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 posted in Hidden Expedition: Midgard's End Collector's Edition on Jun 20, 16 6:11 AM
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 posted in Hidden Expedition: Midgard's End Collector's Edition on Jun 20, 16 6:08 AM
Hello BFG Flounder. I haven't been here in a long time and usually don't come here any longer but I'm in the middle of this game and stuck with the puzzle door in the caves.
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I've been playing for a very long time now and at my age thoroughly enjoy every version that this developer has presented to us, added to the versions presented by Big Fish as well. I also love all their music that I have added it into my computer and play it during some of my jigsaw puzzles or card games.
[Removed by Moderator] The amount of work that goes into each game and the music added to match takes large amounts of hard work.
[Removed by Moderator] Simple.
 posted in Black Viper: Sophia's Fate on May 30, 15 8:55 PM
To dtouchton, I have a Toshiba laptop and connected a mouse because I found that I can't play many of the games without it. I've also had a HDMI 27inch monitor connected to it so that I could do jigsaw puzzles because the 19inch laptop screen is too small.
 posted in Black Viper: Sophia's Fate on May 30, 15 8:46 PM
I'm also stuck on this game and the hint keeps showing me a box of cigarettes at a computer. So that's another game I'm not going to finish. However, I also agree with Angelfish106. Life's too short to worry about what games are being offered. Sure there are other game sites. I'd downloaded from a developer but several times their games froze on my new Windows 8.1, so I don't go there anymore. My mother also passed away 2011, I ended up in hospital last year not being able to carrying out my bucket list to move to Germany and travel, so I'm now living in a retirement village. I have also found far and few games but purchased most of the jigsaw puzzles which will remove any boredom for a very long time. With winter in Australia and very little to watch on the television, I have taken up knitting again.
 posted in Ashley Clark: Secret of the Ruby on Nov 22, 13 8:45 PM
Hello all, I also agree with many things that have been said here. I play a lot of games from BFG and elsewhere. I'm also not the healthiest at over 60 and had my share of heartaches over the years. I don't watch television and can't do much of many things that I used to and some days even housework is impossible to do. There are games I can breeze through from beginning to end and then there are games that are so frustrating that they get left or I have to print the entire walkthrough out to be able to start. There are puzzles that leave me scratching my head, anything with lots of numbers to find the sequence, really needs guidance or you could be there forever. Today in this game I'm stuck on the star shaped key that is in the mill, I turned it and one of the clips moved but nothing happened. No skip and the hint keeps showing the key. I'm stuck and finding my way through forum. Will keep searching to find a way out. We all have different stages in gameplay and we all have different needs in the way we play them. Games on PC or other mode are to entertain us and in my case, keep me away from dementia and boredom. After saying all this > happy gaming.
 posted in Secrets of the Past: Mother's Diary on Oct 30, 11 4:37 PM
Paintbrush. Need a diamond to cut glass to get paintbrush.
I came here because I also need a walkthrough.
I found the best way to get through this game is go to every site and see if there is a hidden object scene to open even go back to the river. I found the shovel purely by accident and I wish that I wrote down each move I made so that I can pass it on. But now I'm stuck also.
The motor is in the crate on the cliffs near the pirate ship and you have to do the hidden object before you can get it at the bottom of the crate.
It's leaning against the fence post under the hampster.
I had the same problem until I hit the hint button. On the wall on the right hand side is a couple of notches. On the left side the bars that look like a jail cell, is a heap of dots like domino. Click on both before you put the crate on the shelf next to Da Vinchi.

I played the bonus game three times and still keep forgetting the same that I had to write it down.
It happened to me too. I had to reboot and start from the beginning. If you still have problems with this game, get in touch with technical support.
 posted in Hidden Expedition: Amazon ™ on Nov 20, 10 2:11 AM
I had problems with the feathers as well as with the coins and it took me some time to find, even though I play this game at least once a year. But eventually I found that there were feathers in places like white feather in sleeve and between carpet and feathers hidden same colour as carpet. I hope this helped.
 posted in Dream Chronicles ™ 2: The Eternal Maze on Aug 16, 10 7:31 PM
If its with the chess board musical tone, its random.

I looked at the walkthrough and I'm stuck at the same point and I don't have the speed to go further. So I have also left it until maybe someone one day is more clever than me and can finish it.
 posted in The Lost Kingdom Prophecy on Jul 28, 10 9:15 PM
Its both. HOG and match 3. But if any of you looked at the preview, you would have seen straight away that it was a match 3. So please everyone, please don't take it out on Big Fish. Its these kind of posts that keep me away from forum and why I don't bother. I just wanted to know something on the level I'm in but there seems to be no answer so I'll just work it out for myself now.
 posted in Faded Reality on Jul 18, 10 3:23 AM
It was a good game with excellent graphics and finding the letters to put into sentences at the end of each chapter was a different approach, but the ending...
maybe the developers ran out of ideas, or maybe the game was becoming too long.

There was no "To be continued" just ended in mid air. Anyway, I agree with everything froggiefly 3 said. I didn't realise that it finished and sat looking at the screen like a stunned mullet, wondering what happened. I thought I would come to forum to find out. I thought it was me or the computer or a problem with the game.
So folks, here I am to discover it wasn't me after all.
Oh well...Next game.
 posted in Faded Reality on Jul 18, 10 3:04 AM
Is there going to be a sequel? I didn't realise that it finished when it did. I sat looking at the screen like a stunned mullet waiting for the punchline or did I miss something.
 posted in Mortimer and the Enchanted Castle on Jan 21, 10 8:08 AM
Big Fish games will not have this game available.
 posted in Murder, She Wrote on Dec 12, 09 6:18 AM
Cool idea, Nagasse, I'd love to see Columbo in a hidden object game.
 posted in Murder, She Wrote on Nov 27, 09 11:01 PM
I rather enjoyed both the series "Murder, she wrote" and the game. It took me a couple of days to complete, and when I did reach the end, I was disappointed that it finished so soon. If there were a few more stories it would have been great, maybe a sequel? But I love all those "who done it" movies and games better than the spooky ones, anyway.
 posted in Hidden Expedition: Amazon ™ on Nov 24, 09 3:17 PM
To get gear 4. There are 3 sites open which you need to go to each site, find hidden objects and weights go on one of these sites, where you find key to open area where 4th gear is. I hope this makes sense.
 posted in Hidden Expedition: Amazon ™ on Nov 23, 09 4:37 PM
Welcome to the pond, cajunldy. It might help if we knew what scene you just completed?
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