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Since this wasn't released in Dec., I assumed that 'Family Secretsl' was really the final game in the series. Needless to day, I pounced on this one after opening it. I liked the paper setting and just that it was kind of different from the previous 3 games.

This one was definitely way easier than the other games. There's only 5 levels I had to play through twice to get 3 stars. Wait. Level 10 is giving me a headache. The extras were easier to spot, too.

That being said, this game seems created for fans of the series. I realized that if I were new to this series, I would've been lost because even the prompts didn't tell you much and the strategy guide assumes you've been in-world before.
Same here. I'm short 2 glues for the trap blocking the coin box. So weird since all the other levels added up perfectly.
 posted in Cadenza: The Eternal Dance Collector's Edition on Jan 15, 18 9:30 AM
I was just talking about how much I loved the music of this series. The next day, this popped up. I rushed to download and was instantly turned off. The great music and locations of the previous games has devolved to the same bland European stuff of all the other games out there. The story and gameplay also left a lot to be desired. I'll skip this one and hope the next games go to other areas like Asia, Africa or South America.
 posted in Secret Investigations: Nemesis on Jan 15, 18 9:12 AM
I felt like I was transported to 2007 with this game. I played the whole demo and got 3 stars on all the 1st chapter levels and 4 of the 2nd chapter. Not interested in buying it or wasting a credit on it. It's a basic HOG from 10 years ago and nothing interesting happens. Even the stories are dull. Others have pointed out the lack of UI perks we've come to enjoy. If that's not an issue for you, go wild.
This is less MCF and more Eipix. There's nothing much here if you've played any Eipix game. The same scenes, familar story. Actually, it's much more disjointed than most Eipix stories. This seemed more like in late September someone said, 'Oh, yeah...we have to release an MCF game! Let's send them this one." And no one bothered to flesh out the story. I bought it because there was a sale and I was bored, but the game was too boring to play. I finally finished it and thought, "Well, there's 3 hours I'll never get back." Should've saved it for a plane trip.
Thanks for the patch to fix level 59. In the future, please make sure the games are ready to play. So many games in my GM are still unplayable years later because they never got patches.

faboomama wrote:I just got to level 59 and see it's been FOUR days since complaints about this level first arose. The thread on this level was locked, yet no fix has been posted. Y'all should give everyone refunds.
I just got to level 59 and see it's been FOUR days since complaints about this level first arose. The thread on this level was locked, yet no fix has been posted. Y'all should give everyone refunds.
 posted in Bad Dream: Coma on Nov 10, 17 5:07 PM
This game is like a cross between Lost in the City and City of Fools, so I LOVE IT! It can be confusing and annoying when you get those DUH moments, but at least it a game that makes you use your brain a bit. PERFECT for me. Yes, it would be nice if there were hints, but I got through to most of beginning of chapter 3 without it. Of course, I had to play the first chapter longer than I'd like because of that DUH moment. I was overthinking the entire game! It's actually quite simpler than you expect. I do wish, that like Lost in the City and City of Fools, found items were labeled when you hovered over them. The simple drawings lead you to believe it's one thing, when it's an entirely different thing. Anyway, off to buy!
 posted in Roads of Rome: New Generation 2 on Nov 3, 17 12:38 PM
I'm running Win10. My game shut down itself after I finished level 10. It shut down again right when I was at the end of level 12. I mean, the fireworks and everything. Had to replay the level. Next day, I played level 13 with no problems, but stepped away from my computer for 4 minutes. I came back to see the game was shut down again. Rebooted it and level 13 was completely wiped out.

I'm on level 31 now with no problems except that caches found from level 20 - 27 aren't all being regisitered. Even when I've played through 2 or 3 more times, finding all the caches, it still says I'm one short.
 posted in Moai V: New Generation Collector's Edition on Sep 12, 17 8:35 AM
rutet wrote:Here is the response for suport:
Put on the cap of the leader, make sandals of construction and wear.
Use ready-made infusions of a grower, a rocket and a logger.
Then it turns out, but it is difficult.
If you pass the level not for gold, use the ingredients, then you can improve the book of the agronomist and other equipment, the second time will be easier.

But i try and not is possible.
But maybe is me and not understand the english - english is not my language.
So, if you can help me i aprecciate

It's okay. From that description, it doesn't seem like English in their first language either. Though, you can tell that from the guide and story. I'm also not sure what a 'rocket' refers to. None of the potions lean toward that. They're all speed potions.
 posted in Moai V: New Generation Collector's Edition on Sep 1, 17 11:29 AM
I wound up buying this game because I was bored and regret it. There is no way anyone played this game and did a beta and thought this trash was acceptable. You guys should give everyone refunds on this.

Here are my technical issues (up to level 31, I'm sure there's more garbage after):

1) Like others, I got the app error message, but mine was on levels 8, 12, 19 and 22. Just stopped at the end of the level.

2) Numbered check boxes in the bubbles above the priests are mostly missing icons indicating what I need to get.

3) The tasks don't always mark off when they're completed. Ex: Level 31 says upgrade all buildings to the max. I do that to all 5 buildings and 2 Moai. it says there's 2 more, when there are only 5 buildings & 2 Moai. (ETA: After playing the level 6 times, it finally let me pass with the same upgrades I had been doing).

4) When you accidentally click a building when you mean to hit those stupid ghosts, it won't let you click out for a bit. This wastes time and adds damage to the building.

5) Strategy guide says to do something, I do it, but I usually have to do it one or 2 more times than what the guide says.

6) Check marks remove themselves. I've stacked 4+ tasks and just watch as the green check marks disappear without even touching my mouse. Then happens on ALL levels.

9.3.17 ETA: Playing through again, and found another:
7) Kao-Ri Level 14. Task is to pet 3 Manu-Ai, but there isn't a single Manu-Ai on this level. How did I pass it before? I've replayed the level 4 times and not a one.

9.4.17 ETA: Hika-Ri Bonus level 8: Task says to acquire 2,500 gold coins. Task completed at 1500 gold coins.

9.9.17 ETA: Hika-Ri level 41: I've past this before, but now playing for gold. There aren't enough stones. Meaning, when I clear a pile of stones that should give me 40, it gives me nothing. Also on this level, the food tally also doesn't rise. In 3 turns of food production, my tally only went up once.
 posted in Moai V: New Generation Collector's Edition on Sep 1, 17 11:19 AM
There wasn't a green arrow at all on Level 26, but I figured it out. I had to play the "B side" of the first batch of levels first. I actually had to play Moai IV to figure out what to do in this game. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO DUMB.
 posted in Moai V: New Generation Collector's Edition on Sep 1, 17 11:14 AM
On most of my levels, there is only the check box, so I have no idea how many of WHAT is needed. It's all guessing.
 posted in Moai V: New Generation Collector's Edition on Sep 1, 17 10:11 AM
Played this level 4 times. Each time, I had to use the scales 4 times in order to talk to the guy. It only let me talk to him after the 4th time ended.
 posted in Moai V: New Generation Collector's Edition on Aug 31, 17 12:02 PM
nwl43 wrote:Look in your back pack. It gives the names and descriptions of the signs. When you are playing a level, there is a green arrow on the left. Clicking on the arrow brings up the signs you have mastered. Click on the ones you want. Some require 100 mana and some require 50.The two you are asking about are air and healing.

Edit: My mistake. The akhi sign is fire instead of air. I believe it is the first one you earn.

It took me forever to figure out how to get to level 26 and now, I don't even have green arrows. The pop up pointed to nothing.
 posted in Moai V: New Generation Collector's Edition on Aug 27, 17 11:03 AM
I own all the previous games in this series, but this one...*head tilts*...I'm not really feeling it. Like others said, I thought there's be something that reminded me how things worked since it's been about a year since I last replayed the games. Nope. If you're new to the series, don't bother. Seriously. If this was my first strat TM, I'd never play them again.

Someone else mentioned that you have to teardown to build new stuff (which the game does NOT explain). I used my entire demo time up and only got to level 5. The game mentions the backpack, but I forgot what it was. Peeped inside then remembered, but again, there's only a quick flash of text in the game that tells you what your backpack holds, but "to craft" is not much of a why.

I'm waffling on buying this not because of the unnecessary changes made to game play, but because of the glitch complaints. I know that those very rarely-to-never get fixed and I'd hate to waste money on yet another busted BFG game.
 posted in Lost Artifacts Collector's Edition on Jul 21, 17 7:03 AM
Definitely not worth paying full CE price for or wasting credits. It looks and feels like a prototype to the original Gnome's Garden and nowhere near as interesting or difficult. The write up on the game says "More than 40 levels", so I guess there isn't even 50 levels. No bonus game/levels either like in Rescue Team or Northern Tale games. Everything is straightforward and there's no surprises or new interesting things if you've played a TM game before. Not that you need one to get through this, but there's also no strategy guide. I'm puzzled how this got a CE clearance. The wallpapers and music are never interesting to me, but this game has such terrible graphics and annoying, repetitive music, that I'm extra puzzled it's offered.
 posted in Lost Artifacts Collector's Edition on Jul 21, 17 6:52 AM
Like the others, the altars aren't giving 2 items, only one. My buildings in most levels give me what I'm supposed to get, but in some they shortchange by 2 regardless of upgrade. It's a ridiculously easy game anyway, so I rarely even got 2/3s to losing the first star. And I also only have 49 levels. Not sure if I need 3 stars on all the levels to open it. I have one level that's hard for me to finish due to the shortchanging altar.
 posted in Lost Artifacts Collector's Edition on Jul 19, 17 10:48 AM
That's what I'm trying to figure out. I think maybe no upgrading other stuff, but it seems weird. What does that 3rd level up do? It looks like it makes the altar go faster, but there's no altar.

ETA: Just played it again without upgrading HQ to 3 workers. Finished with 3 stars with just under half the time left and 5 extra iron bars.
This is the 9th or 10th game since February where I can't even play the trial because it sends me back to the GM. I saw the work around, but I'm not going to adjust my rez for a game that shouldn't have been released without the kinks worked out. The past 3 years the quality of games has just gotten worse and worse. But with this series, this is the 3rd time I couldn't even play the game. Nix it or fix it.
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