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 posted in Big City Adventure: Istanbul on Nov 4, 14 7:16 AM
I am using Windows Vista 7 and never had such problem before. Now I can't open the game, it disappears immediately
 posted in Dracula Origin on Jan 14, 10 10:55 AM
But I can't move any dot! Every red arrow points to the interior
 posted in Dracula Origin on Jan 14, 10 5:33 AM
How can I open the Turk's door? I'm not able to move anything in the puzzle!
 posted in Dracula Origin on Jan 11, 10 1:50 AM
thank you so much!
 posted in Dracula Origin on Jan 10, 10 2:19 PM
I' m stuck in the kitchen: how can I put flies into the glass bowl?
 posted in Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse on Sep 14, 09 4:38 AM
how can I solve puzzle of the ancient book with the map of Spain?
 posted in Pahelika: Secret Legends on May 27, 09 6:24 AM
I'm stuck with snowman and telereporter. Can you help me?
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