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 posted in Tales of Lagoona: Orphans of the Ocean on May 19, 12 6:23 AM
):< this is frustrating... I agree either a bug fix or money back!

i injured my right hand recently, couldn't work, and couldn't play my usual games either.. so i'm passing time with slow paced point and click games that i can complete while using my mouse on my left hand, racing against the clock would only tire out my entire left arm ):<
 posted in Avalon on Jul 8, 09 8:28 AM
what exactly depletes their energy? at first i thought it was when the wander off to do the wrong tasks but then that doesn't seem to be it... i've collectors doing nothing but collecting and sometimes one or two of them lose energy

letting them idle don't seem to replenish their energy... i have no idea how to direct them to "eat" (there's like plenty of food too)... they won't seem to use heal on each other either...

what do i do?... i don't want any of them to die lol xD
 posted in Escape From Paradise on Jun 10, 09 10:40 PM
lol i thought i'd keep quiet but xD

"Take a Level 3 of each sex..." i laughed when i thought this could be interpretted in a slightly risque way xD

sex = gender
 posted in Escape From Paradise on Jun 10, 09 8:38 PM
i think it was the big crab? you have to get at least one person to light up each of the 6 foot prints... though for some reason person would stand only on specific foot prints and not the others so u probably would end up dragging almost half of your cast to the crab to get all the footprints lit.
 posted in Escape From Paradise on Jun 10, 09 8:26 PM
ahh so they were fishing for buyers for version two...

I'm taking the bait and waiting to be reeled in xD
 posted in Escape From Paradise on Jun 10, 09 9:19 AM
same here, i want t to know too xD, i really like this game but it's kinda limited.. once it's finished there's nothing to do... id love to see more things like... maybe a free mode, accessable only after you finish the game, the free mode will be like starting from the begining except all skills, minigames and buildings are unlocked from the very beginning.... I'd like to see options like pausing the cast aways while we play the mini games... i'd like to build different kinds of buildings... like maybe a treehouse?...

perhaps other then hunger/thirst/social/sleep.. there's also a 'fun' where to keep that up you get the castaway to play with crabs at the beach, swim, climb a rock, or even build/play on a rope course? ...

or perhaps to be horrid, the castaways have needs for using the restroom? and perhaps like escape from paradise 1 you proabbly need to drag them to the restrooms cause they may not automatically use one lol
 posted in Escape From Paradise on Jun 10, 09 8:24 AM
when i first downloaded this game i thought it be like virtual villagers, was disspointed at first that it was different but i found it fun and eventually liked.. wasnt sure whether or not to get it till i saw the promotion xD

as the number of people increase there were frustrating times where i was trying to get one person to do something.. but my screen shifts off as one cast away levels, i move back to where i was.. and then the sceeen shifts again and again as 4 other peopel level up

but then there are those funny times, i get one person to build a small well, and before i know it i got at least 7 people all working on that small well and i'd be thinking 'what da? when did you all go there? i didnt tell you to go there!, and i have to drag them back to building the food storage or large hut lol.
 posted in Escape From Paradise on Jun 10, 09 7:37 AM
Mikel_7 wrote:I decided to start naming my folks by job so I could keep up with it. In other words, when Sean shows up I change his name to something wood related, then the next person to food related, then builder related. That way at a quick glance I can tell what I want that person to keep doing.

i tried and tried to rename the castaways, was only till i started a test profile that i realised that you can only rename them when they are first introduced. anyway i had to start over cos i chose the "leave island" option... thought the naming by job was a great idea and surely enough by the time i met all the challenge i got 15 castaways with level 3 at something xD

anyway i decided to rename them... all but the first two starters who i couldnt rename, ... at first i thought i'd give them names like "Axel", "Huntington", "Sandlewood" or "Fischer" etc but then found it tricky to come up with real european names that are some what linked to the jobs...

so i went for not so normal names instead ... for my luberjacks i gave them what was related to timber/woods - "chainsaw", "chopsticks", "greenpeace", "pinocchio", "morning wood", and a girl with white hair i called her "termite",... The providers i gave them food or what's related to foods - "broccoli", "spoon", "ham", "cheescake", "sashimi", the redhead i called him "pumpkin soup", "avocado", "milk" and "cup noodle". .... the carpenters have it worse, other then one "hammerhead" i named all the rest after things that can be found in a household... the castaway with the spikey hairdo i called him "hair dryer", i happened to have more carpenters then the other jobs.. got "sofa", "coffee table", "doorbell", "pet", "clothes peg", "toilet seat", "TV remote", "shoe rack", "roof gutter", "wall flower", "kitchen mop"

so while i played, "hairdryer" was my primary carpenter, he was easy to find too umongst the thirty even without the name because of his mohawk head. I made "chopsticks" chop only small trees whenever possible, "sashimi" doesnt hunt or collect banana, she only fishes... while "ham" he hunts in the forest, though he must be real good in that he as a ham didnt get hunted instead, "Pinocchio" was the last lumberjack so he didnt get to do much lumbering at all even though i kept directing him to it, of course inevitably i may get a sad "coffee table" moping across a field getting to the nearest hut to catch some sleep.

it does get less ammusing after a while but it was fun xD
 posted in Escape From Paradise on Jun 9, 09 8:28 AM
the 5th one i think i had one of the villagers fish at the pond at the 3rd field, up near the hunting area, think i had him fish just above the tiny rock at tha pond

staring at the tiki in the third firld gives the 6th piece

stuck on the forth piece. "Sometimes you just need to look in the right spot", still looking around
 posted in Escape From Paradise on Jun 8, 09 9:31 PM
lol finally figured the 'chop down the tiki' ... only level 1 or above lumberjacks can do it xD ... others won't know what to do with the tiki
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