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 posted in Gardens Inc. 4: Blooming Stars Collector's Edition on Mar 8, 16 7:59 PM
Help..... I have a basic question that actuaIIy involves aII of the Garden games. I adore them. I have since Learned about getting the gold and silver IeveIs to achieve more points.

BUT... HOW does one get enough points to fix the home or complete the business, etc.

So far I have found that the points do NOT accumulate.

Can someone explain to me
1. How can I get the points to accumulate to I can finish the viIIa or the business, etc.

It is a huge sense of frustration to me. I used to Love Playing these games, but I find that I am now just frustrated.

Please help. I wish that the developers had provided explanations to
this issue. Thanks for your help...

 posted in Gardens Inc. 4: Blooming Stars Collector's Edition on Mar 8, 16 7:47 PM
I bow to Hespera's greater knowledge, but why is this even an issue. Hespera is obviously trying to put down BFG game categories. I am happy she is playing in professional game League. But most of us "fishies" play for fun! Just fun. I did Learn much from your "Lengthy" explanation of your views. Thank you for that .. but I for one, am only here to play and enjoy and have fun. Not a competitive bone in my fishy body. God Bless BFG for providing so many of us great games in categories that we aII understand. Happy whatever way you enjoy!!!

quote=Hespera] For those of you who are confused or choose to believe Wikipedia ( ) or even put faith in how BFG categorizes games ( ) please give attention to the following:

I play on a competitive game site. We believe in playing games. The people who run the site are expert game players and thus know how to categorize games. These people have been playing games well over 15+ years, and therefore demand much more trust than Wikipedia and are more savvy than the marketing people at BFG who categorize games (just take a look at the last 2015 winners list).
(Just keep in mind that BFG puts HOGs in EVERY category - that should tell you something.) And they have all the other Gardens, Inc. games in the Time Management category. As for Wikipedia, well, just take a look at any one of their entries and you'll see they lack citations or any sort of proper authority for any of their articles, which means they lack any credibility.

There are several types of TM games. They are not all dash games, that require repetitive actions over and over and over to acquire a daily dollar sum, such as Diner Dash, Lunch Rush, Farm Frenzy, the old Delicious, etc. There are also Builder/TM's that require the gathering of resources (Brownies, Yankee in King Arthur's Court, Gnome's Home, Gnomes Garden, etc., ) and TM/Strategy games, such as Hercules, Gardens, Inc., new Delicous, etc., that require gathering resources, but also require strategy in accomplishing the goals.

They are all TM's people. In every sense. Please stop trying to belittle other efforts, OK?
 posted in Gardens Inc. 3: A Bridal Pursuit Collector's Edition on Aug 11, 15 8:51 AM
Is there a good strategy guide to expIain what you aII are taIking about. I adore this game series...

PIease come up with the NEXT VERSION....
 posted in Gardens Inc. 3: A Bridal Pursuit Collector's Edition on Aug 11, 15 8:48 AM
I so agree!

ZuluDawn13 wrote:I have bought each of the 3 games now and this last edition was much improved on the last game.

Now that we don't have to deal with pesky robbers on every level, I enjoy this editon much more but..

The one thing that annoys me is that there is no Relaxed Mode in the true sense. Ok we can continue playing if we are out of time, but, I would like to get the chance to take my time, enjoy the scenery, think things through and still get the gold like other game developers allow me to do.

I don't like the levels where you have to try and sneak past the cops and turn off alarms and operate switches all over the place - eek. I can do without them and I think a SKIP should be an option for those levels. That way, when we look at the overall map, we haven't got Exclamation marks on them to show they are not at the Gold level.

So please, give us a true Relaxed Mode with gold and let us Skip those silly turn off the alarms and switches level - includes the Maze. I don't think I can buy the next game if these Options are not available to me.

I guess I'm not the only older player out there who hasn't got the good eyesight and hand dexterity that younger fish have to complete each level with Gold.
 posted in Fables of the Kingdom on Jun 14, 15 4:14 PM
A huge THANK YOU, I do thank you for taking the time to provide an answer. I do hope there is a second version--WITH more steps!!...I'd Like to see more of this game. I can see how re-playing can be fun!
 posted in Fables of the Kingdom on Jun 13, 15 7:44 PM
The game gives one the belief that there are up to 139 (I think) IeveIs of Play, but there are only some 30 Plus some IeveIs.


Am I doing something wrong. I did not get gold in every IeveI. I reaIIy enjoy and Love this game, but was deeply disappointed at the short IeveIs. I just finished re-playing the 4 Northern Tale Games and there are about 140 IeveIs or more for each game. (Just an FYI 4 those who Like Long IeveIs.

What am I doing wrong!!! Need Help & advise.

 posted in Mystery Cruise on Apr 21, 15 3:03 AM
I just finished the game. I had to play it twice as I made an error somewhere, and had to go back to the beginning and start over.

And I have to agree with earlier players. The game is fun, BUT.. the ending is terrible. There is a person on the cruise constantly talking to the main character. One assumes that they wiII meet in the end of the game. Spoilers ... they don't meet at the end!! I just don't understand the rhyme or reason of the game. I have yet to figure out the "finding souls" part of the game. I am one confused gamer. Having said that, I did enjoy playing the game. It is creative in game playing. But ..such a disappointing ending. Too Bad!!!
 posted in Mystery Tales: The Twilight World Collector's Edition on Jan 25, 15 12:17 PM
Many Christians believe witches are a poor subject for games. Developers, pls us "made up" bad guys. Witches exist. They generally do not support God. Yes, you say, there are good & bad witches. But why alienate gamers with something that (in USA) is considered bad. Laugh if you must. But Evil exists..I don't like games w/Occult; Ouija boards; Witches.

Game developers are using the same old evil aggressor.

I challenge Game Developers to become more creative in creating the villains. We need to see new ideas for more fun. Thanks for listening. I KNOW many will not agree, but born again Christians are all would be surprised!!! Let's have some angels become the heroes.
 posted in The Musketeers: Victoria's Quest on Jan 19, 15 10:52 PM
My gosh, this game has so much that you have to find out on your own. I am still on the Seahorse level. Have restarted 4 to 5 times. I can't get the correct resources. How did you figures out that you need to use the hat to get resources. And I have NEVER gotten the back pack.

The first time I played, I did get to the farmer who makes the flax. That was fine..but I could never get the stone (I think that is what it is??). So I had to restart, and then I never found my way to the farmer. Also, in my first Seahorse trial, I got to the mermaid, but she did nothing...

Not sure if this is a buy. Hate to miss the 1/2 price one, but I'm getting frustrated. All ideas appreciated.
 posted in Gizmos: Spirit Of The Christmas on Jan 2, 15 6:38 PM

I did email Western Software Technologies sending my comments from above.

I am ever hopeful that we will have a successful fix.

 posted in Gizmos: Spirit Of The Christmas on Jan 2, 15 6:07 PM
Gizmos: Christmas Spirit Addition .
THIS IS A GREAT GAME. Fun, relaxing and worth owning. HOWEVER..There are many tech issues that MUST BE FIXED.

Using the higher resolutions that most of our computers/laptops have..the game will not play.

Great BFG Players have discovered that we have to:
[A] Use a lower Resolution

[B] AND Use ONLY the full Screen and to NOT the WideScreen Option

I have also found that using the game cursor helps as well.
NOTE: I can't open the User Name option at all. I initially created a user name. NOW I have to keep playing this game BECAUSE I can't create a new user so I can't restart the game.

This game is WORTH FIXING.

Please help the players.
And a HUGE THANK YOU to the creative Fish in the Pond who have done the work that have allowed me to finally play the game.

I love holiday themed games, and so I love this game. It is not too hard, so that makes it good for beginner players. And it is just fun!


 posted in Druid Kingdom on Dec 3, 14 8:45 PM
I LOVE THIS GAME...I am in the process of re-loading games to save memory on my laptop.

I have tried to play this game in BIG FISH/ ****/ Zylom...all of the games have huge flicker if another signal is trying to get into the screen. I am just checking if there may have been some new tech. I DON'T want to play this game in Window Size.

Has anything been done to help the gamers w/this game.
Please try it, and see if you can duplicate this problem.


OnWisconsin wrote:

]I'm having problems with the game flashing. It starts in the center on the open screen. As I play through the levels, the flashing gets worse. I've turned off all other programs that might interrupt the game, but it still flashes.

evel, I think, I went to play (I love this game)...but the screen goes crazy..flashing all different small pix boxes are really fast rate!! It seems to be a consistent problem with every level. I can stop it by clicking on a black spot on the screen, but it is SO FRUSTRATION.

 posted in Kingdom Tales on Sep 29, 14 12:08 AM
THANKS TO YOU ALL! You have helped to understand the secret bonuses.
 posted in Kingdom Tales on Sep 29, 14 12:05 AM

I have yet to find a "secret bonus". I just do not know where to begin. Any suggestions w/out giving away too much... Thanks

JammyKat wrote:
ivanbral wrote:Hi everyone!

Seems like many of you like finding the secret bonus (which is hidden on every level). For our next game we'll make sure to add more different secrets on each level.

I love finding the secrets and I'm hoping you will won't make them too much harder to find. Maybe they could be harder in the more difficult levels.

I'm loving this game. I can only think of 2 things to improve. The first is to allow the user to cancel an action such as building. I sometimes click the wrong thing and have to start the level all over again. Also, I noticed that this has the same click difficulty that Fate has. A lot of the time when I click on one of the 3 circles above the houses, it doesn't "take" and I have to click it again. I am using the game cursor, and this happens mostly with the water and food buttons.

Again, I love this game. The graphics, story, secrets, various creatures are wonderful and fun to discover. Thank you so much! This would definitely merit a sequel.
 posted in Kingdom Tales on Sep 29, 14 12:02 AM
OnWisconsin Agrees!!

joy295 wrote:Hi Ivan

Love the new game - just wondered if there were any plans for Fate of the Pharaohs 2???

 posted in Kingdom Tales on Sep 29, 14 12:00 AM
RE: Hespera...AND Game Designers

I can only aspire to be the gamer that Hespera is. But I am new to TM games. I shied away them for years because I did not think I would like them or that I would be any good at them. During the past year, I somehow found them again, and find that I LOVE the challenge. I am also so grateful that there are walkthroughs on the web. When I have tried and tried to my level of frustration, then I go to the walkthroughs. Even with them, I find that it will still take me many, many games in order to "win" that level. That, I guess, is the fun of the game. To learn to strategize.

So make sure you put easy and hard and extra hard for the true experts like Ms Fish Hespera. (You need to learn the fish lingo in the fish pond for true discussion...

I have purchased both games. I like to play a series of games if they exist.

I am now on a search for what the "bonus" is in the games. Since I have never found one, I don't know what to look for...Perhaps you can add a some instructions in your future games. Remember, some of are "rookies".

Take care, and thanks for your creativity. You give so many fish (aka ppl) a great deal of fun!!!
OnWisc (Pam)


Hespera wrote:Hello Ivanbral and Cateia Games.

My compliments on Kingdom Tales. The graphics are excellent the storyline is fun and entertaining and having both timed and relaxed modes will please the most people possible. I also thought it gives us a little something different from all the other builders currently out there, which is a good thing.

I did purchase the game and I will enjoy finishing it. However, I would love to see future games have a much higher degree of difficulty and many, many more levels and achievements. (I finished 18 levels in timed mode in the demo )

LOL - and with regard to the 'secret' - when I noticed the word on the score listing I started checking out the screens for something. It took a few screens until one showed up or until I saw something) and a then there were a couple screens before I found another, so I think the secret thing is fine the way it is (even when the fairy alerts people to start looking for something in case they haven't caught on yet).

Keep up the great work. We need more developers like you!
 posted in Keys to Manhattan on Sep 18, 14 8:15 PM
Hi BFG Tech Team

I saw this game, and downloaded it. I own, probably over 500 BFG games, so I am comfortable in using the system, etc.

Game downloaded fine. But when I clicked to play..I got the Access Error...and would not play at all.

As I just read some of the beginning reviews, I see that this problem has existed from one of the earlier reviews in 2009.

I just downloaded the game: Sept. 18, 2014. I am having the SAME PROBLEM. I am surprised as you all are so efficient in "fixes".

Any thoughts.
 posted in Keys to Manhattan on Sep 18, 14 8:05 PM

SAME PROBLEM..Apparently never solved over the years... Wonder Why???

I am getting the same "access" error. I am using a laptop with Windows 7...64 bit.

Sad. Seems like this problems should have been solved since the earlier comments are from a number of years ago....

 posted in Build-a-lot 2: Town of the Year on Sep 18, 14 7:41 PM
I Agree...
 posted in Build-a-lot 2: Town of the Year on Sep 18, 14 7:26 PM

(I am only on Level 20, and having lost of trouble...)

Dear, Sweet 'ScotCat' a combination of you and your husbands' names. Scott & Cathy (Catherine). May I also say that when you chose each other, you got the "best of the bunch" (too bad there is not a banana icon..) in your husband. I can flirt w/him her since we are anonymous fish swimming in this great big pond!!! Its great that you both love playing BF games. They are fun. I was a Hidden Obj. fan forever. I only just bravely went forth and learned to play the time/mangt. games. I love building homes, cutting down trees, etc. This is, actually, my kind of "camping". I am, normally, a Hilton or Holiday In Camper in my real life.

I am so impressed you loved Azada. It was hard for me to go through the first one. If Azada 2 comes out, you can tell us how it is...

Have you played Campgrounds. I love it, although, I find that I have to find a walkthrough somewhere for each level as I am just can't do it myself. They are too tricky for me. Thank goodness there are some really smart to make walk throughs and explanations. I would not make it w/out those wonderful angels!

It is so nice to "meet you". Not sure how long you have been in the "pond". I have been here for years I think. I started gaming with the company Real Arcade..which was before BFG was born.

Do you remember the days when there was a forum for 'chatting'? I miss the discussions. I made some nice friends back then. But I also understand that BFG (the company) has to keep getting creative as new technology is developed. And there is only so much computer space in the world for games! We need to find a bigger ocean...
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