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 posted in Arvale: Treasure of Memories on Jan 15, 18 8:35 PM
You need to go to sleep in the inn in queous, when you wake the captain is gone, there is a sign at the pier about a ferry and you will follow directions to get a quest in teddy bear oasis.
 posted in Arvale: Treasure of Memories on Jan 4, 18 4:33 AM
hello, can anyone tell me what I need to accomplish to get the captain to budge from the pub in Senora, I cant get north to Inverl yet becuase the bridge isn't built and I figured I could take a boat...just wondering what to do next. Thanks
 posted in Arvale: Treasure of Memories on Jan 4, 18 4:29 AM
Captain is in the se of town in a house. He cant leave until he gets the leviathan map. You will get this quest if you have finished enough of the main quests.
 posted in Arvale: Treasure of Memories on Jan 3, 18 10:58 PM
I'm in Zomfot desert s e of Neral and I'm stuck, I unsealed one well by choosing to smash it, now all of them are geysers and I cannot interact with the other two. I'm supposed to unseal the three susidiary wells before the stone door will open to the fourth. Anyone know how to overcome? I have gone out and in again, I have changed from mouse to keyboard to try interact with the first well again which gives me that option with no actions attached when I first re-enter. I can see it has the enter area icon on it but does nothing when I click it. Any help would be great thanks.
 posted in Time Relics: Gears of Light on Nov 14, 12 3:49 AM
I found that the error with the cooling down gear wont occur if you talk to the man before using the watering can. Hope that helps others.
 posted in Time Relics: Gears of Light on Nov 11, 12 8:17 PM
I uninstalled and reinstalled the game to overcome the trial not working. When trying to cool gear down in first scene I get the following error 'Access violation Ox4FEC7FF7 (tried to read from 0x0025B000)'. The game shuts down. I have an emachine all current drivers etc. Windows XP.
 posted in Time Relics: Gears of Light on Nov 10, 12 9:06 PM
I downloaded game alright, no interruptions or anything odd. Anyway, after it said my trial had expired before I had even got into the game! I have an emachine which runs Windows XP. Cant tell you anything more than that really.
 posted in Cheatbusters on May 30, 12 1:31 AM
I've finished the locations available on the map, there is no journal to check to see if I've missed something. I've finished, yacht club and scenes, Golf club and scenes, and the house and the office. Yet there is no where to go next! I click on the hint in each location and it suggests I look at the map to get a new location. No new location surfaces though. What is going on where am I supposed to go next?
Hope someone can help
 posted in Megapolis on Oct 19, 10 9:32 PM
I bought this game after the demo, it's much like a couple of other games but WOW lots of fun. I loved the trophies, that is the real difference in the game and a great deal of fun to try get them. I'm stuck on the last level . I love games like this please keep them coming. Would love something a bit more woodsy...(fantasy theme). THANKS alot.
 posted in Dreamscape on Oct 13, 10 8:12 PM
What do you do with the harp once you find it?
 posted in Bee Garden on Sep 22, 10 3:39 AM
I'm having troubles on Level 4 Andras, when the second order comes in there is no jar!! Hence I cannot fill it or fulfill the order, the timer starts and the conveyor belt stops but no jar. Other than this I love the game. Hope to hear from you soon.
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess II on Sep 19, 10 9:29 PM
Hello everyone, there is a great walkthrough in progress that will help you get up to level 3.4 currently with everything gold. I'm waiting until it gets higher, I've finished the game, but I have to get gold on some levels. The first one I only got silver on was 3,6. Ah well I'll have to wait, here is the link for the walkthrough, [removed by moderator]
If he link doesn't work just go to [removed by moderator] site and look for it. Great walkthrough there for the first game too!
Thanks for the great game I'm really enjoying it.
 posted in Bee Garden on Sep 17, 10 10:10 PM
Hello, I'm not sure if anyone else has this difficulty, but in the fourth level the when it's time for the second order to arrive the conveyor belt stops about 80% of the time with no jar there!? I have to restart the level when this happens and have only had the jar show up a couple of times...I finish the first order, the clock starts again the conveyor belt moves then stops and the alert 'you have a new order' all happens. But no jar. As a result I have to do mixed jars and can't win the level. Any help would be great. My computer is less than a year old.
 posted in Bee Garden on Sep 6, 10 11:15 PM
Thankyou for directing me to this forum! I'm still stuck on level four, my bees hang round the hives instead of following commands. I've also had one bee out of my four watering all the flowers instead of the others pitching it because I click too slowly? When I set up a whole heap of commands they do get done but sooo slowly. It takes 30 seconds for a bee to pick up pollen and put it in the machine. I've updated my drivers for graphics etc. Maybe I should reinstall the game.
Thanks for helpful hints.
 posted in World of Zellians: Kingdom Builder ™ on Sep 6, 10 4:33 AM
World of Zellians played fine on my computer until I got to the Tundra levels and from then on it has hung, crashed, frozen and jumped about which is driving me crazy! I have a new computer (received 3 months ago) it has a Mobile Intel express chipset 945 graphics card. I have the latest driver but it still has the same problem!! Is there a patch to fix this problem, or can I get a credit for another game please?
 posted in Bee Garden on Sep 2, 10 1:41 AM
I love the look of this game and the power ups but I'm really dissapointed, I purchased it and can't get past fourth level. The bees are really slow, no rain power up offered until after I loose the first order which comes in almost immediately. I've purchased everything possible to get but even with the three hives I can't get the orders done quickly enough. ANY suggestion appreciated
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