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 posted in Wanderland on Jul 31, 16 7:59 AM
that was very helpful
thanks so much
 posted in Wanderland on Jul 26, 16 2:58 AM
hi there
can someone help me with the mirror curse. How do i get the crypt to be cursed?
thanks for your help and y the way my friend code is 44693
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Jun 14, 14 6:55 AM
Hi Dark manor addicted's
can someone tell me how to start a new manor without loosing the old one?
 posted in Cradle of Egypt on Mar 24, 12 12:39 PM
thanks so I will try again
 posted in Cradle of Egypt on Mar 21, 12 12:52 AM
Have finished the game, have all the citizens, but to win all trophies i have
to play all minigames, how do i get to the minigames?
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