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 posted in Living Legends: Frozen Beauty Collector's Edition on Jun 13, 13 9:38 AM
I do not see a linkDEMO for this one - is there one I can try - nevermind I found it!
Thanks much burf, it turns out the computer I had the game running on was not good enough to download and display all the visuals on so running it on my laptop w/Vista seems to be working much better and now I can see what I am looking for/at instead of a white-screened "laptop" or notepad type device - like in this instance of looking for that spider, there was no "scene" or spider on my little screenie thingy, just like looking for a needle in a snowstorm! LOL, am on the right track now and really like this game and its "hint" on my way! tks again
I looked at the w/t and have used the hint button a dozen times, but do not see a spider where hint indicates it is nor is it in the screen shot of this particular findme puzzle. HELP please, thanks
 posted in Haunted Legends: The Undertaker Collector's Edition on Jan 7, 13 6:14 PM
I have lightly skimmed thru this "thread" so as not to spoil the game for me but needed to come here (somewhere anyway) and ask, is there a walkthrough for this game? Can't locate one and am in the coffin room have the saw spinning (found its switch) but haven't a clue where to find the wood I need to cut for firewood - I do remember something (a note in this room) about which coffin to cut up but cannot pick up any coffin anywhere! HELP me please!!! Thanks in advance
Love, Hatlady
PLEASE, ignore this "thread" question - I got it 'attached' to the wrong game! Am confused but starting to "see the light" and will seek an answer in the right game. Thanks anyway Love, Hatlady
 posted in Golden Trails 3: The Guardian's Creed on Dec 12, 12 5:52 PM
I guess there is no walkthrough or "guide" for this one and I am in level one, I think. Have done tavern, mansion, art gallery, and other building have some things still need to find and do but cannot figure out where to go next, last 2 or 3 rooms tell me "nothing left to do here", look elsewhere, but there are no more choices. Please someone post a strategy guide or walkthrough as I must have missed something or am now missing something and don't can't proceed. Thanks, Hatlady
 posted in Haunted Manor: Queen of Death on Nov 4, 12 5:32 PM
I see one other "puzzle solver" asked about that third door in the area of Stella's throne room but I did not find an answer to why aren't we let into that other room, how does one open that foreverlocked door, or why wasn't that extra unused, unseen room offered as a "bonus" after finishing the game? Did anyone find out if that room was a mistake by the gamemakers or was it just abandoned by the time they got to the nearend of the this one? Would appreciate any clues as to what happened here
Love, Hatlady
 posted in The Dreamatorium of Dr. Magnus on Sep 19, 12 11:02 AM
I played the demo and liked it very much so purchased the full game. I guess I need to learn how to lighten my monitor so I can see some of the HOG items I am searching for, I found it too dark to see some items. I am annoyed that once a chapter is completed one cannot go back to those scenes to look for the Eye Of Horus if I missed it - would have liked more freedom to roam back and forth if I wanted to or felt the need. And I played the demo and started the game under one player name, got to chapter 2 and wanted to go back to chap 1 but couldn't so started game over under a different player name - finished the game under that "handle" and when I got to the end and saw the ending that player disappeared from my player list before I had a chance to look at my Achievement display - made me a bit sad - I liked this game very much, would suggest to the dev's they allow more freedom of movement from 1 scene location to another and keep (save) a players' game after it is finished. Maybe I would have had better luck finding items if they had been a bit larger, especially outside the HOG items needed. The puzzles varied from being very easy to stumping me into "SKIP"ping so there should be enough variety to please most everyone. Wonder if there are to be "sequels" to this one with the character solving other mysteries - it seems that door was left cracked open a bit.
 posted in The Secrets of Arcelia Island on Dec 22, 11 12:49 PM
I see others also stuck at the well trying to fill canteen 2nd time, have read the walkthru but there seems to be no answer how to get the canteen to fill 2nd time. HELP please and thanks, Happy Holidays
 posted in The Legend of Crystal Valley on Sep 30, 11 8:29 AM
OK, I get it, everyone else has played this one and has moved on. BUT I still need an answer to my question = is there any way to SKIP this circle puzzle/match cauldron pattern? Or can anyone tell me how to solve it? If not I guess I am done with this game since I cannot get unstuck!
 posted in The Legend of Crystal Valley on Sep 29, 11 8:52 AM
I have spoken to the witch and she said she gave me a magic shrinking spell but I don't know where to find it when standing at that stuck 'door' in the crypt. All I have in my inventory is my medalion, a bucket of water, flashlight and the medalion she gave me. Where do I find this "magic spell" to double click on? Am stuck trying to get under that door.
Love, Hatlady
NEVERMIND about this problem, I woke up and "smelled the" magic found it on my inventory "bar"....silly me
However, I do have a question = is there a skip button for a puzzle in this game? I am not getting anywhere with the match-the-pattern circle on the 2nd door - how do I make the balls stop where I want them to be? I would love to SKIP this one! Thanks
 posted in Nightmare Realm on Aug 25, 11 11:43 AM
I would dearly love it if someone has made a list of the origami figures and where to find them - I can't seem to find them all and am now playing this for 2nd time just to get all 33 but keep missing some of them. There is none with the walkthru Anyone? please and thank you
P.S. nevermind, I printed out the walkthru, replayed the game and made my own list, found all 33 but am disappointed this did not 'award' me with any additional content like replay the minigames or something. Too bad - it would have been a nice touch
 posted in Strange Cases - The Lighthouse Mystery on May 3, 11 12:06 AM
I am stuck in Cafe 777, trying to find all the items and cannot locate the knife (blue card?) to finish task and acquire those 3 cups so I can play the minigame...and the hint button won't work for this one - have done everything else in this Cafe so I guess you could say I am "stuck" - cannot proceed. Help me please and thanks
I don't feel like I wasted my money - got this one discounted (members price) and have been playing it most of the week - loved it! Looking forward to the "sequel" Don't get me wrong, this game stands by itself and has a conclusion, it just promises more in another game later. I finished it a few minutes ago - played the bonus game thru with some strategy guide assistance and I like this game. Clicking on the images in the SG (strategy guide, funny that is the dwarf's initials too ) will show you an enlargment so you can see it better. I recommend it.
Strategy guide for Collectors Editions, yes. In this game it is accessible in lower left hand corner of screen while you are in the game, just click on it and choose a chapter, then page back and/or forth to where you are stuck. I am finding it delightfully useful.
I saw that I could purchase this game 'discounted' and did so. Am way past where I was stuck in the demo. Loving it too. Only checking SG now and then. It is not linear so I have done many things out of order as I think of solves/solutions. Love the puzzles especially the sliders except the picture out of order one (with no empty slots), and SKIP option is handy if one needs it. Thanks for your help and enjoy this one, I am.
Well, I cannot seem to find any more h.o.g.s to do or puzzles to solve - need to get rid of crow, can't get to lake, knob is in boat but I need vine clippers, am stumped and stuck Thanks, Hatlady
OK, can't get/find an ax, a lamp knob or go upstairs. Where do I find a boat? I'ts been several days since I was "in" this game so my memory of it has 'slipped'. I don't expect to get very far in a demo, but would like to go as far as I can in my alloted time. Thanks
I'm playing the demo and am stuck, don't know what to do next and no 'clues' - I need a piece for the bag at the gate; need an axe for the stuck door in foyer; need a knob for the lamp in the dark hallway/balcony; can't find a way upstairs past the debris; have been to the gazebo and done all there. Where do I go from here? (times's running out)
I am playing the demo version and I won't be purchasing the full Collectors version until it is offered at a reduced price - I like this game but won't pay the full $20. The strategy guide is not available to me in the demo version.
will there be a w/t for this one soon?
I seem to be stuck.....have finished with the weaving on the loom and talked to Symphony at her shop but when I returned the electric saw to the General Store owner Symphony did not show up in the town square to talk to me - but she did at her it seems I have done everything I was supposed to for this investigation section but cannot move on....I hope I am explaining this right - I'm sorta confused at this point as to how to proceed - the walkthru says she was supposed to talk to me in the square but she didn't - what could I have missed? And the 'strategy guide' has not given me any helpful clues either...
NEVERMIND, since I exited the game and came here to post for help, returned to the game for a looksee, and Sympathy (not Symphony) showed up and told me about the mine entrance to the sawmill.....thanks for looking anyway - see ya around
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