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 posted in Fruits Inc. on Mar 29, 15 3:43 AM
I have no idea how to get gold on this one i dont even get started on the 4th factory with 600 fruits to go
 posted in Fruits Inc. on Feb 13, 14 6:00 PM
Can anyone help with how to get gold. I start off with juice factory and the two grape fields get more workers and materials to build jelly upgrade but there is no way I can get all jelly made in time of the gold I am like 300 still left to get. thanks

 posted in Terrafarmers on Mar 14, 11 8:03 AM
musket577 wrote:Levels 15, 16, 18...are IMPOSSIBLE. You don't evem come close! It is a plain example of the designers NEVER testing their own game...otherwise they would see that. To say that this game is similar to Farm Frenzy would be correct, except that the Farm Frenzy people have tested their own game. MOST of their levels are playable. A very few you can only get the silver. But it is nothing like this game. I only bought it because I like SciFi. At least you allow the player to continue. But still a very poor copy.

to pass level 15 buy a honey pig press button for terra firma to grow and two butterflies appear put them in radar to transform keep cooking all the produce they produce and keep pushing the terra firma button for more butterflies you can sell some produce to get amount to buy store then keep store stocked till you have sold to 10 aliens then you should have enough when you sell everything to get to the 5500 you need. hope this helps
 posted in Terrafarmers on Mar 14, 11 7:48 AM
I am stuck on level 44, I grow the tomato's but the aliens ask for them at the stand so I cant grow enough to make up 30 that I need, plus sell to 20 Aliens, this level is just impossible, I can only get silver.

I grow the tomato's sell the collector then buy a honey animal to collect the 55 honey's you have to get, seriously it's doing my head in. Any ideas???
 posted in Be Rich on Dec 18, 10 3:06 AM
I have tried putting the cinemas everywhere I have changed roads I cant get the rent up before it ends. Any ideas??
 posted in Virtual Families on Jun 18, 09 12:52 AM
how do i get more money please its boring otherwise

 posted in Youda Marina on May 23, 09 5:46 PM
i have downloaded the game but when it starts i get a microsoft message saying there has been an error anyone else having problems. i have uninstalled and re loaded still the same.
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