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 posted in Strange Cases: The Secrets of Grey Mist Lake on Jan 16, 12 10:16 PM
judygoodfellow wrote:I'm having trouble at the Spider Gate. I placed the yellow rune, moved it around a bit and then went to the walkthrough. When I came back and tried to put the rune back into its correct starting position, the whole faceplate fell off and I'm left with a spider shaped hole. Is this meant to happen?

I am having the same problem with the spider gate peice falling to the ground and now I can't go further in the game. It has wasted my entire experience. It has been a very difficult game all through it.
 posted in Fallen Shadows on Apr 27, 11 9:53 PM
I have quad core and very new computer supposed to be for gaming. And I have had slowing down, slow motion, for so many games. I have gone to tech help and my computer is blamed, although they can't find anything in my computer that would cause the problems. They say I am the only person with these problems! I come on forums and hear tons of the same thing. Maybe I should be playing on my old XP computer...I didn't have problems back in those days.
 posted in Fallen Shadows on Apr 27, 11 9:46 PM
I have been having the same problems with all the games I buy lately. This one is slow motion half the time and sometimes it works fine. And there are no programs running on my computer that would slow it down. I can't get any help from BigFish and have sent many Dr Felix reports. They keep trying to blame something on my computer,,,but it's new and quad core, with top levels of all stuff like memory. So frustrating. I had to quit playing. Tracy
 posted in Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Curse of the Full Moon on Mar 17, 11 9:54 PM
I have been a regular big fish customer for years. In the last year or so, games I buy are not working right. I have the top level, quad 4, fast processor, top level video card, etc and have sent numerous Dr Felix reports to be told the same by Big Fish....yet every new game I buy is doing the same thing. It works for a few minutes, then goes into slow motion. The inventory items move in slow motion and the screens fade in slow motion. It will go away for awhile and then go right back into slow motion again. I am fed up and I am going to look elsewhere for games or else quit playing all together. I have contacted customer support many times and been told my system works fine and they can't help me. No information either. Not good. Same thing happens with this game. Tracy
 posted in Mystery of Mortlake Mansion on Jan 3, 11 9:52 PM
Just as Netterz said, I am running quad core, new computer with Windows 7 and I have no issues other than my latest BF games! I have had to give up a few games. What happens to me is the mouse becomes slow and is out of control. It makes it NO fun to play the game when you are trying to control the mouse and the game itself slows way down during this time. On this game I will have periods where things are fine, and then the game slows way down, mouse is slow and can't click on things I want to click on, and then after awhile it speeds up again. I have had to ask for refunds on the last few games I have bought. It is really a bummer because I have been on BF for many years and I buy lots of games every month. I am wondering if I may have to switch hobbies or types of games I play because this has gotten just too frustrating. Tracy
 posted in Dark Tales: ™ Edgar Allan Poe's The Black Cat on Nov 18, 10 11:04 PM
When I first played the game, I somehow did not get a paper clip and therefore couldn't get into that upstairs bedroom and then couldn't get the lens. I kept going back and looking for what I missed and I didn't see in the walk thru anything about the paper clip. Did I miss it in the walkthru? I played the game a second time and the same thing happened. I finally deleted the game and redownloaded it. This time it all worked right and the paperclip appeared from the organ. Has anyone else had this happen? Tracy
 posted in Dark Tales: ™ Edgar Allan Poe's The Black Cat on Nov 11, 10 3:02 PM
I got everything past hidden fireplace but can't find area to put horse and light incense in order to get the lens. I still can't find that scene anywhere. Is it in the first bedroom upstairs? If so, can't get that door open. Key is in keyhole and con't do anything with that. Tracy
 posted in Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White on Oct 18, 10 9:24 PM
Does anyone know what's going on with my games lately? My computer is very new with top of line everything, quad core, etc. and the last few games I have bought thru BFG my mouse is slow and out of control. I move it alittle bit and it moves across the screen, I can't get it to stop where I want to click it. It only happens in my games, it is great in anything else. What is this? Can I fix it? I know my graphics card, etc are all up to date current as I did that tech thing where they give you a program that checks it all out and creates a report for BFG tech's. So now I can't play this game at all. The mouse is just totally out of control and is in slow motion but then it moves fast across the page at the same time. Can't get it on an object I need to click. Not at all worth the hassle to try and play a game! On one game I switched the mouse to make it plain and not fancy, and it helped a ton but on this game there is no option to simplify the mouse. Any ideas???? Tracy
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