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 posted in Haunted Legends: The Iron Mask Collector's Edition on Jun 30, 16 2:00 PM
I know others are trying to be helpful, however, stating that you are not having problems with the game with your operating system is not really helping and is not really the purpose of the tech issue thread. I am thrilled others are not having problems, but some of us are and have been for a long time with ERS games.

I have all the ERS games prior to last summer since upgrading my notebook from Windows7 to 10, I have not been able to get ANY ERS game to play since upgrading. I have tried the screen resolution solution and it does not work for any ERS game. Others developer's games, yes, but not ERS. I have sent in the Dr. Felix report multiple times and it has not helped. Everything is up-to-date and all Windows updates have been applied. Really disappointed as I was really wanting to purchase this game. At least I have saved a ton of money not buying ERS games this past year and I am about to contact CS to get refunds on all the other ERS games I purchased previously.

With this particular game, I got the error access violation code that I always now get with ERS games. I tried again and now the Game Manager seems to think this game is still running even though I got the error message on the second try as well and the game never started. Now I have to completely shut down my notebook and restart to get the game manager to work. Never happens with any other developer..

The problem is not with my computer. Another game recently had the same error access violation code. This was with a different developer and once the developer was aware of the issue, they created an update. Amazingly the game worked just fine after that. The issue is with ERS and until they fix the issue, I know myself and others will refuse to purchase their games.
TAZZ1965 wrote:I am also running windows10 and getting access violation at 0x02D60D50 tried to read from 0xFFFFFFFF. Have uninstalled and reinstalled to still get same message. It does seem to be more with redemption series though. I wish they could fix this problem. Would love to play.

Same access violation code for me. I have all the previous Redemption games except the last one that never worked either. There was never a fix for it. Ever since I upgraded to Windows 10, I can no longer play any of the Redemption games, even the old ones which used to work.

Recently, the Cadenza game had the same issue for Window 10 players. A fix was given by the developer and I was able to play the game perfectly so I do know it is an issue with this developer and not my notebook. Other developers do not seem to have this problem. I did purchase the Cadenza CE after it was fixed. I would love to buy the new Redemption games as well as play the ones I already spent money on, but I can't buy something I can't get to run on my computer.
 posted in Cadenza: Havana Nights Collector's Edition on Apr 4, 16 10:00 AM
Just wanted to say a huge "thank you" to BFG and the developers. I had the issue where the game wouldn't come up at all. I updated the download through the game manager, the same as the update at the top of the forum, and the game played perfectly.
 posted in Cadenza: Havana Nights Collector's Edition on Mar 22, 16 1:53 PM
jannjones1 wrote:Windows 10, sound and black screen. Tried every suggestion here.......NOTHING works. From what I'm reading it works on computers that have upgraded to windows 10, but not on new computers that came with window 10 already installed. Either way this is becoming the norm.....unacceptable. Going to start taking my business elsewhere.

No, not on all computers that have been upgraded to Windows 10. I upgraded my notebook months ago and seem to have the same problem with every game from this developer. I can not even get their games to start. I had no problem with the many, many games that I have purchased previously until the upgrade. In this case, I don't even get a blank screen. I just get an error message.
knoelli wrote:For those of you having issues with the access violation on Windows 10: this is probably caused by an incomplete graphics card driver that is shipped with Windows 10. I had the same problem and was able to fix it, please see my following blog post which describes the problem in detail and also what to do to make ERS games work on your machine:

Thank you knoelli! My notebook was running Windows 7 and like you, everything was up-to-date. I hate Windows 10, but missed the window to go back to 7. I'll try what you did and see if it works.
I doubt anything will be done to solve the issue. I tried to beta test this one and got the access violation code. Never had a problem with the Poe games until I upgraded to Windows 10. I informed BFG in my survey that I couldn't even open the game, but it looks like nothing was done. I am going to download it and see if anything has changed, but I am thinking it hasn't. I have the rest in the series and I guess if they are no longer going to work, I will have to start getting credits or refund on all of them.

Update: I downloaded it and I am still getting the error access violation code and the game will not load.
 posted in Redemption Cemetery: Clock of Fate Collector's Edition on Sep 25, 15 11:11 AM
Same issue as others. Running Windows 10 and getting the SAME error access violation code as I now do with over half the games on BF. I have around 400 games I have purchased at BF over the years and now at least half will no longer play on my notebook. Everything is up-to-date so it is NOT my notebook. I, too, am wondering why I am continuing to pay for a membership when half the games that are coming out I can no longer play. I can't even do the beta testing on half the games I get as they also will not play. I have done everything listed on the site and nothing works. BF you need to fix this issue!!! It has been going on for a while now.
 posted in Lost Amulets: Stone Garden on Sep 15, 15 10:53 PM
sassysue50 wrote:Hi, I down loaded this game but I could not play it. I kept getting a weird message popping up saying " open GL 1.5 or higher is required"( my version is null ) please update my driver on my video card ? I have never got a dumb message like this before???? Can anybody help figure this out? I am operating on windows 7 home premium edition.

Same issue here except I am running Windows 10. I just checked all my drivers last night as I am also having problems with several games that will not work with Windows 10, and everything is up-to-date. I couldn't even do a recent survey of a beta game because BFG doesn't acknowledge Windows 10. They asked to do a check on XP, Vista, and Windows 8. Come on BFG, fix the issue. Many people are posting in the tech threads that they are having trouble playing the games using Windows 10.
 posted in Fantasy Mosaics 8: New Adventure on Apr 21, 15 3:12 PM
The game downloaded fine for me, but I only got to play for two minutes before it ended and I got the message that my trial had ended. I have all the other Mosaic games and this is the first time I have every had this problem. In fact, it is the first time I have had this problem with any game. I deleted the game and reinstalled and got the same error. Running 7 on notebook.
 posted in Treasures of Rome on Apr 6, 15 10:32 PM
shelterhill, I would then suggest that you and everyone else that had to purchase games to fill the punch card, contact CS. They might not give you a credit, but you will never know until you try. Maybe if enough people contact them, they will see that this is not a wise move.

I was not expecting anything from them as I have had less than stellar experiences with CS before so I was quite surprised. I did not threaten to cancel my membership when I wrote to them on 3/30. I just let them know that at the time, my purchases were not showing up and I was not receiving credit for the punch credits (2) that I had used that day to fill my card for the month. I had not read this thread before contacting them so I was unaware that the program was being discontinued or altered. If I had not received the credit (which does expire in two weeks) from CS, I would not have used my GC credits or used cash to purchase the two punches I needed to complete my card for March. I refuse to play their games and have them force me to spend money I can not nor am I willing to spend.
 posted in Treasures of Rome on Apr 6, 15 2:14 PM
I just wanted to give an update on my post that I think was way back on the first couple of pages of this thread.

I did contact BF about not receiving my punch credits last Monday. I sent the email off to CS (through the Game Club member section) before I had read this thread. I received a response the next day, before the end of the month. I was told the same thing about there no longer being a specific Bonus Punch Monday, but rather there would be "surprise" days for the Bonus Punches. I head to the BF site everyday so that doesn't really bother me as I will see when the next sale is. As others have noted, I can see there being Bonus Punch days at the beginning of the month and then tapering off as we get closer to the end. The marketing ploy being we won't want to let a punch card go uncompleted if say we only need one or two punches more.

After reading this thread and being highly offended by what I perceived as an underhanded marketing ploy dealt to BF's loyal customers, I was determined to cancel my Club membership after seven years. What had me change my mind was the pleasant reply I received from my email and the fact that the CS rep gave me a credit for a free game, either SE or CE. This made up for the two punches I missed and because I was happy with the resolution, I did use GC credits to purchase two games to finish out my card for last month.

While I was happy enough to not cancel my membership, I am still concerned about what else is down the road. Like others, I feel I need to use all my punch credits today and then only use my GC credits, that never expire, on games I absolutely adore. I will no longer purchase anywhere near the number of games I used to buy and will no longer take chances on games I think are so-so. I feel it is a game now between me and the marketing department. Their job is to separate me from my money and my job is to figure out how I can get the games I want for the price I can afford thereby separating them from their profits. I have no problem with a company making a reasonable profit, but I do have a problem with a company throwing major changes at loyal, longtime customers that greatly affect their purchases without any notice. Regardless, though, I did want to give a thumb's up to CS for their rapid and excellent response to the issue.

 posted in Treasures of Rome on Mar 30, 15 2:33 PM
I wish I had read this thread before using two punch card credits today. I have been a Game Club member for 7 years and used the site for over 8 years. I have purchased well over 500 games on this site, the majority not purchased with punch card credits. To have this change just sprung on me without ANY notice or warning leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. I could have finished up my card last Monday had I known this change was to take place. For once, I am seriously thinking about canceling my Game Club membership, I realize BF needs to make money, however, you have made lots from me over the years. I feel that as a long time customer, I deserve at least a notice a week in advance of changes.

When we no longer received credit towards filling a punch card on purchases made with punch card credits, we were given NO notice either. This is totally unacceptable. What if the telephone, electric, or mortgage company decided to make changes that greatly changed the terms without ANY notice. It would not be acceptable. If BF wants to play games like this, then they are no longer a company that deserves my money and they especially do not deserve my loyalty. There are too many game sites that would love to have my money and if they play nice, I will give them my loyalty. BF, you have lost mine.
I am usually a relatively fast player, but it still took me 5 hours to finish the main game. I am still working on the bonus chapter, which does have a few glitches. In the main game I did skip one or two puzzles and used the map to transport around instead of always "walking" back and forth.

I tend to be one where the length of the game determines the value and even I would say this one is worth it. I bought it yesterday with the St. Patrick's Day code so to me it was well worth the $6.99. I loved it! Hope that helps.
 posted in Fill And Cross Pirate Riddles 2 on Jan 7, 15 1:28 PM
I love it! A definite "buy" for me! Thanks BF for fixing this one. I was wondering if it would be released again. I was so thrilled to see it offered today.

I love nonograms and tend to buy them when they come out. It takes thought and patience to be able to get everything right and sometimes it does take doing the level over again. Still, I find it an enjoyable way to relax and now I even have my daughter hooked on them, lol. This particular Fill & Cross is basically the same as the others in the series. The only difference between the Fill & Cross and some of the others is the lack of automatic fill-in for the puzzles, but it really isn't that big a deal nor does it take a lot of effort to fill in the spaces that should be "x'ed" out. I think the Asian Riddles series is also like that, too.

I thought the graphics were fabulous. I didn't have any problem seeing the colors on the squares. For me it was a marked improvement from the latest Gizmo game, which I did purchase. With the Gizmo game, I can only play a short time as it hurts my eyes because the colors blend in with the background. I played with the sound down so I can't comment on that aspect, but I enjoyed the game so well, it didn't really matter to me. Thanks BF!
 posted in Gardens Inc. 3: A Bridal Pursuit Collector's Edition on Dec 30, 14 10:08 PM
I noticed this problem last night when I was playing and I almost posted about it then. It took me two hours and it was close, but I did get through the level with gold. The first hour I tried on my own. It wasn't until I went to youtube and the help area in the game that I realized my benches were different. Basically, I think the buildings are the same, but in different order.

Going from memory here because I have no desire to revisit the level, what I did was to get the benches built that gave me items first. I also used the +item in the beginning to get a little ahead on the tools and wood. For a while, I was ignoring the worker hut on the bottom island, but building it was the thing that helped me get the gold. I made sure to get the diver hut built soon so I could get him started on clearing the reeds, etc. I also made sure to collect the chest on the bottom island.
Another thing that really helped was getting to the island on the right as soon as possible to build the seed benches.

If no one else posted a detailed list of what to do, I'll go back and play it again. Hopefully the bit above helps some.
 posted in Fill And Cross Christmas Riddles on Dec 22, 14 10:38 AM
katy12250 wrote:Load game - check - twice actually
Install game - check - again twice
Get the BF and 8Floor splash screens & then the pretty Christmas picture. No items to check. No menu showing. When I Ctrl-Alt-Del out of the game to task manager, I find there is an access violation.
I tried installing/uninstalling twice with exactly the same result.
Running on Windows 7.
And since everyone else who is trying the game is getting the same error, I really don't think it's my computer.
When is this going to be fixed since I'm a big fan of 8Floor games. I'm just glad that I didn't buy without trying.

Exactly the same for me. I've never had a problem with Fill & Cross games before. Must be an issue with this particular one. Hopefully it is fixed.
 posted in Delicious: Emily's New Beginning Collector's Edition on Dec 21, 14 10:59 PM
palegoldfish wrote:I have all the Delicious games I bought this one also, but I probably won't play this one again. The baby (Paige) just ruined it for me.

Same for me. I have purchased all the other Emily games over the years and loved all of them. I was thrilled to see this one offered at BF because I, too, though to never see them offered here. I was excited to play this newest installment, but I was so disappointed after playing the trial.

The game has the same excellent graphics, music, gameplay, etc. as the previous games in the series. One of the main draws that I found with the series was the storyline. It was interesting to read about Emily and how her life evolved, how she weathered her different suitors, etc. The storyline in this one though was not only flat, but highly irritating simply because of the addition of the baby. She isn't a cute baby. She is an extremely irritating one. I wanted to scream at Emily to close the brat up in the play area and make her leave me alone! I have children and love them and I like babies and children belonging to others, but in this case, I couldn't stand the kid. The game wasn't so much about the restaurant, but about running after Paige, keeping her from bothering the wrong customers, taking pictures of stupid little things she has done that Emily and her family think are cute. They aren't cute. They are annoying. Even hearing the little baby cooing and gurgling is annoying.

So after purchasing all the others, I will not be purchasing this as a CE, nor will I be purchasing it as a SE. Even if it was free, I would still not keep it. If the developers drop the baby from the storyline, I would reconsider, but the kid is just too irritating for me.
 posted in Surface: Game of Gods Collector's Edition on Nov 20, 14 2:36 PM
Valdy wrote:I don't think people should be giving out warnings regarding game length (and I have never played a game by Elephant game that was short).

We all have a different speed at which we play. I did not get through 2 chapters in half an hour, but then again, I do like to take my time, stop occasionally and smell the roses, as the saying goes. Also, I would be missing all those flowers and statues that we can collect if I raced through the game.

Anyway... what takes half an hour for one person can take an hour for another. Besides, not all chapters are the same length. Perhaps the first 2 chapters are on the short side, and the other 3 are much longer.

You will only know how long a game is when you have finished it. I never go by how long a demo takes.

Valdy, I am sorry, but I, too, thought you were saying that catbag shouldn't have made the post as you did say you felt people shouldn't be giving out warnings regarding game length. If you meant what you posted above differently, I apologize and thank you for explaining it later on the thread. I don't think anyone was trying to be mean to you, they were just responding based on the words you wrote. Please do not get your feelings hurt when people also post their opinions. It isn't meant personally.
 posted in Surface: Game of Gods Collector's Edition on Nov 20, 14 2:29 PM
Thank you catbag and angelfish for posting about the length. I, too, finished the demo quickly. I left the game running a few times while I took care of some things and played on hardcore with no hints, skips, etc. I do love the game and am willing to spend a little more if it is long, but otherwise I will wait for another sale. For me, I am on a budget and enjoyment is only one part of the value of a game to me. If I enjoy a game, but it isn't long, I will wait for a big sale.

I've been around BFG since 2007 and have amassed many, many games. They all tend to be basically the same now and it truly takes something different and special for me to pay $13.99. When you have played these games for as long as I have, you tend to get an idea of the length regardless of how fast or slow a player you are based on what others post and on your demo time.

It does irritate me when others complain about someone asking for the length of a game. I'm not saying anyone here did, but I have seen it before. If they aren't interested, they don't have to read the thread. Complaining about someone asking about the length or posting the information is unacceptable to me. People should be able to post what they want as long as it isn't attacking someone personally. Everyone is welcome to their opinion, but to chasten someone for posting information seems wrong to me. I used to post reviews on every game years ago, however, it was the negative posts from other members complaining about people asking questions and the negative posts arguing with someone's opinion about a game that got me to stop.
 posted in Clutter IV: Minigame Madness Tour on Oct 15, 14 5:03 PM
Add me to the list. I had the mm,exe error at another place in the game, but like others, it is continuous at the first jigsaw puzzle. It isn't worth it to me to send in a Dr. Felix report since I know the issue is with the game and not my notebook, which is running Windows 7. It looked like a neat game, but I'll just save my money.
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