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 posted in Cubis Kingdoms Collector's Edition on Feb 22, 18 6:17 PM
I should have waited for the se version. ONE thing is missing that is truly missed is a strategy guide. There is a brief tutorial but it ends after the first power up. I don't understand what the fairy dust does..
 posted in The Treasures of Montezuma 5 on Sep 28, 16 5:51 PM
I realize that the game has been out a while and may not get an answer but will try anyway. I am on level 67 I think, its the level with 50 flasks. I am having one devil of a time getting these, best I have done so far is 39. I'm not sure I understand the suggestion of how to use the idols to get the flasks.
 posted in Ancient Rome on Feb 18, 10 2:16 AM
Im stuck on the level where you have to set up trade route. This level requires upgrading hovels and I do so but it still says I have to up grade hovels so I tried building and upgrading a second hovel still no progress indicated in the task list.
what am I doing wrong or are the instructions not clear. For those of us that have purchased the game and are having difficulties understanding the required tasks, can someone please translate the requirements in plain english. No guessing please, because wrong guesses would only add to the frustration.

PS I am also tired of hidden object and shoddy workmanship on these games. Recently other game sites are offering games at 4.99 may be worth consideration.
 posted in Gemini Lost on Sep 22, 09 8:20 AM
I have looked and looked and cant find them any where. Color me stupid or what?

 posted in Gemini Lost on Sep 22, 09 7:01 AM
Im another that had to buy the game before the end of the of the free period. This is a WONDERFUL game. Delightful characters, awesome graphics. Fairly easy to figure out what to do next. Tons of pluses over VV series, although I will continue to watch for new Virtual games in the future. This game and Zellians are the best of there kind in a while. Would like to see more of this type and quality,.
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