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I too am at a loss with the skip button.........a very big mistake

developers. I am going to put this game away.........bye game!
 posted in The Mirror Mysteries: Forgotten Kingdoms on Jan 23, 13 9:33 PM
I played the first one again and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it! This one was excellent! Keep up the good work Developers.

 posted in Fallen: The Flowers of Evil on Jan 11, 13 5:05 PM
BF do I have to reinstall the game?
 posted in Fallen: The Flowers of Evil on Jan 10, 13 7:27 PM
I used the drill to get the front off the shield but now I don't have it and I need it to access the Iron Maiden...........where did it go?
 posted in Phantasmat: Crucible Peak Collector's Edition on Dec 10, 12 10:34 PM
vicalana wrote:
lackoo wrote:Original Phantasmat

This wannabe Phantasmat :

I don't recommend this game .


Ditto too.
jcsgame wrote:I thoroughly enjoyed the game, There were a lot of HO scenes; more than I would have liked, but the game flowed well.

The Bonus Chapter continues the story, but in the "before" sense. You get to "fix" the problems that were first caused.

The graphics were nice and clear.

I liked the fact that the Strategy Guide was easy to read and kept your place, as you progressed through the game.

I also like the game dispite the negative reviews. The Nutcracker is a good game but give dark and dreary anytime!
 posted in Inception of Darkness: Exorcist 3 on Nov 17, 12 8:27 PM
I can't get the coal to work either!
 posted in Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Cursed Wedding on Nov 16, 12 9:58 PM
tesco wrote:my game keeps freezing every 2 mins can you look into this for me thanks. great game xxxxx

Same screen is patchy with black blocks.
 posted in Web of Deceit: Black Widow Collector's Edition on Oct 20, 12 6:37 PM
Anyone else having a problem with the sound in this game? I have my speakers turned all the way and the sound still changes.
 posted in Where Angels Cry on Oct 2, 12 10:49 PM
This works:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7


 posted in Clairvoyant: The Magician Mystery on Jul 13, 12 8:34 PM
I have reinstalled the new one and almost got done when I received the same messege about corruption.............not playing again this would be my third time with a restart...............need to get my money back!

 posted in Mystic Diary: Missing Pages on Jun 27, 12 8:47 PM
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 posted in Malice: Two Sisters on May 10, 12 7:11 PM
Jorie10 wrote:Ending? What ending???

I do not believe I have ever been as dissatisfied with an ending as I am with the way this game ended.

What did that final scene even mean?

Developer had a decent story going and then, as far as I am concerned, completely dropped it. I just do not understand why... A scene or two more and the story probably could have been wrapped up satisfactorily.

I play for the adventure, not the hidden object scenes (getting tired of them) or even the puzzles. For me, it is the story and the time spent exploring an alternate environment.

I am so bummed about the lack of a wrap up of the story that I wish I had not invested any time (or money) in this game.

Same here.
 posted in Abandoned: Chestnut Lodge Asylum on May 8, 12 8:30 PM
Thanks to the Developers for a wonderful game that was a pleasure to play!

Thanks BF.

 posted in Antique Mysteries: Secrets of Howard's Mansion on May 2, 12 7:22 PM
I throughly enjoyed this game it was different and lots of fun to play!

A big THANKS to the Developers!

 posted in The Book of Desires on Apr 18, 12 9:33 PM
MissMoraduke wrote:When I downloaded the game it had the password that I only use for my bank account! Where did the game get that from, I only use it for one account, nothing else. I am worried that someone or people are picking up my password. I dont like this. Anyone else have a name on there when they signed in that was unusual?

I also had my name already there............thought I had already played for a bit but nothing looked familiar.
 posted in Special Enquiry Detail: Engaged to Kill on Apr 17, 12 7:39 PM
puggles57 wrote:Im having a heck of a time cutting out Lemonts photo??? keeps making me start over? what is the trick?

I was looking at the wrong's the one on the left not the one in the engagement photo. Now I have to idea what to do with it..............
 posted in Natural Threat: Ominous Shores on Feb 28, 12 6:42 PM
shadowfax44 wrote: Waiting for a fix for the game crashing and progress lost too.
Just checking to see if a fix had posted yet...

Same here!
 posted in Depths of Betrayal Collector's Edition on Feb 27, 12 5:20 PM
belamba wrote:I much prefer the circle type HOG games. A game without hunting for an hourglass is a rarity, and a pleasure. Games without too many junk pile HO always interest me more. This game looks good and original...that's my Thursday sorted
So missed the CEs last week!

And there were no umbrellas either.............phew!
 posted in The Scruffs: Return of the Duke on Feb 25, 12 6:06 PM
jen53214 wrote:Just needing the lobster fork is not entirely true. I HAD the lobster fork, polishing cloth and silver polish. I placed all the items, polished the silver, at which point the cloth DISAPPEARED, the box opened, and it let me put away 4 pieces of the silver. Now it keeps telling me one spoon and the lobster fork STILL need to be polished!! But I no longer have the polishing cloth! So, I am stuck. I will either have to start all over again or quit as there is nothing I can do. Therefore, like I said, just needing the lobster fork is not entirely what can happen.

Same exact thing happened to me. Not sure if I am ready for the Scruffs again.
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