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 posted in Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death Collector's Edition on May 24, 14 7:36 PM
Also experiencing a wonky cursor on my iMAC running OS 10.6.8. About 30 min into the demo the the pointer started jerking badly so I totally quit out of the Game Manager, made sure no other major programs were running in the background then tried it once more. Unfortunately, the cursor started lagging again after 20 minutes this time, so I just shut it down for good. It's a super fun game but just too dodgy for this old hen to deal with right now, so into the wheelie-bin it goes for now until can give it an overhaul.
 posted in European Mystery: The Face of Envy Collector's Edition on Feb 15, 14 5:00 PM
As someone who studied costume history as a Theatre Arts major in college, I find most Devs anything goes, mix'n'match approach to depicting period dress in Casual Games pretty amusing. The results can be especially hilarious when an actual date is shown or mentioned at some point during the gameplay.
Those Fishies out in the Pond with SCA and Living History/ Reenacting experience, may find the word "FARB!" escaping from their lips when seeing so many generations of high style worn simultaneously, as they are in this game.
Yes, I too realize these really are just games and for our entertainment, but Devs, please give us just a little credit. Don't assume we don't notice things like this. It could make the difference between making a game seem like Halloween at Honey Boo Boo's vs a BBC mini-series based on a Bronte novel.
There is plenty of artistic talent and creativity, so no reason why all of that ability can't be channeled into a slightly narrower 'window' by using reference materials to
refine the visuals. Heck, we got the cell phones and computer mice out of the "Victorian" HOG game junkpiles, so why can't we have Victorians dress like Victorians, Edwardians like Edwardians, Regency like Regency, etc.
Ok, my $0.02! Now, where did I hide those Girl Scout Cookies???
Thin Mints!!!!!
 posted in Mystery Tales: The Lost Hope Collector's Edition on Jan 29, 14 4:30 PM
soquelcalifornia wrote:The HINT feature does not work UNLESS it's to point to move to another location.

I've got it on both Macs: OSX 10.7 and 10.8.

The music's pretty, but c'mon! Surely they debugged the game before the release?

Hi Soquel! Your Apple using Summit neighbor, here in the Howling Wilderness, is sympathetically chiming in to say that she had nearly the same issue. My 27" iMac runs OS 10.6.8 and the Hint button would do *exactly nothing* (and then REST for 90 seconds, haha! ) whenever the button was hit. I found myself relying on the Strategy Guide for whenever I was reeeeally stuck.
I did manage to finish the game as well as the bonus chapter but by relying on the SG when I got snagged. I gave up on the Hint button after about four 'Huh? WT#? Nothing happened!!!" tries.
Other than that, the game was a lot of fun, a good length and I enjoyed the unique extras. I just wish the Devs had Beta tested more thoroughly beforehand.

 posted in Hyperballoid 2 on Dec 28, 13 9:41 AM
I play this on my 4 yr old iMac running OSX 10.6.8 and found it simple to pause/quit without forfeiting my game by doing this: Use a cheapie, PC style, two-button, USB mouse and simply right-click to pause or exit your game. Works like a charm! HTH.
 posted in Mystery Trackers: Four Aces Collector's Edition on Oct 13, 12 2:52 PM
Ok, I'm a bit further into the game now, and have aquired enough 'chips' to purchase Elf some more goodies, even the ones I thought were kinda goofy. I take back my comment that the Devs' choices were a little weird for a dog.
I'm actually having nearly as much fun watching this cute little bat-earred guy interact with his 'gifts' as I am playing the rest of the game! Clicking on these items, once purchased, triggered interactions that were very amusing and showed well observed, mega-cute dog behavior.
So Elephant Devs, please accept my apologies, and know I have my fins crossed that you'll bring Elf, the store and his adorable antics back in future additions to this series!
 posted in Mystery Trackers: Four Aces Collector's Edition on Oct 13, 12 12:38 PM
luvtoread wrote:Ok, I'm not sure why there is a doghouse to buy him when he already
has a perfectly good dog house.
But some dog treats, a doggie bed, a TV, I agree with you about
the water bowl.
As far as his breed, I think you have that one covered.

If I come up with any more ideas, I'll come back.

Good suggestions! I haven't gotten far enough to see if the second doghouse is an 'upgraded' model or not. Maybe it's fancier. But yeah, extra treats, a nice comfy bed instead of just a mat and of course, a color TV so he can watch vintage episodes of Lassie, Rin Tin Tin and re-runs of Dog Town...but let's keep a box of tissues nearby for the weepy parts of every episode...
Please, do come back and leave more ideas!
 posted in Mystery Trackers: Four Aces Collector's Edition on Oct 13, 12 12:20 PM
lisablue4369 wrote:a radar detector

ROTFLOL!!!! I agree. You earned your CLOWN fish avatar today, LisaBlue.
Good one!

Thanks for the chuckle!
 posted in Mystery Trackers: Four Aces Collector's Edition on Oct 12, 12 7:46 PM
Ok, I'm a total luv-mush when it comes to canines, as you can probably tell from my screen name. I just that little poochie, Elf! Sooo, I got to wondering...what kinda dog izzat? Hmmmm....OK, here's my guess, and the reasons why. Highlight to view.
Chihuahua x Miniature Pinscher ... The Chi= Those EARS!!! and brave Big Dog attitude.
The Min Pin= Black and Tan coloring, confidence, smarts and energy.

Ok, dog lovin' Fishies, let's hear it with your guesses, too! Highlight to hide like I did, and enter your guess before reading everyone else's, including mine, and see how we all compare. Sound like fun? more thing. Some of the things the Devs thought would be good gifts to buy Elf with those chips I personally thought a little odd for a dog. A Victrola? A radio? Those things usually require an opposable thumb to work, last time I checked, LOL! If I was stocking that store, I might include the following:
An automatic water bowl with a fountain. And a grassy 'comfort station' with a strategicly placed fire hydrant...and privacy screen! How about you?
What would you have added to the things you could buy for Elf with your chips?
 posted in Surface: Mystery of Another World Collector's Edition on Aug 20, 12 1:37 PM
It's good to see I'm not the only one who's been wondering what the Surface devs were smoking while creating this title. I've never laughed so hard while playing a game in my entire career as a BFG member...maybe laughing AT, as well as laughing with, mind you. It's provided a lot of entertainment value for the price of a CE, and I haven't even made it to the Bonus Chapter yet.

Where to start? The acting, of course, is hilarious, particularly Lord Whassizname, whose pipsqueak tenor is more suited to a Big Bang Theory nerd than that of our dastardly villain, who is dressed in a what looks like a rented Mummar Ghaddafi Halloween costume. Hello, Acme Theatrical Supply? Send me all the robes you have left over from The Name of the Rose. No worries about size fits all, so the Devs can bring all their friends and spouses for the crowd scenes.

The hidden object layouts take the prize for the most absurd junkpiles I've even seen, with ridiculously anachonistic (even for "Steampunk"), out of place items interspersed with animals, things out of scale, obvious clip art, etc. Darn it all, I'm dissapointed the there actually WAS no kitchen sink there to click on. I'll be looking for one in the next HOPA title- Surface: The Fleamarket She Couldn't Leave

And then there are the tasks and the tools you will need to accomplish them...heaven help you! Spoiler alert- highlight to read:
Use an old-fashioned can opener, I kid you not, to break into a steel parking meter! Use a STAPLER to attach a fabric patch to your damaged hot air balloon. Sure sounds logical to me...*rolls eyes*

Anyway, all of these delightful 'anomolies' have just heightened my enjoyment of the Surface game and made me very curious as to what the second of the series will have to offer in the way of giggles. I'll have to finish up with the Bonus Game to see if "Another World" is a worthy CE, and then make my decision on whether "The Sound She Couldn't Make" (what an awkward title! ) will tempt a credit or two out of me. The sillier it is the better I'll like it.

Don't get me wrong, I'd still buy this in spite of these little faults- this is a FUN game and totally worth the $! It's kinda like watching a 'cult' B horror flick. Invite your snarky robot buddies over, make some popcorn and enjoy!

*edited to add comment, fix some awkward sentences
 posted in Old Clockmaker's Riddle on Jul 15, 12 9:01 PM
I'm assuming this is the "Comments" section for this game, and this is the appropriate thread to mention this.

Now, to those fellow Fishies who have DL'd or purchased this game, try clicking around on various things on the 'Title Page' of this game. You probably already noticed that the rather villainous looking character's (reminds me of Snidley Whiplash) eyes follow your cursor around the screen. But wait... there's more...!!!
There are a few extra audio Easter Eggs buried there but I won't give them away and spoil your fun. Happy hunting- hee heeee!

I love it when the devs do stuff like this!
I'm really enjoying this game, too. The last M3 offered that I liked well enough to spend a credit on was Ballville, the Beginning.

I am so glad the developers are really listening when we say we'd like a choice between timed vs untimed play. When I read we had that choice in the forum. (Thanks, reviewer Fishies! ) I went ahead and downloaded the trial. When the hour was up (where did the time go?) , I was hooked, and off to buy.

*edited for wonkier than usual punctuation
Odd problem here. I just downloaded this game today and played to the point where I'd entered the old house, oiled up the rusty armor over the fireplace and was working on the HOS on the mantle when suddenly my iMac *poof!* just shut off like somebody pulled the plug.
I eventually got the 'puter to reboot, and after I making sure all the permissions were in agreement (sorry- Mac geekery), I went back to the Game Mgr and saw that had suffered a Senior Moment and forgotten this game had downloaded at all. He wanted me to start all over again from 0k! Arrrgh! All 853.8MB!!!
Not too happy about that, since the greedy buzzards @ Ver%@#! Wireless have poor rural suckers like me on a strict data cap. Sadly, there's no other game in town at the moment and I get dinged royally for every Gig I exceed my monthly allowance. Guess where 80% of that limited data gleefully gets squandered...?
Anyone else had a problem with a game forgetting it was downloaded if it was rudely interrupted during it's initial play? Or this game going senile in particular??
I'm a little shy of trying to re-download, since I'm concerned the problem with just happen again. I'd hate to have it pull this horsepuckie on me again. That would really ruin my day.
 posted in Slingo Supreme 2 on May 25, 12 6:03 PM
Slingo Supreme is back and with double the fun for those who enjoy this Slot Machine/Bingo mash-up. I'm a Slingo fan, obviously, and find this kind of game a terrific timewaster, very relaxing (except when that pesky brat of a shows up!) but thought, nah...there couldn't be much more that could be done with the genre that would tempt me to buy yet another lemming, same old, same old...yawn But why not try the free hour anyway, right?
Hooked again!

Here's some of what's new and exciting:
Twice the Power-ups of the original - including ones that increase "Luck" , allow you to play a 2nd card with your leftover spins (particular fun combined with the Extra Spins powerup), play a frenzied game in 3 mins instead of 20 spins, add Echo Slingos, Super Coin Jokers, and many more!

Twice the Achievments- up from 12 to 24

Ten more stars to spend buying your powerups- from 40 to 50. There's still only 8 slots available, but with 32 (count'em!) available powerups, it's worse than trying to decide what to put on a small plate at a BIG buffet. Every once in a while, just let the game decide a random array of power-ups for you, just for the challenge!

Ability to opt out of Mini-games, though be warned, this does not banish the Devil completely, so you may want to spend some stars on a Devil Protection powerup to keep that mischievious imp from swiping your hard earned points!

What's the same:
Game mechanic, art style, music style are just the same as before.
There are separate sliders for general volume and music volume.
Choice of Windowed or Full screen view. No widescreen on my bars.
Choice of games: Today's Challenge, Slingo Supreme or Slingo Classic.
Onscreen Help on the title page.
Title page link to the Achievements page.

If you've never played Slingo before, but like Match 3, Bingo, virtual Slot machines, Puzzle, and Arcade games, give this one a trial run. If you liked the original Slingo Supreme, you'll probably find this second volume twice as addicting. As always, you never know until you try.

Happy gaming, Fishies!

 posted in Jewels of the East India Company on May 12, 12 10:31 AM
Many thanks to the fishies here who gave this one a try and took the time to share their thoughts!
Armed with their information, I know now not to waste my rather limited data allowance downloading a trial of this title. As much as I love a good M3, this one seems to be a total waste of my time, just like all of the previous M3 offerings these past weeks.
Hopefully the devs out there will eventually get a visit from The Clue Fairy and start programming these games with the option to play without the (mumblemumble) , for those of us who just enjoy taking a deep breath and zoning out by blowing up bright, blingy tokens.
Devs, pay attention to these forum rants...seriously! This timer thing is a major deal breaker and you are losing a LOT of sales because of it.
 posted in Antique Mysteries: Secrets of Howard's Mansion on Apr 23, 12 9:05 AM
As I spent the first 30 years of my life in the "Silicon Valley" where the Winchester House is located, I have had the pleasure of visiting many times with out-of-town visitors, and know something of it's history.
Up until the '60s, it was a bit derelict, and not really open to the public, just viewable from the street. Then with the opening of a cinema complex next door, the house was restored and became a local tourist attraction. Improvements have been consistantly made to the interior and exterior of the structure over the years since then.
Later, just in the past 15 years or so, the surrounding grounds were professionally landscaped and the gardens opened up as part of the tour experience- for an extra fee, of course! And, LOL, all tours "exit through gift shop" just as you'd expect. Plus, the House is open the last week of October for "Midnight Halloween Flashlight Tours" geared especially for fearless "I ain't 'fraid-a no ghost!" souls, and the scores of wide eyed young couples looking for any excuse to grab each other when the going gets creepy.
The 'docents' are college/highschool age kids who dress up in old-fashioned maid's dress- usually long dark skirts and white, high neck blouses. At least this was the case the last time I was there two years ago.

The house plus grounds tours cover abuout two miles of walking, lots of stairs, so I'd suggest leaving the stilettos home and opt for sneakers or you'll be sorry!
Tourists could have gotten a much more onerous tour, however, since this was built in the era before elevators and other such conveniences. There was an additional story to the house at one time... before the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906....!

I'm going to have to check this game out just to see how close the reference is to old Sarah and her guilt-built half-way house for wayward spirits.
 posted in Ballville: The Beginning on Apr 8, 12 9:36 PM
I'm not that far into the game, but so far everything about it's a total blast. Imagine my delight finding that these 'mystery prize crates' to buy with my winnings end up as interactive extras on the landscape I can't decide which I like best so far.... being able to make the volcano blow smoke rings by pressing a button, or the gigantormous turntable that plays a dance beat when you click the mouse on it.. Decisions, decisions...
I also love clicking on the volcano itself to hear the lava go *blop!*.
Beer and chocolate for whoever did the sound fx for this game!
More divine orb silliness to come here, as I have many more levels left to play. Gotta say I think this is the best new M3 that's been released in a looooong time.
OK... back to Ballville! I've got about 471 crowbars left over from my old HOG inventories and can now finally use them to pry open all those prize crates! Huzzah!
 posted in 7 Gates: The Path to Zamolxes on Mar 6, 12 2:54 PM
As an M3, "7 Gates: The Path to Zamolxes" has a LOT going for it- attractive graphics, interesting historic background, an opening scene/exposition worth repeated replay just for it's stunning artwork, plus a gloriously glitchless download and bug-free trial gameplay. That said, it will probably will probably not be added it to this Fishies Game Mgr. based on two personal M3 sales-killers... yep, the *mumble-mumble* Timer and having to wait for all previously vanquished tiles to finish falling before another move can be made.

Granted, the timer is more to award the player extra points for finishing the boards faster than to penalize- failing to meet deadline doesn't cost a 'life' or anything as dire as that, but the player still has to listen to a blood-pressure elevating "booma-chakaa...booma-chakaa...!" drumbeat when the timer is ready to pass from Gold award to Silver and AGAIN (noooo!!!) when going from Silver to Bronze. I suppose you can play in Bronze mode as long as it takes to finish each board, before moving to the next level. What I found most frustrating was that the timer does NOT stop while those tiles are taking their sweet time tumbling down, one group-of-three at a time. All the while I would be clicking fruitlessly at the screen (can't help's an M3 reflex, LOL!), knowing that any second I was going to hear:

Still, if you like M3s, plus enjoy Time Management and other games that encorporate racing against a clock as part of the fun, this may be just your cuppa. It's just not my thing, but don't let that stop you from trying out this otherwise superbly crafted game for yourself.
 posted in Fruit Mania on Feb 19, 12 12:25 PM
Another Fishie here with the cursor-on-pitch-black-screen glitch. Initially, I was delighted after going thru the whole dogfish and seahorse show of messing around in the guts of my 64-bit/Win7 Home Edition laptop, signing onto this game as Admin. It did finally get me playing the game a bit into what was left of the trial....for about 15 minutes. Then it went right back to doing black screen thing again *arrgh!*. I still had about 13 min left of play on the sample when I just gave up and trashed the thing for good.

BTW, I found that it's much easier to quit out of the Game Mangl...errr...Manager without needing a clicking and screaming fight, ending in a shutdown/restart by doing the following keyboard-dance---> control-shift-escape That should bring you back to the desktop and let you just quit out of the game from the Task Mgr without a restart.

Sorry to say this particular game, although kinda fun to play, just isn't ready for prime time and should never have been released, at least not in it's current state.
Sorry , you should have done better QA on this one.
 posted in Otherworld: Spring of Shadows Collector's Edition on Jan 22, 12 6:32 PM

As a Mac user, I'd like to say a special Thank You! * to you for releasing so many of your Mac games simultaneously with the PC versions. Your whole Awakening series is fantastically gorgeous and immersive, expecially on a 27" iMac! Wheeee! Needless to say, I'll be downloading Otherworld for a test drive on that big, bright machine and risking going over my Verizon data allowance again for the third month in a row, thanks to ! Keep on making your exquisite games!
Health, Happiness and Prosperity to you in this Auspicious Dragon Year!
 posted in Tricks and Treats on Oct 29, 11 9:19 AM
Aw, darnnit, I really wanted this adorable M3 for my collection, but twice, between game boards, the 'radio button' that you press to progress to the next game just froze everything solid. I had to CNTRL-ALT-DELETE to quit out of Windows and start again from square one. Bummmmmer! I'm running W7 Home edition on a high end gamer's laptop and everything is totally up to date. This is the first time there's every been an issue like this, so who knows if it's just a wacky, one-off incompatibility or an actual bug? Any other fishies out there get this glitch?
Oh pootwaddle!...and the sale price was SOOOO inviting, too! Please, , if this actually needs a fix, please make it happen! Please, with gummi spiders and fun- size snickerz on top?
 posted in Astroslugs on Aug 2, 11 8:17 PM
Don't be fooled into thinking this is some easy-peasy kiddie game that stays at the same level of non-challenge throughout. I stuck it out until the end of my hour trial and found this was one fun little puzzler. It starts out very elementary to show you how to play and the various shapes you use and then goes on from there. The puzzles are worth "points" depending on their level of difficulty, beginning with 1. I saw (but didn't try to play) puzzles that went as high as 8 points before my trial ran out. I had to redo the 4 pt. puzzles a couple of times before arriving at the correct solution.
It'll certainly be worth spending a punchcard credit to put Astroslugs into my collection, since this sort of untimed brain-teaser is exactly my cup of Earl Grey with honey and cream (served quite warm in a flowery bone china cup. pinkie up!).
The whole idea is to fit a number of straight and angled linear shapes into a matrix or group of matrices perfectly. It will remind some seasoned H0G and FR0G players of those mini-games where an object must be reassembled from it's gathered parts into a frame. You have the ability to rotate and mirror the shapes to fit. You can also right-click to remove an object and a reset button to start over completely, both without penalty.
The artwork is bright, engaging and cartoonlike. The SFX are appropriately goofy and fun. All in all, a lot of enjoyment for this puzzle-lover. I'd say give it a try. Best of all, these slugs won't eat your petunias!
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