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 posted in Cat Wash on Jan 1, 10 12:57 PM
There were many bugs in the BFG version. I actually ended up downloading a different version directly from the manufacturer's website that was bug-free.
 posted in Everything Nice on May 26, 09 9:07 PM
I think this is a great game but now I am stuck!

I'm at week 41, but now I can't proceed! Can anybody tell me how you get a Pegasus? In particular how you give it the wings? i thougt it was by using the wing machine, but that just gives me a Unicorn with wings and that isn't good enough!

Please help me!


You have to put the wings on first. Make your horse and put the wings on it. THEN put it in the combo machine and add the spice.

Anyone else figure out more of the secret recipes at the end????
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