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 posted in FishCo on Jan 24, 13 11:24 AM
My game will only download, it will not install. It loads to 100% but then gets stuck at 0% during installation...what do I need to do to fix this? All other games download and install right away...I actually let it sit overnight and it was still at 0%...
 posted in Megaplex Madness: Now Playing ™ on May 30, 09 11:09 PM
This is a tricky one...I have all the upgrades/employees but still can only get within $20 of first goal. This is the only lvl that I don't have a Master rank on and I cannot seem to even reach the first goal! I don't use the arcade game, just let them get angry since they don't lose a heart. I also cannot color match the concessions and bathrooms...I can get everyone through just fine but cannot meet the goal. I can tell some tries are much different than others so I think it does have a lot to do with "luck of the draw"....
 posted in Megaplex Madness: Now Playing ™ on May 30, 09 11:00 PM
I'm sorry I'm not sure why that's happening to you, I haven't had that problem at all. I even had to do a system restore on my computer dated back before I bought the game, had to redownload it and even after all that it was still in the last place I left off. I was quite impressed actually!
 posted in Megaplex Madness: Now Playing ™ on May 30, 09 10:57 PM
Yea it was doing that to me too. If it gets stuck just keep pulling down on it swiftly. Eventually I must of got the hang of it cuz it never sticks anymore. Just gotta click and drag down quick!
 posted in Megaplex Madness: Now Playing ™ on May 30, 09 10:55 PM
It's the way the game is made and it takes hard work to play the same lvl over and over getting new upgrades. I'm proud that I've gotten all Master ranks and I'm proud to say I haven't used cheats either. I don't believe it is a cheat nor a glitch it's just the way this game works, which is different from all my other time management games. Some lvls require you to play repeatedly to get upgrades to even be able to meet the goal.
 posted in Megaplex Madness: Now Playing ™ on May 30, 09 10:51 PM
I really hope if they do come out with a second one that it will be $.99 as well!! If anyone knows any other games that are on sale like that plz plz msg me and let me know which are on sale. I cannot afford to pay $7 for a game I'll beat in a day or two ><
 posted in Megaplex Madness: Now Playing ™ on May 30, 09 10:47 PM
Well I've reached the end...I have all the repairs made in all buildings and Master ranks on all lvls cept the last one! I have all the upgrades/employees on that last lvl and still cannot seem to make the first goal, let alone Master! Any tips? I think I noticed that it's better to let the line stack up rather than try to get everyone out on the floor. I'm thinking the key to the last lvl is swapping...cuz color matching is really difficult and I can't seem to go fast enough. Maybe a good night sleep will cure my slowness
 posted in Megaplex Madness: Now Playing ™ on May 30, 09 10:40 PM
This game started out fairly confusing and ticked me off. I stuck with it though cuz it was only $.99 and once I got some things figured out it was much better. Now I'm currently trying to get my final master score on the last level.

I was really taken back when I realized you lost the money at the end of the level if you go to menu and hit replay. If you play out the lvl and don't make the goal you want to hit you can keep the money and replay it. If I know I'm not going to hit Master I will usually try to keep it under the first goal so I can continue to upgrade till I can get Master.

The arcade games are practically them a couple times and get the highest score you can and that will get you some money from them. Once failed the prize amounts go way down for the next try, so unless you like the games and want to spend hours trying to get higher scores I think they're useless!

I found that I really love the gumball machine. I tend to put ppl there and leave them there till I have to move them, because their hearts do not go down while sitting at that machine. The arcade game on the other hand I hate. I only buy it because if you don't pretty soon all your ppl are requesting the arcade game and you have to shake them to make them get the new request, this will cause you to fail when you have a ton of them asking for it at the same time. Usually I won't even hit the buttons on the arcade game and just let the person get frustrated and change their request, this doesn't lose a heart (but also doesn't gain one if your low on them).

The color matching really makes a huge difference in most the lvls, the chains will get you to goals much faster and easier. Although some lvls its more important to just get ppl through and not worry about color matching.

Anyways I'm sure there's more I wanted to say about it but I'm tired and can't think straight. I plan to try to beat the last lvl tomorrow! Just wanted to say I felt the same way in the beginning and thought the game was rediculous but once I got my strategies down I flew through all the lvls with Master ratings. So give it a chance to get better.
 posted in Megaplex Madness: Now Playing ™ on May 30, 09 10:19 PM

Anyone have any tips on getting passed the last lvl in the game? I have all the upgrades/employees. All my other lvls I have mastered but I cannot even meet the first requirements on the last lvl >< please help!
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