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 posted in Farm Up on Jun 30, 16 6:48 AM
Thank you Maeella I will be waiting but I would love to know at what level the chests will start showing up I am only a short ways off level 30 and I still haven't seen any.
 posted in Farm Up on Feb 6, 16 5:45 AM
Hi this is not really the place for me but I am not getting any replies from the other forum, so here goes, can anyone please tell me what the keys are for I have 13 or so and I don't know what to do with them, I am on level 29 of Farm Up.
 posted in Farm Up on Feb 6, 16 5:26 AM
Does anyone know what the gold keys are for in Farm Up?
 posted in Farm Up on Jan 23, 16 2:48 AM
Hi all dwellers in the pond, Can anyone tell me what the gold keys are used for in Farm Up, I can't thing of anything.
 posted in Tower of Elements on Nov 26, 12 6:07 AM
arthurC wrote:Level 40 is a nightmare!

I'm getting the red 'Your Kingdom is Burning' after about a minute, even if there's no enemy at the wall.

The other thing is a general question .. making matches is difficult because the tiles seem 'sticky', they won't 'fall' properly. Speed is of the essence in this game, especially as the game advances so it's holding me back.

Is anyone else having this problem and is there a way of fixing it does anyone know?

I have had the sticky tile problem from the start of the demo and not just the tiles but the targetting cursor as well so I am hard pressed to get past level four. I love match three games and this is the first one that has a story line so was hoping it was a good game. Right now I am sorry I tried it.

I own about 140 Big Fish games and have only had trouble with 4 of your games so am still a happy lady, Thanks.
 posted in Return to Mysterious Island on Aug 14, 12 7:42 PM
I love these forums most of my questions are already answered when I want the. Thanks everyone.

Hilite the text using your cursor (hold down the left mouse button and drag) next to the icon

One is in the bottle at the base of the Tree where you put the Dragons Egg
One is in the round bit on the hilt of the Sword in the same scene as the Guard
One is in the Lantern next to the Troll at the Troll Bridge


I humbly bow to a master, I found two of the second group of flowers but couldn't find the last one, turns out it is in the globe of the sword. So thankyou thankyou.
I just finished the regular version and I realise I bought the wrong game, I am sooo frustrated because I can see the bonus game but I can't get any further. If I am being dence can someone let me know, if not 'bugga' is all I can say.

Thankyou for being there for all us little fish, even when we should be able to figure it out for ourselves.

Happy gaming all.
I am soo dumb , should have known you guys would have a walkthrough to get me past that *&^%$$$^&* toilet. I've been away tooo long.
Hi All, it's been a while. I am suffering the same endless toilet loop. Am I getting this right, if I want to get out of the dunny (sorry Aussie speak for toilet) I will have to start again and hope I don't do anything out of order? Pleeease tell me it isn't true.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Nov 28, 09 4:19 AM
Hay prpldva

After a few hints from you I managed to finish this game and I love it so much I am going to play again and again. I take my hat off to you and the other Biggest Fish in the Forums because without you guys there would be some terribly frustrated Little Fish here.

If I don't get on again before Christmas have a safe and joyous one and for all you American fish out there happy Thanks Giving.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Nov 28, 09 4:11 AM
chicksgalore wrote:What is the sequence for the Book Case? Some of the symbols are un-readable and no matter what I put in it will not work. I have the bottom set but not the complete set for the top. Can you help?

Get the real of film and the metal nob for the theatre and watch the film. Victor is reading a book in front of the book case in question and the books are in the order you need, you might have to wait a short while for Victor to get up and walk around for a sec.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Nov 27, 09 6:18 AM
Hi All I must be thick, I can't figure out the puzzle at the door to the grave yard? "I think" and does one have to find all the door nobs for the kitchen cupboards or just one of them? I only got this game two days ago and I am already hooked and I am already stumped as well. I am havin' a ball
 posted in Journey to the Center of the Earth on Sep 15, 09 7:23 AM
Hi All

I found the justadventure walkthrough, (Just type in justadventure in the address line), was the best one. It is made for dummies like me who will spend hours on one area and then find from the walkthrough that I had to go back one or two steps to pick somethim=ng up I missed. One of the things that most of the walkthroughs don't say about the ball puzzle is DO NOT RESET AFTER THE THIRD WEIGHING. I kept resetting for a good 3 days of attempts, I probably had it the first time but I kept resetting and I would have to start again Daaa. Have fun, it is rewarding to finish it.

 posted in Dream Chronicles ™ 2: The Eternal Maze on Jun 18, 09 9:35 PM
Never mine, I just followed your instructions and I found the switch outside the door of the hydro-electric plant (water wheel ). Now I am trying to find the hexagons, they are hard to find, I might have to go back to them a few time to see them all. Wish me luck.
 posted in Dream Chronicles ™ 2: The Eternal Maze on Jun 18, 09 9:05 PM
I need help too, I have done every thing until I got to the downstairs room with the switch board. I can't figure out how the switches are to be aligned. I have tried every way possible. Without the lights I can't continue.
 posted in Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child on Jun 18, 09 8:52 PM
I have Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child, which I am assuming is chapter three of the series. I can find the crystals but I am having trouble getting the third dream talisman to put the chrystals in. You can not continue with the game without it. I have looked everywhere but it still eludes me. Don't let me here, please.

PS I got the game from BFG, three weeks ago.
 posted in Journey to the Center of the Earth on Jun 18, 09 8:23 PM
I like difficult games, that way I don't have to buy too many and for a bonus I am keeping my mind active during the Uni holidays. I love this game
 posted in Journey to the Center of the Earth on Jun 2, 09 8:35 PM
Thanks for that ? Now at least when I finish for the day I can get out and save. This is my first large file game.
 posted in Journey to the Center of the Earth on Jun 1, 09 11:02 PM
When I am in the game I can't find save, or exit, I have no idea if there are meant to be any hints. All I have access to is the computer and the inventory at the bottom of the page. I don't really want to start fresh every time and I can't sit at this computer all day: My hubby will have a fit. Please help me.
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