to stay if my messaging now impossible..

The pathetic slot machine is certainly no enticement to stay.. if i want to play slots I play Casino..

Had the update [aside fixing glitches] offered new items & lots I was prepared to buy more gold/spend real money.. but once again spending real money on DM appears to be almost masochistic with all the growing technical problems and changing premise of the game..

.. how sad a great game is being ruined..

ps.. 6:17pm EST.. the latest maintenance 'appears' to only have made something worse, aside messaging still not working, now the game's crashed on me twice .. within 5 minutes of opening it....
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Apr 15, 14 10:50 AM
moosetracker wrote:
..The neighbors are now all "-------------------", I had few that showed that, now they all do.. I got a message from "------------------" which read "Please place your message here".. I am guessing the neighbor (whoever they were) thought they sent a personalized message to me, but it wasn't sent.

Same issue has begun for me...

also now experiencing if I visit a neighbor, when I return to my manor the screen is solid blue..and only way to exit this new glitch is to close out..

.. this update is a thorough mess that has me seriously considering quitting & asking for a refund for all the gold I purchased.........

BFGs would be wise to shut down and return us to the last update & concentrate on FIXing the OLD glitches & stick to what made this game popular so drop the stupid slot idea & open lots & new chapters!!

 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Apr 14, 14 11:47 PM
LaReinaGitana wrote:I do not want to use Facebook for games.

If this is now going to be a requirement for playing Dark Manor, I will quit.

Well said..
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Apr 14, 14 11:44 PM
I don't have Facebook nor do I want Facebook. I don't want to see Facebook in my quests, and if it stays there, I will quit the game. I will not have Facebook shoved in my face all the time.

Well said, my sentiments too..and with that said.. after the long wait today it's more than a little disappointing to see a slot machine added..really??
So that's what shut DM down all day.. a slot machine rather than a Easter theme or new chapter or river lots finally opened or simply more lots opened or new walkers & manor items......?
At the moment it appears DM 'developers' have lost their minds..
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Mar 5, 14 5:44 AM
My current method of madness has evolved out of desperation, when with the update I found myself with 494 neighbors.. and was deluged daily with more gifts than thought possible..

Currently we only get 13 free gifts a day and I determined it best to use those mostly for gifting energy..
And with the increased silver amounts we now can earn visiting neighbors, I determined I could afford to gift 3 premium tombstones, which can be sold for over the free $ I currently could send.. now routinely send those..

And that's my process that's sorta helped me drop the guilt & ease the stress with currently having to send out between 40-60 gifts daily..
not including sending house warming gifts to newbies..

DM - Hale O Akalau
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Mar 4, 14 4:23 PM
ENough! THe You've logged in on another device" error is back - AGAIN Please Please fix this bug


I, too, am getting the "Logged In On Another Device" message incessantly since the Scavenger Hunt started. I'm beginning to think that this is what happens when their server is overloaded. Aggravating.

Ditto.. since opening the game this evening after winning the 2x boost earlier, have been kicked out of HOs and told I'm logged into another device.. REPEATEDLY..

now can't even get in the game past the bloody message without the game going totally berserk..

am not a Facebook member so NEVER have logged through them!!

BFGs, please give us a choice of the game WITHOUT the Facebook connection!
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