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 posted in Nonograms: Malcolm and the Magnificent Pie on Oct 18, 17 11:20 AM
Why it offers you a tutorial and then not work and you start the round again I cannot work out. 5 minutes was enough for me. Sorry but if you are going to release these games you should test them as you say you do, i still think you do not....
 posted in Moai V: New Generation Collector's Edition on Sep 25, 17 1:03 PM
Now That I have played this game a few times, i can say it is a good game, but, the devs have gone way overboard with the sickness, ghosts, jelly fish and the drought.

far too much going on at once if you have played the other games they have the ghosts and obstacles, but this one is so very frustrating it is a wonder I finished it twice.

I only hope they take on board the way the later stages play with so many things going on and what you have to complete as well. Far too much of the ghosts and yes I know you can slow them down, but sometimes you do not have enough manna to do this or it is not on the left side to use. The shields are good if there was more of them or they were not expensive if they are in the small "temple".

 posted in Moai V: New Generation Collector's Edition on Aug 24, 17 10:46 AM
I have played just about all of this series of games. This is the most frustrating one I have come across so far. You have runes and other things on the side to put fires out, slow the ghosts down, but there are little furry creatures that will make your workers sick, there is a new thing that brings up a fence around you plots like the sunshine and that silly thing that looks like a turn handle object, whatever.

From level one on times I have had a problem getting all done in the time frame. It is one to play un-timed I think, to get used to it as it is very different and fast moving game.

It is a good challenge and if you like a game with a challenge I think you will find this one is very good.

I am liking this game but just finding it a bit frustrating as there is so much to do in most levels. Enjoy!
Why are you moderators not doing moderating? Just look at the list of adverts for things that people are using BFG forum for making money out of young and the vulnerable. So if you do not mind moderating these ads, that would help when looking at the forums.
Thank you.
I have all of the collections of these games and I find this one to be the best as they have improved it with a few things and it is a little different from the others. I am using Win 10 on PC and no problems at all. I like this game and bought it straight away.
 posted in Viking Brothers 2 on Apr 15, 17 2:54 PM
Tanks for answer. I never noticed that before. It must be old age creeping in? LOL...
 posted in Viking Brothers 2 on Apr 10, 17 1:09 PM
Either I have missed something but I cannot find where to change players to play a new game?
Any one found out?
 posted in Viking Brothers 2 on Mar 23, 17 4:21 AM
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 posted in Viking Brothers 2 on Mar 23, 17 4:17 AM
It seems to me that you cannot play with the tutorial on, which defeats the object if you are new to this game. You have to guess what the green men do and the thieves coming and how to stop them. I found out the hard way, same as the plant that blocks a path.
Once I turned it off it played fine. But that damn timer goes so fast.
I use Win 10 64.
When an update comes I will buy it but not as it is now.
 posted in Midnight Calling: Valeria on Feb 18, 17 4:34 AM
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 posted in Weather Lord: Graduation Collector's Edition on Feb 9, 17 1:11 PM
Now we know where they are, how about knowing what they are for?
Have I missed something by not using the guide?
Any ideas anyone?
 posted in Christmas Puzzle 3 on Dec 25, 16 2:00 AM
I downloaded the trial on Win 10 and some of the information is missing. You cannot even know what you are doing. When you click menu you have to guess to get out of the game. Too many faults need sorting out and a patch to correct it or take it back to the drawing board?
 posted in Pirate Chronicles on Aug 1, 16 1:47 PM
To get this game finished with 3 skulls you need to get the Mansion. That produces 25% more in the wood, food etc. It goes crazy but you have to be fast and you can get three on all levels.
The main thing once you got the Mansion is to upgrade the men as soon as possible.
I am now going through the game looking for the treasure in the early levels I missed and I have plenty of time to search now.
When I went into the collectors extras I found only C games, then all of a sudden I opened the game and there A levels, now I have just gone into play again and all the A levels I had have completely disappeared. So I am at a loss of what the heck is going on with this game. If you contact support all they say is here's a game coupon and all games are tested before release, which I think is a load of absolute rubbish as most of them do not have any idea about game play. I really am getting/have got fed up with all these problems with the last batch of TM games. I only play them because they are there but talk about confusing!!!!
 posted in Lucky Luke: Transcontinental Railroad on Oct 15, 15 2:10 PM
What I would like to know is why have the devs not bothered getting involved with this game? Is it because BFG do not care? As long as we keep paying they will keep producing these rubbish games. So what is the answer? I feel I should be at another site where I might be able to get some good games that you can play without the timer cheating me out of gold. i would have had gold on most of the rounds if the timer was playing fair!!!i really am getting fed up with all this aggravation we are getting with MOST of the TM games and it is not fair that the TM players are getting rubbish games and the other games are mostly running well. I have all drivers up to date and I cannot do any more than keep my computer free from Malware, Viruses etc So with all these comments, which are not read by the people that could make a difference, there MUST be something wrong with the GAME and NOT our computers. they are all too quick to offer help by us sending a Dr. Felix report and offering another free game but that is not helping us playing a fair and properly operating game. FOR HEAVENS SAKE DO SOMETHING POSITIVE FOR A CHANGE AND GET THE PEOPLE WHO CAN FIX THESE PROBLEMS TO DO SO. iT REALLY IS BUGGING US TO HAVE THESE BUGS IN THE GAMES THAT YOU HAVE PUSHED OUT IN THE PAST FEW WEEKS.....
 posted in Lucky Luke: Transcontinental Railroad on Oct 15, 15 1:04 AM
I have found this in a lot of areas where you cannot complete the round in 3*s as it impossible because the damn things will not appear in time. Really stupid.
 posted in Lucky Luke: Transcontinental Railroad on Oct 15, 15 1:00 AM
All you have to do is get ALL the stone you can find, fill in all the holes and repair the railroad. You do not need to produce anything and I do not see the point of giving you a red herring. It really is one of the stupid rounds. You take so long trying to produce that the timer runs down and it really is only clearing all the obstacles and fill the holes and fix the rail roadroad but do they tell you that? of course not. So do not even try to produce just clear up the areas you can get to.... Hope this helps and try to work out that this game is full of stupid things showing that you do not have to do.....
 posted in Lucky Luke: Transcontinental Railroad on Oct 15, 15 12:42 AM
Now I have nearly finished the game I can add that the timer is a load of rubbish, 3rd * goes before the timer ends in gold/yellow, some rounds are so bad that they do not give any indication of exactly what you need. In one round you have the produce function locked until you have completed whatever the aim is and then you have to move a donkey and keeps flashing up you need bones but cannot produce them. Another round where you have to kill the bandits and then defuse the bomb has an extra bank you cannot access until the last bandit it disposed of and a fat lot of good that is. What is really annoying is the fact that they are offering these games at half price or reduced price and you cannot use a credit so in a sense you are paying twice. I do believe the idea of the half off is to get us to buy games that we would normally pass over at full price as they seem to be a lot of rubbish TM games coming out with so many bugs. BFG should pay US for testing the games for them, but there is no point telling the customer service as it is falling apart and replies are being sent by robots and are so generic replies I can virtually repeat from memory and all they are doing is offering you a free game and NEVER give you a direct answer and try to blame OUR computers all the time, check this, check that, I have Driver booster 3 and it keeps ALL my drivers up to date as soon as there is something needed, so they should be looking at the devs to get these games working properly or we should all revolt and close our accounts and see what happens?? Will we stand together, I doubt it? I never seem to find a game worth a credit in the TM section.
 posted in Lucky Luke: Transcontinental Railroad on Oct 15, 15 12:26 AM
I gave up on this level. You have to find the one item you can start with and then just keep clearing but you must employ more men but I cannot find how to get into each area. I will keep trying.
 posted in Lucky Luke: Transcontinental Railroad on Oct 13, 15 3:47 AM
I think you mean 3 East? If so you have to click on Post office and click Produce there you will see a bone symbol and you have to order it to be made, then don't forget to transport it as I did. I was looking all over the place lol.
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