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 posted in Dragon Crossroads on Jan 2, 13 4:43 AM
Update .. tried it again this morning and got through 17 without a hitch. Same with 18. Guess I'll get to see how buggy the rest of the game is .. :-)
 posted in Dragon Crossroads on Jan 1, 13 9:06 PM
Having the same issue on 17. I've restarted it several times. Sometimes I can click on this thing, but not that thing, then restart and can click on that thing but not this thing .. etc. Haven't been able to click on the bridge in the top left at all. Got the soldier to work once but then I couldn't click the jewel. Ugh!

s73irish wrote:I am having a difficult time with level 17 myself...

Kerplunk22 wrote:Level 17: the buttons that enable you to put the diamonds on the towers are disabled. So I have to start over a million times before i can finish the level, hoping the buttons will be clickable and not greyed-out. The soldier doesn't show up after I buy him.

Level 18: Not able to click on resources that I need to complete the level. The stone and gold on the lower left of the screen are not clickable. Also, when I trade goods with the merchant, I don't get the goods. I cannot finish this level because of these bugs, please fix them quickly!

In general, the game seems to be getting quite buggy after a few levels...
 posted in Fantastic Farm on Dec 9, 09 5:25 AM
Thank you!!
 posted in Fantastic Farm on Dec 8, 09 5:35 AM
Ok, I can't figure out how to get rid of weeds except to X out that patch of soil, dig a new one and replant. Is there an easier way? I think I tried the dig tool ... I think lol Any help is appreciated!

 posted in Virtual Families on Jul 2, 09 7:57 PM
Has anyone else noticed that if they sit on the short end of the table, at the green food plates, it takes them twice as long to eat and fill up? Drives me nuts, especially since even when they're alone, I can't "direct" them to a faster place setting.
 posted in Virtual Families on Jun 30, 09 4:45 PM
MaJaCary wrote:i select the man of the family, by novice and how much they make $90+ and if they want kids other wise the wife is just a baby factory lmao

I do too, usually!! But I want that trophy darn it. I already missed the putting out the oven fire one ... I keep dragging them away in the middle of cooking in hopes of seeing some flames LOL

BTW she's still single and 31 already ... but elated, so I guess I should be happy for her lol
 posted in Virtual Families on Jun 30, 09 6:34 AM
My Peep is Trippy, she's a cute curly haired brunette with adorable pink eyebrows and wears a red polka-dot dress. Loves running and bread and would like to have children. She's only 28, so she has a few more miles left in her. She is an Engineer and would like to meet a cute man with the same career goals so her bigger person can get that elusive trophy. Has her own pool, treadmill and pinball machine. Cannot tolerate weeds, loose socks or wrappers of any kind and is obsessive about the remote. Will accept proposals via email.
 posted in Virtual Families on Jun 30, 09 6:10 AM
If you're looking for excitement, this isn't the game, but it is cute and somewhat addicting. The things they do are funny, their names are weird, and it's a game that's never really "finished". I've played The Sims since it came out and it's a little similiar. You don't get to design your person or their personality but you can alter their choices. For the price, it's not bad. I prefer time management games, but I don't regret buying it either. If you liked the one hour trial period, then you'll probably like continuing playing.
 posted in Virtual Families on Jun 28, 09 4:54 PM
LOL haven't seen him yet!
 posted in Virtual Families on Jun 28, 09 8:57 AM
Maybe it's just me, but I've noticed the ones that move around faster in general live longer. The ones that slog around slow all their lives die younger.
 posted in Virtual Families on Jun 28, 09 8:51 AM
Maybe I'm a little too hands on, but as soon as they get married, I baby boost them both (of course, I'm in further generations and have the money to do it) and don't even give them a chance to do their cake/flower ritual, I plunk them down to get the business end of their marraige going lol Some couples take quite a few times, but I don't give up until they stop arguing. Then as soon as they'll let me I make them do it again! Almost all of my families have 4 to 6 kids.

I think I'm developing a god complex LOL I was never this bad in the SIms.
 posted in Virtual Families on Jun 28, 09 6:32 AM
Ahhhh I can feel the inspiration in the room! LOL
 posted in Virtual Families on Jun 28, 09 6:24 AM
When I get bored, I buy a bunch of groceries, keep them in the side bar, then put everyone in the bathroom. As you take out each bag and put it on the table they run towards it, but they're still stuck in the bathroom. So when they get near the door, I take out another bag and they do it again. I know .. I'm sad LOL
 posted in Virtual Families on Jun 28, 09 6:22 AM
Now that I posted I didn't see a trend, I have gotten pretty much all girls .. one family has 6 of them! The one boy I've gotten recently has a lopsided head lol
 posted in Virtual Families on Jun 27, 09 9:21 PM
I'm on generation 6 for one family and at least 5 and 4 on other families and still have not seen it. Because I sitll don't have everything for my collections yet either, I usually let them do whatever and scan around the screen contstantly, so I assume I'd have seen it.

Speaking of the side bar, is there any way to move it or get rid of it when it's not needed?
 posted in Virtual Families on Jun 27, 09 4:10 PM
My poor peep, who was one of a set of triplets, is going bald. It started after he had his 5th daughter, the first 3 being a set triplets too, of course. Now he has had his 6th daughter and is completely bald. Is it because a) He has 6 daughters (and in RL I'm #5 of 6 daughters to a balding man LOL) or b) they ALL look exactly like his wife? Too bad they can't have a "hiding" thing for the adults!
 posted in Virtual Families on Jun 18, 09 9:14 PM
I haven't noticed a trend either, biological or adoption. I'm pretty sure in my 6 kid families, most of them are even, 3 boys, 3 girls. I have noticed though some familes are definately more prolific than others through the generations. 1 family I have in their 4th generation only has a history of families having 1 or 2 and no more than 3 kids. My other families all seem to have 4 to 6.

I also have one with a blonde mom, black haired dad and ALL 6 kids were red heads lol

 posted in Virtual Families on Jun 18, 09 5:05 PM
My family has just finally had a baby after several times trying ... and her name is ADOPE. Thank goodness they don't go to public school .. "Do we have Adope here?" "Ahhh, you must be Adope!" "But teacher .. I really am Adope!" LOLOL
 posted in Virtual Families on Jun 15, 09 6:21 AM
I had a woman make it to 68 healthy, happy, she was cooking also and then the next second she was on the bed waving. Shocked me, I was used to them passing when I was away!
 posted in Virtual Families on Jun 15, 09 6:18 AM
I have a set of red haired triplet boys and they constantly jump on the bed or write on the wall, etc. It's so hard to tell who I'm red gloving, might be the same kid or might be all three, lol but red gloving is a full time job in that house!!

I've even tried red gloving the cat when it scratches on the furniture lol. It goes away but comes back a moment later and keeps it going. *sigh*
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